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Fiat Punto 1.3MJD - 36000 kms Sudden Service

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by Magnanimousdude, Dec 15, 2011.

  1. Hello Guys,

    I am new to this forum, but had been following this forum for a long time. My BNW Punto MJD 1.3 ODO reads 15,200km and i would like to give a review about it, I would like to split my reviews with the following sections
    1. Buying Experience
      2. About the Car
      3. Runin Period
      4. Niggles so far
      5. Service Experience
      6. @ 15,000 Km
      7. Fuel Effeciency
    Buying Experience
    I was pretty much fixed to go for a diesel car, after my 5 year tenure with trustworthy Maruti Zen. I filtered my search to the Most Obvious Maruti Swift VDI(With ABS) and Skoda Fabia 1.2 TDI and Fiat Punto MJD 1.3.
    I dont have to rewrite anything about this engine, performance, and FE figures. Swift is just a safety Option for anyone who is investing Money in this Car. I had many test drives for this car and know pretty well about the FE figures, A.S.S and not going without mentioning the "niggles", But still Swift Rocks on Roads. I kept this car as my last option, cos in my street i can find about 10 swifts will all the colors , so i dont want mine to be the 11th one! Simple and straigh forward.

    Swift Gets the rating: ****1/2

    Skoda Fabia 1.2:

    I dont know about this car and engine as it was a new arival to this segment. I just know Skoda created an engine with less capacity(1.2l), was curious about taking a Test drive, got the testdrive done in Gurudev motors(Chennai).mmmh, i kept on saying to myself something is missing!! being a fresh bee to Diesel, swift was swift for a diesel, but not sure what was missing with Fabia!, the Gear ratio was super, the plastics were super and elite ones. I consoled myself the missing thing was a power for the car and i felt a little performance issue with AC On.

    Fabia Gets: *** 1/2

    Fiat Punto 1.3:

    Already my friend owns this Car but with petrol head. The moment i saw the Car, i just said to myself Awe! what a car, is it possible to buy this car? will i be able to pay the EMI? Can i make this Car mine? Remember, i have never test driven the Fiat Punto MJD!!! My heart and eyes were already filled with 50% Punto. Got a test drive arranged from VST motors Chennai, Sat Inside the car and switched on, pleasant sound of the engine. It was a long Clutch but was a song one, the moment i released the clutch the rush i felt(the test driven car ran almost 18K km), 1st gear is just to move the car, 2nd gear is a sibbling of 1st gear. from 3rd onwards i felt the unleased power in it! to me its enough. Heart is now 70% filled, the way the car pounded over the chennai Potholes and handling filled almost 100% of my heart. Now i was worried whether i can get this beauty. Enquired about it and found it to be 7.5L(For Emotion pk + ) where my budget is only 5.5L Noway i get those figures.

    Punto Gets:*****

    Went to ABT Maruti and booked Swift VDI with ABS giving 10K, the waiting period given to me is 2.5 months. Sat one whole full day with heavy heart after booking Swift, i tried to convience myself saying Swift is THE Best Car and better Car. To make the situation worse i saw 2 Punto's in my steet gliding... End of day i just felt one thing the whole day is wasted. after few days, I checked with my wife,mom and dad, if i can go for Punto? They said well its your wish son! Called ABT told them i am not interested to proceed further as the waiting period is very long(Only i know why i rejected it), got the 10K back as a cheque and went to book Punto.I
    wanted to have a White Horse Punto! so booked BNW Punto, HDFC helped me in funding my money in terms of Loan. End result HAPPY!!! Yay...

    About the Car:
    Well, What can i say about my White Horse?
    1. Fiat Engine
    2. Look and class, its Italian White Horse Beauty
    3. Exceptional Handling
    4. High Speed Stablity
    5. NO need of Any Modifications in Emotion Pack, stock provided ones will suffice
    6. Auto Ac a Boon. people who are using it, knows about it.
    7. Airbags and ABS, a Must one. since i dont want to compromise of security
    8. Nova White
    9. Steering wheel (when speed increases steering gets better and better)
    10. Loaded with countless features which are not available on other Hatchbacks
    11. BUILD, what can i comment on it, its a Tank!
    12. The advantage of writting many points over and over...

