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Fiat Punto 1.3 MJD 90 HP Sport BNW

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD 90 HP' started by kvmoorthy, Jul 9, 2012.

  1. kvmoorthy


    Hi All,
    Proud to be an owner of the beautiful beast " The Italion Stallion, 1.3 MJD Punto Sport". :p
    Deciding factors
    I wanted to buy a power house, initially had my eyes on the Optra.
    I went on TD hunt for the cars like Sunny, Vento, Linea. Didn't try the Rapid as it was too similar to Vento. Fiesta was not tried as I found the price tag heavy for the car and didn't even bother to TD the verna.
    Linea was the clear winner of all these drives. The ride quality of Linea was excellent and the next to it was Sunny. Vento was not as peppy as the spec and reviews.
    Linea was dropped as soon as I stepped inside the rear compartment, my head was almost brushing the roof. The rear windshield was also too close to my liking. But the car was a stunner and appealed to me in many ways, I also tried to convince myself stating I would always be the driver and would not be sitting at the back. I was not able to convince myself. :confused:
    So ideally the choice was to go for a hatch again.
    Ford Figo was decent but the power train didnt impress. I am a highway rider. :(
    Dezire was not the the one I desired. :idea:
    Swift was too common and the recent version seemed to be costly.(Didn't want to go back to Maruti, but why?). :(
    Mirca and Pulse were too feminine. :irked
    Vista, Tata a big NO. The sedan version itself didn't impress. :eek:
    Polo and Fabia the noise makers were left alone. :(
    Punto was impressive, I always had an eye on the 90HP beast. The car I was ready to buy without even a test drive. I was always ready to go on a blind date with this Italian beauty and how could I ignore the well dressed 90HP Sport. :D
    Intial 600 kms update.
    I was in a hurry to get my hands on it, as I have really waited long. The initail pooja was done by the show room person and the keys were handed. The foldable key was lovable. Was nice feeling of hold to it with a small Fiat icon. My Mom, Sister and Sister's son were along with me. They were seeing the car for the first time. I didn't think the decals would be appealing to my mom's eye as she is very orthodox. My sister was liking the car and was observing every detail of it. My sister's son exclaimed "You said it is small car?", but -------. He immediately ran over to the front passenger seat. My sister and mom postioned themselves in the rear seats. My mom and sister were statisfied with the leg room, the front seats were fully pushed back at that moment. All the small details in the Sport version got compliments from my sister, be it the seat fabrics, the chrome finishing, the raised ground cleareance, the alloys, the red stitching.
    I ignited the engine and was keen to hear the noise levels but it was bear minimal. The engine is much more refined. The AC took off immediately before even my mom could ask about the AC. The chill wave reached the rear almost as soon as the engine was ignited. With smiles all over I was ready to unleash the beast. The gear was moved to the 1st position and I released my foot from the clutch carefully and raising the accelerator with my right leg thumb. The car leaped forward a big way. OOps did I push the pedal more than expected, I turned off the engine and started it again and repeated the process and was treated with the same leap. I cursed most of the online reviewers stating that the roar was absent in the beast. I moved the car slowly and the first two gears are short, I didn't find it annoying. The thrid gear is comparitvely tall. The fourth is tall and the five gear was almost magical to me.
    I was able to ride the car in the 3rd gear in the dense streets of Madurai and my home town Viruthunagar. The streets are filled with people fleeing by foot, Cyles, Auto's, two wheelers, bollock carts, heavy vehicles. The car was able to pull us at the 3rd gear. The brakes were good and the steering alignment was perfect, it helped me to easily overcome these obstacles with precision.
    The interior qaulity is better than the 75 HP punto Emotion.The fit and finish is good. The creeking sounds. The power windows goes up/down without getting stuck, the process is smooth. The electrically adjustable ovmr are excellent. The boot space is very good. The Metal back seats is an safety feature many may oversee or fail to notice. AC needs special mention, it simply rocks. There was no difference in engine response when the AC is set even at 16C. The AC really helped me to keep myself fresh and go to office immediately after the long drive.
    On The highway.
    I was very sure to not have the engine strained by increasing the RPM. As per the spec sheet the Punto sport gains the maximum Torque at 2000 rpm as oppesed to the one for Linea which is 1750 rpm. It seemed to be correct given that the Punto is lighter compared to Linea. The maximum rpm I reached would be the ocassional 3000 RPM @ the fith/fourth gear to move around crowded rows. I was cruising at 80kmph @ 2000 rpm in the fith gear. For 100 kmph the engine was just a little above 2000 rpm. It was very difficult for me to keep the speeds below 80kmph. As I shift to the fifth gear this the speed that balnces with the RPM Meter. No jerks felt inside while travelling. The seat was comfortable. I had raised the drivers seat to adjust with the high pedals. The steering was not as high as many claimed in web reviews(atleast to my liking). I had no problems in accessing the power window buttons, again many claimed that one has to reached for them. Almost with 6 to seven toll booths I have not touched the wrong button. While crusing at 80kmph I was able to keep my left knee upright without it touching the steering column. I found this as a warm welcome as I used to brush my legs against the dash and steering column in most cars.Now i wanted to check the position of the Clutch foot rest, with a double mind I placed my left foot on it, it was alarmingly confortable. The wind noise was very less. Only for a small moment i wanted to test the drive beyond 100kmph. I just pushed the accelerater pedal a little further, there was a thud my head banged the headrest. The car was at 120 kmph. I let the car slow down gradually.
    On the flip side the C B A pedals are some what placed closer to each other. There were ocassions where I was pressing both the A and B pedals at the same time. The cup holders in the front, need to think some thing creative to use it effectively. The rear cup/bottle holder I am planning to use home made methods so that it holds an litre bottle at least. The storage space is less inside the car. The glove box is cramped due to the B&M. The speakers lack quaility. The models prior to 2012 did better in handling the pot holes and bad roads, the increased ground cleareance has a thud. Though the body takes the thud, there is not much effect or uneasiness for the passengers.
    Mileage: For 600 kms, the car consumed only 33l of diesel. 100% AC on(16-18C).

    Pics would be posted Shortly.
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  2. SoumenPaul

    SoumenPaul Regolare

    Congratulations kvmoorthy for your purchase !! Have a great time crunching miles in your Punto Sports.
  3. kvmoorthy


    Thanks SoumenPaul
  4. harishgayatri

    harishgayatri Amatore

    Mulund, Mumbai
    Congrats on your purchase. Enjoy every moment of it.
  5. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    congratulations buddy for great car :)
  6. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Congratulations KV for becoming a proud owner of Punto Sports. The first in TFI.
  7. sungoa2010


    We like to see the pictures of the beauty.:D
  8. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Congrats and we are also happy to hear that you are happy with the Punto.
    Now let the Picture speak it.
  9. thomman85

    thomman85 Esperto

    Congrats..... do share some pictures..
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2012
  10. Congrats buddy,excellent choice btw.Please do post some pictures of the beast inside out.Are going to keep the decals?how does it look on the car in person?do share your views

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