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Fiat Punto 90 HP Sports Version - Launching on 18th May

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by true fan, May 11, 2012.

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  1. true fan

    true fan

    The Punto Sport is a new variant scheduled to be launched this month. The car is based on the Punto 90 HP Diesel.

    Targeted towards enthusiasts, the Punto Sport comes with the following additional equipment:

    - Chrome accented interiors

    - Red stitching on the Gear Knob & Gear Lever cover

    - Colour coded ORVMS

    - Sporty Metallic Pedals

    - Chrome Exhaust Tip

    - ‘Sport’ branded Body Decals

    - ‘Punto’ branded Door Sill

    The Punto Sport will be the only Diesel Sporty Hatchback in the country. It offers best of both worlds, i.e its powerful yet fuel efficient. The sporty styling helps it stand out & be different from other cars on the road.

    The car will be available in 3 colours only :

    - Bossa Nova White

    - Exotica Red

    - Hip Hop Black
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  2. teky

    teky Esperto

    - Chrome accented interiors - 2 BHP

    - Red stitching on the Gear Knob & Gear Lever cover - 5 BHP

    - Colour coded ORVMS - 1 BHP

    - Sporty Metallic Pedals - 10 BHP - Gives me nuts!

    - Chrome Exhaust Tip - 3 BHP

    - ‘Sport’ branded Body Decals - 10 BHP - Yeah Decals give more power, Probably got idea from the numerous Swift's out there

    - ‘Punto’ branded Door Sill - 4 BHP on My foot

    So there you go Fiat have created India's most powerful hatchback - Yeah 125 BHP at your command!

    So what - Can't I buy these and fit them myself. Seems like somebody from Maruti has joined Fiat recently and have mis-understood the word Sport.

    Fiat stop doing this cheap gimmicks and bring the real Sport version
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  3. platinumshine

    platinumshine Regolare

    Could anybody explain what are colour coded rear view mirrors and body decals?
    These all look only cosmetic changes.
    Fiat, Where are all four disc brakes and six speed gear box? Give some real stuff plz. I have waited for a long time for this actually :(
    Thanks for sharing btw!
  4. Good one teky! Very well said :lol
  5. sungoa2010


    Teky, at least they give some additions to top models. But think of Hyundai. Their sport versions doesn't have anything sporty at all not even a ABS if I remember correctly.:)
  6. PuntoMJD

    PuntoMJD Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    OT - Glad to see FIAT fan from Satara. My native is satara now settled in Pune.
  7. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    What clowns are heading FIAT India:A
    How the hell above things make "sport". Targeted at Enthusiast? Are you sure you people are not targetting girls with those embryodries & fancy lights here n there?
    Not even a single FIAT fan will give a shit about your stitching & decals.
    These smart butts think only mentally disabled can be enthusiast here. Whatever is in front of you, fit a 1248 cc mjd into it. Hope you will spare humans:chair:!
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  8. p0peye


    Hi Guys
    Just got a confirmation call from the dealer that for 90hp variant we can only get sports variant from now on which comes at an additional cost.
    Planning to visit the manager at concorde, chennai to get the details regarding this.

    Will update in the evening on this.
  9. ENKI

    ENKI Esperto

    huh? Sports!!
    Sorry mates, I am loosing it completely so let me speak.

    Popeye Bro, Opt for older 90 HP instead if there is one in the stocks available. You may get handsome discounts.
    Also pls suggest these @#$%^&&* to do that red stitching on their butts instead, where their wisdom is. I can see those fatty ugly looking businessmen as top officials of FIAT India who never find any time surfing the stock exchange. I can't imagine a single passionate official who is conscious about this wonderful car maker's among heap of crap lying over there.

    Mr. Marchionne, kick them hard at their "0" pls before they finish digging grave of this wonderful automobile here & shift over to some other manufacturer to collect awards. It won't hurt them at all.

    Typical cheap indian mentality. A ferrari is all about leather/stiching/engine/speed/control. Now what is there to copy & affordable Indian style, Obviously the stitching! Put it in a Punto & call it sport model:A. The enthusiast car & transformed version of Italian passion into Indian cheapness at a premium of Rs. 50000.
    This is not FIAT!!!
    Last edited: May 12, 2012
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  10. platinumshine

    platinumshine Regolare

    i ws at pandit auto Aundh Pune a while ago. the salesguy talked to someone at Fiat and confirmed the 90sports launch date as 18th May. the feature list more or less matchd wth what we know here already. he said 30k increase in price.
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