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Fiat Punto 1.3MJD - 36000 kms Sudden Service

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by Magnanimousdude, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. Hello Guys,
    Its been long time since i vanished, now here i am. This is to update you folks on my sudden service/repair issues and how RDC Motors FIAT's Own one and only Service Station in Chennai is.

    Well to start with whats the issue with my car all of a sudden!

    1. First and foremost, A/C gone kaput, huh! how? well i don't know. once i switch on the AC i heard a strange noise and the chillness is not sufficient enough. The noise persisted throughout the time when AC is on. This happened all days after i first noticed, i knew somethings was wrong with the AC, Perhaps, i believe this is due to the soaring Chennai Heat this summer the AC is gone for a toss!

    2. There is a good amount of jittering in the engine bay as all we know, but i started hearing double noise from the engine bay, well now what? and I started doing my own R&D, found nothing loose. with huge amount of frustration I just kept my hand over the Air Filter hood, guess what? the double noise stopped, there seems to be loose bushes where the Airfilter over the engine sits.

    3. I desperately wanted to do the software Update.

    Service Booking experiences:

    I called up the Fiat Service somewhere around may 20th to fix an appointment for the service. The discussion went like
    Me: Is it Fiat service?
    Other end: Yes sir, how may i help you?
    Me: My Car Number is so and so, and i would like to have my car serviced since i have problem with the A/C and other stuffs
    Other end: Sure sir, but currently a booking is available on June 10th only is it OK?
    Me: What June 10th? com-on mam, i told you its AC issue and do you want to me to run the car and bare with this AC for another 20 days?
    Other end: Sir, I understand your problem but we dont have any slots now and only june 10th you have that slot because one customer cancelled his slot. Thats the reason we are giving that date!
    Me: (No wonder that guy cancelled!), with a big sigh! I said Ok, but i needed a pick and drop.
    Other end: Yes sir sure and one of our people will call you on June 9th or before
    Me: Sure, thanks

    June 8th:
    Other end: Sir, we are calling from Fiat Service.
    Me: Yes mam tell me
    Other end: Currently went have any drivers available is it possible for you to bring your car?
    Me: "NO"
    Other end: But sir, we dont have anyone
    Me: Thats not my problem, if that was the case you should have intimated me well in advance that we can't provide you the driver at the moment, and we have so and so problems. Listen, it is 20kms from here to your SS. So i will have to take a permission from my office, which i didnt do thinking you people going to take it. Now being saturday its not possible for me to ask for permission and its your headache now to get a person.
    Other end: Ok sir i will look for someone and will call you sometime today.

    after 10 mins:

    Other end: Sir, one of our SA is coming near from your location so we can arrange.
    Me: Great Thanks.

    The SA came the next day morning and took the car, I made him clearly understand the issues. he assured me to give prompt updates and request a weeks time, but said he will try to give the car in before Next Monday. which is fair amount of time.

    He took the car on Monday, Tuesday he asked for Ext Warranty Policy Number and said sir, your car is allotted for service. I felt very happy for the service and prompt response. Wednesday went, Thursday went, Friday almost post lunch i called up the SA (Thinking that the service is done). the SA said sir, we are waiting for the Cooling coil and your car is idle and it should be done soon, (Got angry) i replied, Boss if thats the status you should have informed me before, ok fine we have time, i hope you can get the work done. What happened the other issues, were it fixed? Silence prevailed! understand the meaning of silence, I asked for his manager number and got speak to Mr. Tensingh, i he assured me to get the car given to me by Saturday.

    Saturday morning i called Mr. Tensingh and he asked me to come @ 3pm to pick the car. I went there to just find they are still waiting to get the Cooling coil. I was very much disappointed! spoke to Tensingh he guaranteed me to give the car and asked me to wait. i waited for almost 4.5 hours and got the car back. one point i got from Mr. Tensingh
    1. The software Update is not available Punto MJD

    And My Observation about Mr. Tensingh and Service Center

    1. Works Manager Mr. Tensingh is a result oriented person and very very kind!
    2. He promised me to give the car and he gave it.
    3. Believe me or not he wasn't in good health condition that day (He was having fever and vomiting)
    4. (Understood how an A/C work can be done in less than 5 hours :p which is completely removing the dash board for cooling coil change)
    5. Service Center is pretty small for only ONE Fiat SS in chennai
    6. there were around 100 cars, and there see everything under single roof. except the BodyShop work
    7. Tensingh was sure there wasn't any update for Punto MJD for software Update

    Last but not least, a small rift between me and the team lead

    When almost done and the technician was filling up the AC gas, the team lead came and just shouted the technicians that "why are you keeping the customers nearby and working, and how many times should i tell you this?" I literately got angry cos this kinda statement was not there in TASS, and if they wanted to convey this kinda msg to there technician they should have done this in private and not in front of me or the customer. So, i profound that wasn't for the technician. I started shouting you may be whom so ever i dont bother but you should be polite when the customer is near by, you can't say something like this when the customer is nearby his car! if you say something like this to the technician infornt of the customer those technician will not work properly in the customer car! Immediately the Team lead said sir if all the customers want to be near the car we can't accommodate! and i told him neither i wanted to be beside my car throughout. I just came to see how much they have finished and i wanted to convey one small issue regarding a beeding. I Immediately took this matter to Mr. Tensingh and told him that this is not fair, i even understand that we can't stay all time when they are fixing but this kind of statement in front of the customer should be avoided.


    The car A/C is fine till now with good cooling effect. The airfilter vibration is rectified by adding insulation tapes and hence the bushes were not changed (Guess, they are out of stock) and No software update for MJD.
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