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FIAT prejudice/Myth

Discussion in 'Hangout' started by Sat-Chit-ananda, Dec 13, 2013.

  1. autowierdo

    autowierdo Amatore

    Still i find people associating Fiat with Tata and its hard to convince them they are different. In some context cant blame them since new showrooms are owned by Tata dealers. For people who are not much into cars and negligible idea of brands, still recollect taxi or padmini on mentioning Fiat. For major community car buying is matter of status/ prestige and no one wants to associate with brand which is not doing well. This leads to many skipping the fiat in their test drive list.
    Also till last year Fiat was not that aggressive in marketing. But with new advt. and event sponsors coming up i am confident the image will take u turn. Besides we are brand ambassadors for Fiat who will do level best to change the perception

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  2. DRIV3R

    DRIV3R Esperto

  3. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    I didn't understand the bills at all.
    Why are tyre replacements added as service costs.
    Nothing much to say!!
  4. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    ^^ It is these kind of people I was referring to in my earlier post. I can bet one could see one's reflection in the paint surface of his car :D. My point is, do not try to feed a tiger grass and then expect it to be strong and healthy.

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  5. C_S

    C_S Amatore

    I believe you have given a fitting reply just stopping short of telling "Do not preach wrong about Fiat". Good work sir on a forum which entertains a huge audience.. Please keep your Armor ready, there will be a few scathing attacks that you can expect
  6. Bravo Driv3r and Nkrishnap, hope some proper sense prevails on that thread.People make opinions based on such thread.
  7. Flywheel

    Flywheel Regolare

    I was trying to stop myself from ranting about this but well here it goes :)

    I find it really strange that people complain about regular maintenance stuff of a car and go around telling the world how Maruti’s , Hyundai’s are so cheap to run. Do people expect the timing belts/chains, shocks and brake pads to last the life of the car? I am sure all cars need these replacements. You can’t just expect the car to keep running without caring for it, can you?
    Let me just add a little comparison based on all the cars we have owned

    • Maruti – Service interval used to 5000 Kms (I guess it has been shifted to 10K now). Twice I gave my car for service and twice they had damaged it with big dents and sent it back asking me to claim my insurance. This happened in MSM Chennai, I did have to write to Maruti to get things working (No different from writing to Fiat if something goes wrong)
    • Hyundai – Just a normal clutch change for the previous gen Verna used to cost something like 25K (The flywheel had to be changed). This happened at 40K Kms. The shocks along with the disc were replaced at 60K. Is this unreasonable? There is also a small issue of the 6 times they changed the turbo and opened up the engine because they couldn’t trouble shoot the small problem. This car left us stranded thrice on the highway and once in the middle of the night. ( We wrote to everybody we knew in Hyundai and they were still experimenting with our car)
      Honda – Has anyone tried finding out how much the spare parts cost? Please go and try comparing it with the Fiat spares. They does have a 5000 Km interval for the City and the Service centers insist on changing the oil every time.
    Let me compare this to my Punto I had, It ran 65K in 30 Months and all I did was change the tyres and brake pads/discs. Nothing else not the shocks not the clutch.
    I don’t want to run down any brand- my point being these are machines and there are chances they can fail, yes it does give you heart burn but that does not mean you single out one company and say it does not happen with another.
    I came to a conclusion long back that no service center is ever going to give my car the attention it deserves simply because they can’t – there are other cars and customers to deal with. You can’t expect the Service Advisor to drop everything and come running to you every time you have a stupid question.
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  8. Yours is a good post quote as an example for prejudice against FIAT.
  9. sine04

    sine04 Regolare

    Mysore/Bangalore, Karnataka.
    Mysore/Bangalore, Karnataka.
    Fiat Enthusiast
    If you encounter a troublesome Maruti or a Hyundai, it is categorised as being your bad luck. If you chance upon a trouble free Fiat, it is categorised as a rare example and people congratulate you on your extremely good luck!! :banghead:
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  10. ajit_nair_77


    I would sympathize to some of the comments made on the other forum; people do not expect certain parts to fail quickly i.e within an year. It does leave a very bad taste about the car.
    Having said that it does not mean that other cars do not have failures.

    A bit of exaggeration puts in some more oil into an already burning fire :) ( GOD knows who started the fire in the first place)

    Certain problems that the writer has claimed I had the same issues, specifically about strut pads but I am extremely surprised to read that it was the reason why his four tyres went for a toss. Yes, I also did encounter some uneven wear ( of 2 tyres) during the period of where strut pads were an issue. Not sure though this could be a reason.

    What I have learned in my ownership is to take care of the car; give it more time than your wife/GF :). Mine is a bit fickle minded it gives me trouble but then I am absolutely in love with it.
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