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Fiat Pimped My [B]Ride With Punto

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by Heartlin Sunderji, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. Cousin : Hey dude, am planning to buy a car. A diesel Hatch back.
    Me : Ohh cool dude ( Still riding my Honda Hunk ! ).
    Cousin : Lets shortlist the cars this weekend.
    Me : Yea. That's an interesting job anyone would love to.
    Cousin : Its high time to get a car. Pune rains are gonna be there at our doors in a week (Last week of May'12!)
    Me : Yea man. Seriously ! Bdw, which car are you thinking ???
    Cousin : Dude, am thinking of Ritz Vdi...
    Me : Hmmm..Ohh k. Why not Swift ??
    Cousin : Its simply expensive w/o any features. And New Swift is not peppy.
    Me : cool then. If you have circled in one car, then lets take a ride and finalize it.
    Cousin : Cool man. Lets meet this weekend.
    Me : Yea done.
    ( Phones Hanged ! )

    Hmmm...Nice. My cousin is buying a car. A Caaaaar. Great. With my joy and happiness filling my couch. Got up and started walking to & fro thinking about Ritz. Went that weekend to Maruti Suzuki, Deccan @ Pune. Took a Test drive immediately with my cousin, his brother, my mausa and the showroom girl. We all sat inside the car and I took it to the Singhad Ghats.
    Very good turbo after 2k RPM. Good pull power with 5 ppl inside. Touched 100+ in seconds after 4th gear engaged. Liked it. As my cousin was still amatuer in riding, I certified my cousin that the car is worth the money for power & mileage. Everyone was satisfied. Reached showroom. Immediately made the down payment and booked it. And all of us reached home.
    On all the way during this procedure, there was something going in my mind. My dad, 6 yrs back, called me and said, "Son, now its a time to buy a car". I still remember the day, when I jumped in joy and hit my head on the door head. ( 6.1 ft makes it happen ! ) But due to circumstances like my dad's strictness, as I was entering my B.Tech in PSG, Coimbatore, My dad was afraid that I would get spoilt ( Hahha.. any ways I was gonna be !!! ). So he tried all his crafty ways to push the time of buying a car. Whenever I ask my dad about the Car deal, he used to say - " Son, now you are in First year. If you buy car, your seniors will ride it. Not you ". Me - " Ok dad :-( " And also the next three years passed away with some excuses from my father, asking me to get placed in a good MNC before buying a car. As college Hostel life is always a wonderful experience, I never felt the push to buy a car. Even I forgot the car deal. Got placed in a good MNC. Got shifted to Hinjewadi, Pune. With all my hope and expectations from my new City, I came to Pune.

    Dont trust the weather and girls in Pune. My cousin's gyaan. Shit man !!! Does it rain like this in Pune. Ok. Have to get used to it. Every single day from May-2010 I used to get rain darshan before I enter office. But I was not alone in Pune.
    Even though the Job in pune was a new story, My mind was always happy to know my cousin brothers are in Pune. My cousin was very generous enough to give his Pulsar 200 for my office ride. Now the story started. I called my dad, and fought back my rights about my car deal. He said - " Son, I need to get transferred to another city, so wait till then ". I waited waited waited for long. Was not able to use my Cousin's pulsar all time, eventhough he was generous. I decided to buy a bike. Only a second hand bike, if not my father will aks me to own the New bike for another 4 years.
    So my cousin got some deal with his friends. Fixed up time to meet the bike friend. Honda Hunk - 42,000. One and half year old. Sexy black. Brought smile on my face. Accepted the offer.
    And was riding my Hunk like a Hunk ( Ok..! ) for past two year, from May'2010 to May 2012.

    Now the above story explains my Hunk story and my never gotten Car deal from my dad. My heart was asking for a car now. 2 yrs worked in MNC. Experienced our Ritz rolling good to and fro and our weekend trips to Lonavla,Lavasa, Mahabaleshwar and Akola once. Clocked 4k in 1month+. Liked it. So now I also wante to own a car. Now my dad said - " Ok son, We will buy a car. But you have to buy in Pune as you only will be using ". Double excited. Came to Pune from Coimbatore after my Vacation holidays.