    Runin Period:
    I am a strong believer in Runin Period, so i never floored her more than 2000rmp, Though there were many debates going in and out about the Runin Period. moreover diesel engines needs Run in unlike the petrol heads. During the Runin Period i went for couple of long long travels and felt very pleasant and indeed comfortable. I got a Fuel Eff of 13~14.5kmpl. detailed FE report can be found below.

    Niggles so far:
    Like all the cars i also had some niggles with mine, so far
    1. Whobbling -> Rectified after doing the Wheel Alignment in LAL's (paid rs.950 for it )
    2. Hissing Noise from F.Tank valve -> This was said to reduce after 10K from one of our Fellow BHPians, now a days i hardly hear it!
    3. HeadLights -> This had been concern until i changed the headlights to Phillips PowerExtrem, Now Happy
    4. Engine Grunt & heaviness issue-> This is briefly discussed under service Experience
    5. Driver Seating -> Still i have some issues with the correct seating, the Height adjustable never stays on the same mark for longer time? Did anyone noticed it?? set it to a position, after 1 month you can find, it had gone down a little. had to adjust then and there. Now i have done some trick with the Seat covers to Increase the thigh area. Somewhat comfortable with that now.
    6. Some less decibel rattles here and there, not a head scraching one!

    @ 15,000 Km:
    I now feel what a blunder would have been had i gone with Swift(No offence to swift Owners), cos I am that comfortable with my Punto MJD. The engine has opened up to an extent(Hope to get it opened fully after 15K kms), The Car Pulls like a beast, AC is still Chiller, FE has been stable between 14~15kmpl, Hope it will increase .5kmpl after 15k Mark.
    Now with my Ownership report, Take it for granted, Punto(Engine, Build, ...etc) always deserves 5 Start Rating

    Punto: *****

    1. Owning Fiat Punto! Great Engine
    2. Driving a Tank like feel, in safety features, Balance, and comfortables
    3. Features like never before in anyother hatchback cars
    4. Have to gives this, FIAT Service!
    5. Punto Body, (recently one Bike crashed my Punto from back into the rear bumper. Guess what? nothing happened, i am not sure if the bumper is made with Rubber??)
    6. Interior Plastics(Though i list this in Pros, i dont feel it to be worst one, its far better than some cars. Guys who agrees with me, pls read this in Pros others read it in Cons)

    1. Minor Rattles
    2. Seat Adjustments(it is something for me to put it in Cons, for most of them its in Pros)
    3. Low Road Clearence(Hasn't bothered me much as i have never come across such big Speed breakers)
    4. USB, Doesn't play everything, here and there needs to delete many songs to for me to get it played(it bothers me a lot, cos its a daily useable feature)
    5. Hopeless 2nd gear.Till Now i am not sure when to use the second gear!!! either 3rd gear does the job nor 1st itself does it. Only place i use the 2nd gear is on Speed Breakers...

    Fuel Effeciency:
    The Below Excel Best describes my FE more than my words, though its not the latest one.
    Service Experience:
    The Service Station, "VST Service Station Chennai". Whenever i take the car to them there had never given a NO or Not possible or Not now. I had couple of issues with the car and both of them were done to its perfection

    Engine Grunt & heaviness issue:

