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Fiat Pimped My [B]Ride With Punto

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by Heartlin Sunderji, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Sure we will meet in Pune :)

    PM me your number will call you.
  2. 02:51 Am in the morning. No Sleep. My early morning itches to ride punto woke me up. I don't want to take her for a ride in the morning,
    like before, taking her all the way from Balewadi to Tony da dhaba and coming back. Highway rides gives pleasure.And I am eagerly
    waiting for my diwali vacation plan for two weeks(if my manager gives leaves). Pune - Bangalore - Coimbatore -Bangalore- Pune.
    Was just checking my pics which I took in Pune when I met my school buddy @ Infosys. Good backdrop made me stop the car
    and click some pics for your eyes to feast on my Ferrari Red Punto after giving her a Amway car wash .And one more thing.
    Yesterday, while I was driving the car at a speed of 40 Kmph, a deadly speed breaker was invisible. Ran over it and the car shook me.
    And after some time, I noticed that my Hand brake did not lock in when I wanted to.

    Thought, I will go the the dealer to check with it. On the way to Pandit,
    I stopped by the road to check if the Hand brake realigned or something. Yes, it started getting locked properly. Thanks to God,
    for helping me with my small issue. And yes, here we go. Enjoy the pics. The SLR pics are yet to be come from my friend.
    (*Number plate is not masked due to my laziness)


    And here goes the proud Heartlin with his bride Punto.

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  3. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Good to see you heartlin. Thats Hinjewadi Phase 2 Infosys. I worked there in 2007.
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  4. Lonavla to Lohagad

    Had an amazing day on Oct -2 to Lonavla and Lohagad for trekking. Moreover its not only trekking for me, but also for my dear Punto.
    The road from Lonavla to Lohagad was approx 15 KMS, but I have to say that, it was really a challenging one for me atleast. The roads
    which are just made our of rocks, and sharp turnings ascending up 35` degress, put a test to my punto. Had 5 guys in the punto, but yet,
    Punto was pulling good. It went through all the rocky turning uphill. Actually I was babying my car while driving. So was not ready to make
    punto heart scream over 3000 RPM. While I was climing a steep uphill turn, I thought the car is gonna pull me back if am not gonna ask one
    guy to get out. As I said earlier, babying the car made me to accelerate sedately. And also the rocks underneath was hitting my tires badly,
    the front axle was skidding with the tyres. That made me to fear, and asked me to drive with carefulness. Really it was very challenging and
    it was completely off roads. The steep uphill was very high that, even my handbrake let loose and the car started coming back. I don't know
    whether its normal or the problem with my Punto. But still enjoyed the ride completely. A pic after the trekking.

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  5. Its been a long time since I shared my experience with my dear ride Punto. Recently met Kedar, Amogh and other TFIans in the Fiat Caffe at Pune. Had a wonderful time spending time with friends watching IPL. Those moments came to me this morning and I had some time too today. So thought I would share some in the forum.

    All I have to say is, the best product I have ever bought in my life is My Punto. I have to admit it. Seriously. All the things which I put my money and I bought , I regretted later. But in this case, I enjoyed each and every mile I rode with my Italian beauty. It impressed me everyday.


    14350 KMS Done.
    Mileage :- 16.5 KMPL with AC 100% in City & 22+ KMS in highways. ( I made a trip from Pune to Kanyakumari and the mileage was 23+ KMS. I guess that thread is alive.)
    Cost till date :- INR 267.00 ( Right broken OVRM mirror )
    Ride: Smooth and sexy.
    Turbo: I feel a bit less in terms of turbo. I sometime feel whether my car even have a power band where the turbo kicks in.

    My service is due next month. Have got a INR 1000/- off coupon on my next service. Will make it use. Have to rotate the tyres. All in all a good and pleasant experience with my ride. Love FIAT for delivering such a nice car. Hope my car runs the same till the end of days.

    Some picture of my ride and my weekend trip with friends.


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  6. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Good to see you on forum Heartlin :up nice pics. Which place is this?

  7. Murud Beach. Went for a couple of days stay with friends.
  8. punto_emotion

    punto_emotion Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Good to see you back on forum :up and that's a nice brief update about your ride. Do share 2nd service experience.
  9. me_at_fiat

    me_at_fiat Regolare

    Mumbai, Pune

    Spotted you..!!!

    Guess what yesterday i saw this thread for the first time around 1.30 Pm and got to know that you stay near Balewadi. So, i just remembered your car's no, thinking that I might spot you quite frequently as i stay nearby. Around 5.40pm i started from the office took a right turn from the Hinjewadi bridge and you zoom passed me. I tried to catch up but because of traffic i couldn't. By the time i reached closer, you took left turn toward balewadi. :) see you sometime soon.
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  10. Dude, thats kewl. 05:30 is the time I just run out from my office. Good to hear from you. Next time you see me, wave your hands or flash your lights at me.

    And is that your Punto with a FIAT logo on the front doors ? If yes, I guess I also spotted you.
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