    Now came to Pune. Spoke to my cousins about the car deal. They were excited. A new car gonna add with the New Ritz. Now the real deal begins. What Car ????????? Before saying my story about my car experience, I shall say about my attitude towards cars. I am a great car lover( As any one else here !). It started right from my age of Video games to play station to computer games to Lan games ( NFS MW, carbon , pro street. ). My college mates still agree that , there is not good Canyon drifter (in NFS Carbon ofcourse! ) than myself in my college.But these game level knowledge is not gonna add anything great. So coming back to my story.

    My Attitude towards Cars :

    1. Should look sporty with Good streamlined aerodynamical body
    2. Should look good when I step out of my car
    3. Should be updated with my age of early 20s
    4. And what else, yea should make me beg to drive more and more.

    So with the above attitude, I started searching a car which will suit my requirement and also my budget. My cousin and I sat down one day and wrote down the technicals of the required car.

    My car should have :

    1. All necessary premium feel inside like power windows, steering, ICE and others.
    2. ABS ( I always insisted this for Safety )
    3. Diesel ( My usage is 3k for month and some crazy trips like Pune - Bangalore - Coimbatore - Bangalore - Goa - Pune )
    4. Powerful ( SHould have good turbo kick in )
    5. A driver's car in short and also good for long drives.
    6. Not a sedan due to budget constraint.

    With the above requirements, My cousins and I circled down several cars available in the market in the Aug-2012 period. Below are the ones.

    1. Hyundai I20
    2. New Swift
    3. Volkswagen Polo
    4. Ford Figo
    5. Jazz ( Not fulfilling Diesel criteria, but still was inside )
    6. Skoda Fabia
    7. Fiat Punto

    TD Feel :-

    Hyundai I20 - Till date haven't Test drove CRDI engine from Hyundai. When I was about to book a test drive for Hyundai I20 CRDI 6 speed, saw Overdrive ultimate Hatch back challenge in youtube. Felt bad for the less pull power. ( My own view ! ) And also did not like the look of I20. So dropped the plan of even TD of I20's CRDI engine.

    New Swift - Here again, my attitude was playing a trick. I thought, If I buy a swift, in another 5 years down the line, it will be like the monotonous look of Indian roads filled with Swift like it was back in days with Ambassadors ( U know wat I mean )

    Volkswagen Polo - Very nice car in terms of features inside and the premium look. Good pull power ( Really ! ) ABS was doing its right business. But, while transmissions, when the clutch was released, I can hear a old man in his 80's clearing his throat under the bonnet of Polo. The lack of 1 cylinder made such a difference. And also the TDI engine, which is not great as the new generation Diesel engines. Even the space was lil cramped. I am tall. I dont wanna bend over my back or something to enter or get out. ( Again my own view :)) ) Dropped the idea.

    Ford Figo - The only reason cuz my sister works with Ford Corp. made me to think about the car. Sat inside the car. Did not like the dash board. And also did not like the cramped space inside. ( I think I am huge for all good hatch back cars ! ). The guy offered me a TD.
    Did not wish to take a TD. Dropped the idea.

    Honda Jazz - Great car. With all features for plain vanilla model even. But with variant advancement only the cosmetic changes were visible. Good VFM car for those in city driving.
    Not a Highway car. So striked out.

    Skoda Fabia - Hmmm..Okie.. ! But costly..noisy... !

    Phew...All cars test dorve. ANd let me tell you my friends. I was taken aback by all cars which I test dorve. I even felt bad. Those days, my cousins were consoling me. I was like, I want a car of my choice with the budget available. A budget not exceeding 7 lakh. Till that day I was not a great fan of Fiat Punto ( Despicable me ! )

    I have seen Punto on adds, but due to lesser running of Punto on roads and less exposure to Punto, made me feel that even punto will let me down. Then I thought I have to buy some conventional choice car. Was very sad. literally weeped inside my heart that I was not able to get a nice car.

    With all my disappointments from the above cars, finally thought of giving a time with Punto. Booked a test drive of Punto from Pandit AUto, Pune.
    Hours after my call to Pandit, Mr. X from Pandit, rolled his white 1.3 Emotion Punto infront of my office at Hinjewadi.