    Before 5k Kms my engine grunt was different, after 5k ~ 10k it was in a different note, now after 14k kms i can just get a humming noise or sometimes not even that.
    Comming to the Main Issue: Most of the time i feel like, the car is carrying some 1000Kgs in it!! that is the heaviness i feel. I have to push the pedal hard. To precise the issue, (example) if it takes 10sec to reach 0-60kmph under normal circumstances for anyother Punto. Mine takes 13 sec, Suddenly sometimes i feel the engine lost its heaviness and revs freely and moves like a rocket. But most of the time now-a-days i feel the heaviness. I took this issue to VST chennai and the below diagonises were done by them
    To virtualise it its something "When the car feel heavy, i feel like climbing UP the Hills" and "When its free to revs, i feel its like climbing down the hills"

    Now a days i feel only CLimbing Up the Hills

    What VST tried:
    1. They changed the Clutch Kit assembly and Clutch Slave Cylinder(after that for 800kms i felt it was smooth, then back to square 1)
    2. They kept the engine in Engine Room and did a complete analysis on Injectors and the flow, Resulted Normal

    What i Tried:
    1. Tried engaging the Handbrake and disengaging it, thinking this could be the culprit, Some days i tried to leave the car without handbrake engaged During those days also i had this heaviness hence handbrake is not the culprit. Now not sure what could be the issue...

    Now they are not sure what do and i am castaway! If anyone can help in this on what could be the issue please let me know i would be grateful. Even VST people are ready to do anything which can find a solution for my problem
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  2. Tarun

    Tarun Amatore

    Bhiwani, Delhi
    its bad to see that you are having such an issue, after all u mentioned nothing comes is my mind. . .
    may be TFi gurus can help you .
  3. teky

    teky Esperto

    Welcome on board.

    Regarding the issues you mentioned I get the same feeling as well, I believe it's something do with the ECU adapting. However what I don't recommend is trial and error troubleshooting done so far. I would recommend you to actually test drive any of our fellow TFI'ans who reside nearby and ask them to test drive your vehicle to check if it's really a problem. It could be more to do with perception.

    Also whilst the car was at VST did they check the turbo as well?
  4. Well i got to mention one thing when you say "I don't recommend is trial and error troubleshooting done so far". They found that the pressure plates had some problem with the Spring tensions(actually one spring stucked) and had to be replaced! so in a way, My clutch replacement was not in vain!

    Regarding turbo checking, It has been completely checked! i reckon even the EGR Valve also cleaned when it was in the Engine room! They say a thorough checks on the engine side was done...
  5. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Try with some other service centers in your city. Or try to contact Fiat, through VST, and see what they are recommending.
  6. Well They are in that process as they are not able to find anything
  7. bhai

    bhai Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Mods Note- Post deleted.
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  8. jumu

    jumu Superiore


    Just change the airfilter. It is almost time for it to be changed. If you have changed it already, then it could be other issues . too. In most cases sluggishness is cleared with a change of air filter. You can even try a few drops of wuerth diesel additive (even though FIAT does not recommend it, the reality is that bad fuel is for real ) . Do these , take the car on the highway and drive at high revs in each gear and drive for abut 50 -100 kms. Most of the clogging would get cleared and the engine would breathe well

    BTW, where are you from ?

  9. teky

    teky Esperto

    Bhai - I really don't understand this. Of all the Fiat's so far sold in this country your's is the only one we know which is giving problems related to fuel (may be). So I would recommend you to stop commenting on every problem thread that it's common with Fiat's in India. I drive my car in the same city which the OP is located and fill anywhere to my convenience and I haven't faced any issue.

    At the risk of sounding harsh - My advice is to sell the 90HP and buy a Swift ZDI which is tuned for running on Kerosene.
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  10. Nope its not about fuel for sure, cos whenever i change the Pump, my engine would roar for few kms and rest in peace :), now it has been more than 5000kms that i used the same pump, trust me. My car would be the finest of all in terms of Engine grunt, I am proud of it

    AirFilter done sir! I take the car regularly on Highways but have not done what you said "drive at high revs in each gear and drive for abut 50 -100 kms" i use to stick above 100+ never come down unless something stops me, Normally drive @120

    BTW, I am from chennai, location Perambur :) and you?
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