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Fiat Punto 1.3MJD - 36000 kms Sudden Service

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by Magnanimousdude, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. i have a figo and a punto and can tell about both the cars,though my figo maybe sold within a week.Having done a lot of highway drives,i can tell you figo is very agile.very good handling and cornering capabilities.In comparison to the Punto it looses out on the heavy feel the Punto has and that translates to fear at very high speeds.I hope many petrol heads know that Ford is known for their handling when it comes to their cars developed in Europe.
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  2. Tried settings F-F as suggested by Jishnu, for me it doesn't work out, Engine feels strained, though he said its revv friendly i doubt(at least in my car :D). May be it will revv happy in highway i reckon. TO me E-3 is better than anything else, in Highway it is a breeze(getting FE 18 for >100kmph) and in city it leaves other cars behind(getting FE 13.5). I havent done much R&D with Racechip after E-3 settings :D. If there is any settings that is better than E-3 pls let me know
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  3. Help required!

    past few days i hear an extra motor (running)sound along with the engine note, This extra motor running sound makes the sweet sound of the engine so lousy.. Its not the Fan sound, not radiator fan sound, i think it could be either belt or alternator ruining sound not sure.. Any Idea for you guys??

    and suddenly my cig socket isn't working, guess my friend hard pressed it once to light his cig but after that it isn't working :( any tweaks?
  4. It was the fuse which blew up, replaced it from TASS today

    Regarding the extra sound, they were not able to hear anything since there were too many vehicles and noise :( asusual they said there is no issues
  5. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    You should have taken them out for a ride somewhere without much of outside noise.
  6. yeah should have, but none was ready first place cos its the Month end, i asked them to change the engine OIL since according to me its due now ( i keep a 10K mark for Oil) they said Sir, pls bring it on someother day as today its heavy, well i could see that :). But they said this sound could be belt noise or fan noise

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    I was trying to get some comprehensive settings for the RaceChip so when i was looking for the information from Internet, I just came across the below site, it discusses about the RaceChip settings, thought i would bring this in a Nutshell and hence i prepared this article. I have not tested any settings except E-3. So test under your OWN risk :)

    sjuut.dk - RaceChip - go through the discussions in this you will get a between idea about RaceChip.

    in a NUTSHELL:

    The Left Rotor:

    The left dial (dial 1) will adjust the power. The higher the setting, the more power you'll get, with side effect of the thicker the exhaust smoke. The higher the setting will give you lower fuel consumption.

    Settings Range:

    Setting 8 (lowest) to D will make the engine to be more responsive, has more power in very low RPM range. In our case, RPM 800 - 1,800. -
    Setting E to 1 will make the power to be in the range of RPM 1,800 - 3,000.
    Setting 2 to 7 (highest) will make the power to be in the range of RPM 3,000 - 4,500

    The Right Rotor:

    The right dial (dial 2) is supposed to change the range of the powerband (by adjusting the pressure of the commonrail) and what RPM the RC will stop the commonrail pump. The higher the setting, the higher the CRD pressure, this means If you max the settings of this dial to 7 for instance, readlining the Rail pressure will give you ducks (which inturns gets engine light to glow :D)

    Settings Range:

    Setting 8 (lowest) to D will the increase the CR pressure Upto 1,800
    Setting E to 1 will the increase the CR pressure Upto 3,000.
    Setting 2 to 7 (highest) will the increase the CR pressure Upto 4,500 or until "Engine Check Light" or "Big Buck"


    [Note: I have not tested these settings except E-3, These are theoretically possible so engine should handle, Test responsibly. Its your ENGINE and its YOUR MONEY]

    For example the settings E-3 (in my case) will give the Noticeable Boost between 1,800 - 3,000 (Since this is the PowerBand) after that the CR pressure should remain same so there will be no Noticeable big difference. This is the settings that i use now, rather using since Jishnu told me :) i get the exact results.

    another one, left pick randomly, say D-7 (lol i picked very randomly :D) theoretically this will provide Noticeable Boost between 800 - 1,800 (Since this is the PowerBand) Insist her she will go more: Careful check for the "Check Engine Light". you see check engine light reduce right dial by 2 steps DOWN, that would decrease the CR pressure. - I think this is a risky setting

    Another random one, F-4, theoretically this will provide the Boost between the Powerbands 1,800 - 3,000, after that the CR pressure should remain same so there will be no Noticeable big difference. By this time you would have crossed 130kmph so things will look all same...

    the right Rotor will be for the RPM range so right rotor should be changed sensibly, stick to one good right rotor setting according to your driving style and change the Left rotor Power Band, if you car ducks shift the left rotor 2 steps DOWN

    Hope you would have got some idea by now how to handle RaceChip :) Still until you test it practically its not 100% right ;)
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  7. went to see my family deity to my native village, 4 on Board + my Kid + AC, saw a long stretch with no vehicles while travelling :D "Kanna laddu thinna aasaiya" (tamil AD comedy). Pushed the car to see what max she goes, immediately after 130... I saw 140, 150, 160 and 170, in no time. Continued to push slowly i reached 175 ~ 180. I see that is her Max speed with 4 On Board+AC, ofcourse drinking the fuel, got 15~17kmpl with varied Max speed, 110 ~120 Constant with occasional testing of 170+ speed 3 times

    I see the current setting is well suited to drive above 130 :D. from 100 ~ 120 it takes a little time (still can't complain). Good Journey
  8. Naughty

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    What more one can ask??? Enjoy your Ride:car


    Neel :)
  9. varin11

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    Linea 1.3
    Maruti and Hyundai are hard to persuade to get these kinds of issues solved in EW or W.They never give any clutch, suspension warranty like Fiat give (35000 Kms).
  10. yesterday i saw 3 small dents in my car :(. 2 in Bonnet where not even a screw driver was able to reach and one on the front left side frame.. I am not sure why the hell people tamper Punto. i see, it is evident. all the more worries if i take it to TASS, those guys will say coolly we need to paint entire bonnet and frame for which i am not interested. :( Sick of these problems. Any clues ???

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