    Punto Saga Began in Hinjewadi :

    Came hurriedly outside my office to meet Mr.X with his punto on the road. Saw the car standing blocks away. Was just praying that this car should not let me down. But my heart was on the negative side. Met Mr.X, shook hands and took the keys from his hand. Sat inside the car. Ohh..nice.. Good feel of entering the car. Not much bending required. Now the story begins.
    Shut my door and shook my heart. What the .... ! Was Punto's doors meant to shut this way ??? AMazed. Gave me an armoured feeling. Closed with a 'thud' with premium feel of car blocking the air inside.
    Hmmm..Nice. Good feel of the car.First Smile on my face. Positioned myself with the seating. For my surprise, Punto had height adjustment.Wow...Loved it. Reason for the second smile.
    I positioned myself in the cock pit, with the height adjusted to zero ( low ) and seat pulled back. And also the steering was adjusted down from its initial position. Ohh...yea..
    A big smile on my face now. I can drive my car this way, making a driving posture like a real F-1 cockpit, rather than sitting in cars whose seats are like 90 degree chairs with the wheel in front to steer. Now where does the car key goes ??? Did not ask me to bend over to look for it. It was positioned straight to look at me. Nice thought. And also the dash board, ICE and the other things were like little slanted towards me ( Mr. X explained it why ) Again nice thought to the car ergonomics. Fastened my seat belt.

    As most Hinjewadians in Pune know the road after Wakad bridge ( the way it is in the peak hours ) But luckily I took a TD in the lunch time when most IT guys were filling their bellies.
    Hit the clutch to the First gear and released. Ok.. I got it. Its a long way down and back. Did not know why, but it did not matter me. The wheels were rolling. Engaged the 2nd gear and was waiting to get my smile from the turbo kick. I was like, a guy, smiled first and was taken down cuz, 2nd gear also did not give me the feel of a turbo after 1750-2000 RPM.
    I thought, "ok dude..your car story is over. You will not like it ". But to respect Mr.X for coming 25kms from Tilak road to Hinjewadi, I thought let me drive and see.

    " An important message to all Punto test drivers. Never underestimate Punto or Fiat with a short TD. Thank God ! I was made to drive to know what it really means to own a Punto "

    3rd gear - Here I go. Great turbo which pushed me back in my seats to fly ahead. 4th gear again great pull. Now i slowed to ask Mr.X about the turbo in 3 and Forward.
    Mr. X goes this way - " Sir, Punto's gear ratios are tuned perfectly for both city drive and Highway ride. First two for city and others for highway "
    A big thumps up for Punto. I am a sedate driver in CIty ( Really ! ) and in Highways when I see the road open ahead of me, it is like I unleash the rhines of the horses.
    I literally got trained as a Jockey for 2 months to ride horses. ( Okie that's fun part. Let that not come into ).
    Now where was I.. ?? Ohh yea.. The 3 rd gear. I felt really good to drive the car after the 3rd gear. It was fun. And also the Steering and Hnadling of Car - Big thumps up !!!
    But my TD car was pulling me to the left. Due to wheel alignment. Ok not an issue. I drove all way from Phase - 1 to Wakad, took a right to Bangalore Highway, went till Pashan and took U - turn back to office. I felt nice. Hmmm..Good !

    Stepped out of the car after giving after TD reports and getting brochure.And I started walking to my office. While I was walking all way down the road to my block, I was thinking, " I am very ignorant. I have to experience something before I talk about it. " - yea. That's true. I was not a great fan of Punto Before. But now. Hmm..Yea..

    I boast myself lifting my collars saying " We made the Ferrrai and the Rail Diesel Technology. I Loved the car. It has heart.

    Punto - Booked !!!

    Called Mr. X next day. Asked him the offer and got a quote. And I asked for other things out of the quote. The discount breakup was as follows.

    1. Insurance 14,000
    2. Corporate Disc 7,000
    3. Body Coating
    4. Engine Waxing
    5. Neck Rest
    6. Mobile Charger
    7. Perfume

    So all in all - Punto 1.3 Exotica Red - Dynamic Variant = Rs 686,675.
    Was fine with the deal. So told Mr. X, that I will be available that weekend to book the car. The date was around 2nd week of August. Applied a car loan online through HDFC Bank.
    Within 2 days the loan got approved and within another week, the loan amount got disbursed. Gave a cheque for down payment to the dealer on 25-Aug. The dealer promised the delivery of the car on 8-Sep-2012.

