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Fiat Punto 1.3MJD - 36000 kms Sudden Service

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by Magnanimousdude, Dec 15, 2011.

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    Sure will get the results when i get a chance to test

    with 5 on board with A/C its pain to drive Punto MJD in bumper to bumper Chennai city traffic :( No matter you have tuning chip or what :sadblue knees were paining pressing the clutch. I get a Kirik krik kirk noise when i depress the clutch when the engine is hot or has run few kms, while in cold start or cold no sound what so ever what could be the problem??? This has been there since long time..
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  2. puntosat

    puntosat Superiore


    Most hatchbacks have same problem with 5 ppl & AC...i20,swift ,polo etc...

    I was driving swift before and it had same problem unless u revved up soon..

    I feel Figo is the best for city followed by micra..but with 5 ppl..they are stressed too..

    The long clutch play in Punto makes this problem more pronounced..thats it...
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  3. jumu

    jumu Superiore

    That sound of the clutch pedal normally goes away with a bit of lubrication at TASS. The clutch play I felt is reasonable in Punto and one should get used to it quickly. Probably since you were driving a swift, you are feeling the pronounced difference. For me I like the punto with load and its a pleasure to drive in all forms.

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  4. Earlier i had the lightest clutch of all :D, Maruti Zen!!! still Punto already feels like a tank and with 5 on board and A/c it feels more stressed IMHO.
  5. Hello Folks,
    last weekend i had a trip to thiruvanamalai Siva temple, for Girivalam. I push my car to see how much does she goes with 2 on board and with A/C, well 150 is a breeze is what i can see with the rachchip. She still goes but i dont want to press the pedal. With RaceChip its even more fun to drive in highways.

    One interesting thing happened, while going to the temple. I was chased by a Ford Figo (diesel). To see how my car accelerates i let figo in front and decided to give a push. There was at least 20 feet distance between figo and mine, with figo on front. When i pressed my pedal hard, in no time i overtook figo @ 130, there after the real fun started :) Figo was vigorously trying to overtake me, i was cool with having a cucumber in one hand and eating it while driving in front. I really didnt notice the Figo guy was trying to overtake me (seems he was trying for atleast 10km). My wife said the figo is trying to overtake, so i let him in front and pressed my pedal "Zooooom" there she goes again in front... frustrated Figo seriously panicked to overtake, lost his control over tension and tried hard, he really didnt bothered about the environments and other vehicles. literally was driving like an amateur trying to overtake my car in what ever way he find, so i let him in front. he then wants to prove that he is always ahead so he was trying to overtake a vehicle in a bridge which is already overtaking 2 vehicles, means this figo is 3rd in overtaking the other 2 :eek:, there was just a little margin for his car and the side wall of the bridge, Sheer stupidity. I decided to give up coz i dont want any loss of life because of stupidity and meaningless driving. Last my wife asked me "How did you manage to have such balance in overtaking and driving with a cucumber in hand???". I smiled :D
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  6. Ganges

    Ganges Esperto

    Driver Seat _/
    Grande Punto 1.3
    "Cucumber" Sounds/tastes cool ;) like punto when it comes to handling.
    Might be Figo guy was also testing his racing chip :D .
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  7. puntosat

    puntosat Superiore

    Ya..Figo guy must have had mirchi instead of cucumber..:)
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  8. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Very sensible decision that you have taken, dude.
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  9. This happens to me very often. I don't know why these stupids choose a Punto to test their capability. Figo, i20, Swift, Dejire are OK but Santro and Alto too.... This was just like a fox teasing a Leopard. I casually overtake them, since they are going slower than me. I don't know if my punto's Rear Windshield has got any LED Display with artificial Intelligence which shows some message "Ready for a challenge ?" or some provoking message every time I overtake any of the above mentioned car. Immediately I see them closer to my car in my RVM. Then comes the EGO, how would I allow them to overtake me coz juz now I took them. I then go to 130 KMPH and see them following me at high speed and they would be ready to shed their life just to overtake my car. I can understand for figo or swift but when Alto guys and santro guys do that I really get confused whether should I show my cars power or just let them go and feel proud of themselves. My only problem here is why only when I drive my punto. I will never forget a FIGO and a Dejire to whom I taught a lesson 'How and Why to Avoid a Punto 90 HP ?' because racing with the dezire guy I touched 180 KMPH and with the Figo guy I understood FIAT's capabilities.

    Sorry to Hijack the Thread but felt this place to be appropriate to share.
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  10. Could be, but he never managed to get me comprehensively. If we pave the way, they will go through. trust me, I am sure that figo guy would have sat with a tea in teashop with shaking hands and thinking why the hell i bought figo? what is the purpose of it now??

    This happens, FIGO is a good car on straight roads but not good in cornering and balancing, i feel like why they always do this?? I got the answer from your Post!! Perhaps becasue of this, I have a teambhp sticker in my car back "Live to Drive" :D
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