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Fiat Punto 1.2 Dynamic BNW - Review

Discussion in 'Punto 1.2 Fire' started by RMZ, Mar 26, 2013.

  1. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Go to service center and get it fixed ASAP. Its dangerous.
    Must be some door sensor issue.
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  2. RMZ


    Ravi sir, fixed it at the service centre yesterday. They replaced the front door lock mechanism under warranty. Back to normal now.
  3. RMZ


    Extended Warranty:
    During the purchase, I thought that Extended warranty for another 2yrs was part of the deal that dad negotiated. But, that wasn't the case which I understood lately. I used to call my SA once in a while to remind him to hand me over the papers related to it. Two days back, I called him again and he said, it wasn't part of the deal and I might have got confused with RSA. Came home, checked the papers related to the dealership's preliminary offer and I knew I was wrong. So, bought it immediately for some peace of mind. Costed me Rs. 5100 and the two SA's came home to hand me over the warranty booklet and a certificate. They said, the prices have increased now and it costs above 7k. Since my car was invoiced earlier, I got it for the old amount.

    There is a slight confusion however. Just today morning, I noticed that the booklet speaks of an additional period of 24 months/1,50,000kms whereas the certificate says 26 months/1,50,000kms. I noticed the warranty period mentioned in certificate while the SA came home and they had confirmed it was 26 months and the total period would be 50 months. Unfortunately, I didn't notice the duration specified in the booklet then. Not a big deal, but would be nice if someone can clarify. I haven't yet called the SA.
  4. RMZ


    First Service Update:
    It was done at Hyson Motors, Cochin. Since there was nothing major to be done, it went almost fine. I had gone through the manual and the only thing I found necessary was a wheel alignment which was to be done every 5000kms. I was not in town, and dad took the car for service. We reported 3 niggles that had popped up recently.
    1. The front RHS speaker died. One fine day, the sound output was kind of blurred and gradually it died. The front LHS worked fine though.
    2. Handbrake button came loose.
    3. Indicator stalk's auto-cancelling was not working.

    We did not insist on wheel alignment and neither did they. I preferred to do it outside at DBS Tyres which was near my home.

    The car was delivered with a zero bill and 2 of the 3 issues were fixed. The speaker issue was left as it is stating that warranty wasn't applicable on audio system. Dad did not bother to argue and came home. On hearing this, I made some inquires and was assured that warranty was applicable on all electrical items. I spoke with one of the SA that I had interacted with earlier and he assured me that if they could not fix it, the part would be replaced under warranty. He also stated that all electrical parts are covered under warranty. I guess its some new recruit who had no idea on the warranty part and hence denied it. Anyways, since dad was busy with his schedules, this speaker thing was kept pending and it was done yesterday only. While I was there, I pointed out another issue that came 2-3 days ago. The buttons on the foldable key wasn't working. They said dust accumulation usually creates issue for the foldable key and offered to clean it. And in case if it was not solved, they offered to replace the battery inside it. But, some cleaning was all that's required to bring it back to working condition. The speaker issue was traced to some coupler getting loose and that was also fixed. So, left the place with a zero bill.

    The hospitality at Hyson was nice and I sat in their customer lounge while I was there. They also offered me cold/hot drinks.

    Driving impressions:
    The odo now stands at 5126kms and the driving characteristics remain the same. I'm falling in love with the ride over rough patches of road. The chassis maintains composure and keeps the car solidly planted on the road. High speed stability remains fantastic. It makes you feel that you are in a car twice its price. I think the brakes are a little too sharp for my liking. But, its nothing you can't get used to and the stopping power is good. I guess, the upsized tyres do make a notable difference in terms of grip and braking distance esp on wet roads. The only thing I wish for was a little more power when running A/c. Without A/c its no slouch and is manageable.

    Mileage hovers around 14kmpl with city and highway combined.

    Wheel alignment was done today morning at DBS Tyres. They did balancing, rotation, alignment & N2 topup. Initially there was some pulling to the left which was noticed by them and after alignment it was reduced considerably though still not perfect. They have asked me to keep a check on this and told me to come back in case of an issue. Will keep an eye on this. The final bill came to Rs. 540.
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