    Now the wait starts from 1st week of Sep. On 3-Sep, I received a message from Mr.X giving me the Chassis[VIN] and the engine number. Was very excited to see that. Opened the PDI document from TFI and decoded my Pin. It ended with HLZ-----> H - August, LZ >>>>2012. So was happy to know my car was a month old. I called Mr.X about the availability of the car.
    Most Fiatian's in Pune know that, cars come from the Factory @ Ranjangoan some 80kms away from Pune. So Mr.X said, the car will come soon to the stockyard to Marunji village, behind Hinjewadi.

    4-Sep-2012 : Got a call from Mr.X saying the car arrived at the Stockyard. Cant explain my joy at that time. Yes ofcourse! My first car in my family, and that too was bought after a long wait. Filled with happiness decided to take a look. 5-Sep-2012 : Was waiting impatiently to see the car. But my work demanded time. Had to compromise on my lunch. But infront of the happiness to see my car, it was nothing. Took my Hunk , equipped my head with Cross helmet, started my bike @ 1:00 PM in the afternoon direct to Marunji Village. It was right behind Atos Origin office in Hinjewadi, but the route was quite roundabout. It was raining. The weather was heavenly. Somehow reached the stockyard.

    Pandit Auto - Stockyard @ Marunji :

    Saw lot of Tata vehicles standing. Was eager to spot my Punto. Met a guy whom Mr.X introduced telephonically. Shook hands with him, and in no time , he got the Punto keys from the security sitting just right from the gate. He gave me the keys. Nice to see the foldable desmondronic (!) no...desmondromic (!) no...okay. Whatever. Nice to see the keys (!). Came across rows of cars of Tata and Fiat standing line by line. But remember, mine is a Exotica Red Punto. It could be easily visible even from long. But she was hiding to reveal her beauty like a dressed bride shying away from her bridegroom ( Filmy !). I did spot two Red Puntos far away from me. My blood started to rush through my veins. Its my first car. After years wait.
    Gonna meet someone, whose been hiding for long from my life. The event is near, yet cant see her. Now I came near two Red puntos. How to spot it. The one who winks her eyes to my click is my bride. Clicked my unlock button. There she goes, winking her eyes with the beauty, that I have been waiting for years.

    The first looks of my Bride :
    Image0315.jpg Image0313.jpg

    Image0311.jpg Image0312.jpg Image0314.jpg

    PDI of Punto :

    Came near my Punto. Opened and sat inside the car. This feel every first car owner can never forget in his/her life. It's my car. Its MMMYYY Car. Yea dude. Its My car. I had this think in my mind rolling again back and forth. Was happy and fixed a time for PDI on 7-Sep-2012 morning 9:00 AM. It was like a burden for me to wait 2 more days to visit my car again. Called my cousin on 6-Sep-2012 and told him to reach Hinjewadi @ 8:30 on 7-Sep so that we two could go and do the PDI before my office time.

    7-Sep-2012 : The day came. Woke up @ 5:00 AM ( Sleepy Eyes! ) DOnt know how I woke up very soon. But there was a hidden reason under my heart. Got up and was walking here and there, and burned some Compact disc for songs to check in the ICE. Time was 7:00 AM. Called my cousin, and found that he did not wake up. So I got ready and woke my cousin also and around 9:00 AM we reached the stockyard. My cousin did not see my car. So I thought He will be taken in joy to see my bride in Red attire. The same way, gave him the keys to spot my bride. He was excited to the roof of the heaven. Took the keys and sat inside, me at the passenger seat and my cousin in the cockpit. Armed with our PDI checklist, we started one by one. Eveything went good.
    Only one thing what I noticed was, the right back door glass was taking time to move up and down. I did not make an issue with that, cuz there can be lot ahead on my way. But did my complete PDI and I finally asked the guy to give a test drive. Negative ! But he replied with satisfactory words saying, the car was inspected by him , a day back and they found nothing wrong from their part. Felt ok , but still thought, I would take the car for a ride on the delivery day. And the PDI went good with no big hassels ( Dont know if any hiding! ).
    Here are the few snaps during my PDI. She was little dirty.

