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Fiat punto 1.2 petrol Dynamic

Discussion in 'Car Purchase Queries' started by nish2482, May 17, 2013.

  1. raj29

    raj29 Superiore

    Apart from the distance you should be considering the drivability and affordability of these rides.
    Taking a diesel if you dont drive it much wouldnt be a great idea for the premium you pay for the diesel.
    Also if there are some good offers between petrol and diesel you should take those into consideration. I think its petrols which get good discounts most of the times.
  2. nish2482


    thanks raj , because i have seen a lot of 1.3 multijet owners and very rare movement in the 1.2 thread , i hope it is not because 1.2 petrol is bad compared to 1.3 diesel
  3. nish2482


    Hi everyone i had got a call from fiat showroom aadya motors ,
    these are the offers
    1.3 mjd 2012 model- 22k ( cash discount) + 24k (insurance) + 3500 (rsa) + 6k (corporATE disc)
    close to 7.2 on road

    or 2013 Petrol Dynamic 2013 no cash discount not sure if the above discount are there
    but will come to around 6.3 on road

    also the person mentioned additonal 15 k if can give rc book photo copy of my dads car (no exchange required)

    which should i go for , is there any catch in the 15k mentioned above ?
  4. The 2012 model you are talking of is an emotion model, but the discount offered is very very less.see if the cash discount can be negotiated further.

    In the 2013 dynamic model you are getting all the above discounts,but if you can afford 2012 model @7.2l, then why not a new emotion model which will be expensive by 7k considering you get that 15k discount for giving a xerox of your dad's rc book.

    Btw what is this discount we are talking about? Loyalty bonus? ?

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  5. nish2482


    both are (2012 and 2013) dynamic models not emotion , 15k it is not loyalty bonus something like an exchange bonus of old car without actually exchanging , the old car my dad has is wagon R (not loyal to fiat)
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  6. nobrakes


    Hey, I own a 2011, 1.2 emotion GP (Which is now called dyanmic i believe), and i'v never had any issues with the car.....infact I love it! Like someone suggested go for a petrol if your running is low. My car completes 2years this month and it's not even crosssed 12400 kms! This after a mumbai-goa, mumbai -mahableshwar, and loads of mombai lonavala trips. Good car.
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  7. ratanshivi

    ratanshivi Regolare

    Mald (East)
    Hey Man!!

    Go for it....My car is also a 1.2 Petrol. Completed a good 40 months with 23,000 klms clocked and I have not spent a single dime over and above the 3 services so far....Rock solid car from the word GO....

    I have upgraded my car and I am pretty fast with my car....Love to drive with a Heavy foot on the metal ....But no issues till date.....

    You might just want to consider a Diesel option just incase your daily run is great....
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  8. Auto Freak

    Auto Freak Amatore

    Deciding on a petrol car considering lesser running is wise!

    But I'd suggest you to consider the Punto 1.4 instead. The 1.2 in both the Punto n Figo are lacklustre units compared to others in the segment. Once u get used to driving n hit the highways you might wish for more power.

    So in case you want options apart from the Punto 1.4, I'd also suggest you look at the Swift 1.2 and the Honda Brio. The Maruti K-series is a brilliant engine and so is Honda's.

    But again, the Punto is dynamically superior to the other two and the build quality is better as well.

    Happy shopping!

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  9. nobrakes


    I've driven the 1.2 with 4 passengers and a some luggage at 150 kmph (not reccomended on indian highways) without any problem. Would've tried for more but my sensible friends were begging me to slow down. The pickup in the first 2 gears seems better in the 1.4.
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  10. rishike007

    rishike007 Esperto

    Pune- Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    I don't think so. I'm having 1.2 from last 1 year & 8 months now. Almost completed 38000+ kms with weekly run of 350 kms minimum.

    Enjoying the FE of 1.2 with approx. 15-18kmpl for total monthly expenditure for petrol. :)

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