    Bride at the Altar : 8-Sep-2012

    The blessed day has arrived. Woke up in the morning and made me to put a big smile on my face. Today am going to get my car delivered. Finished all my morning works and got ready.
    I was staying at my Mausi's house with my cousin that day. Woke up my cousins also out of joy. They went back to sleep saying that we had to go in the evening only for delivery.
    Morning or evening, I was happy anyway to get the car in my hand.

    10:13 AM : Mr.X gave me a call, and gave me a news, a good news. He asked me to go to the stockyard and drive all the way( 30 kms ) to the showroom to make the car ready for delivery.
    With excitement, I was very happy. On the other hand, I asked the reason. He said, the number plate did not come due to my pending Police intimation document. So if Fiat is caught driving then they had to pay Rs 1.Lakh. Hmmm..Okie. Not a problem. I can have a nice drive and know the car before delivery. Cousin and I both reached Pandit in no time. Asked for a drop til the stock yard. My test drive Punto came greeting me for the day. Reached the stockyard in another hour.

    1:00 PM : Reached the stockyard. There goes my Punto. Washed clean and kept ready for me to take it to showroom. Actually I got lot of accessories to be done in my car.

    The dealer offer were as follows.

    1. Body coating
    2. Engine waxing
    3. Floor mates
    4. Mud Flaps
    5. Nexk Rest ( Very good ! )
    6. Mobile Charger
    7. Perfume.

    So finally sat in my car with my cousin in the passenger seat beside me. Both of us gave thanksgiving prayer to the Lord,Almighty and we started the engine to drive. As I said before 30 kms is the distance. Had fun riding in a sedate manner. <2000 RPM and speed <65. Liked to drive. Filled my tank in the nearest Diesel pump and went all way to reach the showroom
    Gave the car to Mr.X and asked him to make it ready at 6:00 pm.

    6:00 PM : With all my friends & family I reached the showroom , and there my Beauty stands smiling at me , wanting to drive her.Below are the pics am sharing with you.

    216836_4666668628971_1798340344_n.jpg 253171_4666667228936_1757727002_n.jpg 295264_4666668148959_1591716280_n.jpg 304344_4666665868902_934683648_n.jpg 418809_4666665548894_1247878618_a.jpg 558416_4666666428916_920166024_n.jpg 560458_4666669829001_1100096233_n.jpg 581374_4666667388940_1201573572_n.jpg

    My Cousin's click -


    Done 400Kms. Simply SUperb. Will come soon with Detailed ownership review.
    Happy Miles :)
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  2. BoseSuman

    BoseSuman Superiore

    Midnapur (W.B) & Hyderabad (A.P) India.
    Linea 1.3
    Congrats Heartlin Sunderji, You are riding mini-ferrari now. Drive safe. Try to get alloy if possible. It will open your Punto looks more. :)
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  3. Welcome to punto family.... Have a great puntoing.......
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  4. vijays777

    vijays777 Regolare

    Linea T-Jet
    Nice write up , way you write was like persons talking :) good one , Also your Punto red rocks .. awsome color , have fun driving ..
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  5. shams

    shams Esperto

    Wow.. that was a detailed write up.. :) congrats on your red punto!! wish you many happy miles with it..
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  6. thank you BoseSuman, Thamburu, vijays777, shams. Knowingly or unknowingly you guys have helped me with your reviews to circle on Punto.

    Keeping Puntoing
    Happy Miles!!!
  7. vivekrj.dieselhead

    vivekrj.dieselhead Regolare

    Nice write up buddy, congrats for your lovely ride. I liked the way you explained everything. Welcome to the family buddy.
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  8. Ganges

    Ganges Esperto

    Driver Seat _/
    Grande Punto 1.3
    Your punto... is Athi sunder ;)
    Nice write up,you took us all the way into your narration(like Telugu mvie director :- Krishna Vamshi )

    Happy miles with more smiles.
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  9. thomman85

    thomman85 Esperto

    Congrats.... nice choice of colour.. and awesome intro...
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  10. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Read the complete story and enjoyed. Congratulations and hope to see you in TFI meets.
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