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fiat not helping with extended warranty

Discussion in 'Punto 1.3 MJD' started by moazzamhyder, May 29, 2013.

  1. moazzamhyder


    i have a grande punto 1.3mjd it is now at mascot motors at aligarh it is in extended warranty the dealer is not able to help as there is no reply after more than a week of complaints and no approval of extended warranty your customer care and helpline are not able to get thru to people who can help wonder with . 3 percent market share how busy they are.now the rep at pune office says that the extended warranty claim is done by third party what to do and how to get this thing done is a mystery no one seems to help this is the horrible service i had heard and now am facing that, the dealer is interested in doing it on a cash basis they don't want to help .i have called so many times for approval on extended warranty but so far i am just banging my head against a wall .
    It is disgusting to see all this kindly get the approval on extended warranty claim and give my punto back
  2. Please send an email to Mangesh of Fiat.
  3. rsinfo

    rsinfo Regolare

    New Delhi
    What's the problem that you are facing with your car ? Are you sure its covered under so called Extended Warranty ?

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    What's the problem that you are facing with your car ? Are you sure its covered under so called Extended Warranty ?
  4. moazzamhyder


    they are all covered under extended warranty no acceleration engine making noise and i have seen the list of parts covered
    [h=1]Coolant: - Radiator, water pump, PARTS Covered:-

    Engine:- All Parts including cylinder block & allbearings, cylinder head, head gasket, oil pump & drive, crankshaft,flywheel & ring gear, timing gear, camshaft, cam follower, valves (excluding burnt & pitted valve), valve gear, pistons, connecting rod,gudgeon pin, inlet & exhaust manifolds, turbo, intercooler units wherefactory fitted.

    Clutch: - Clutch pressureplate, Clutch disc, release bearing, master and slave cylinder. (Failure due toworn or burnt clutches is not covered).

    Transmission: - Internal gears, shafts, synchromesh rings and Hub,bushes, selector forksreservoir, thermostat, engine oil cooler (failure due toexternal damage or corrosion is not covered).

    Steering system: - Rack & Pinion, Steering box, column, shaftbearings, couplings, power steering pump, pressure pipes, and reservoir.

    Front Wheel Drive: - Drive shaft & coupling, constant velocityjoints, hub, drive flange.

    Fuel system:- Fuel pump,injectors, Throttle body with all sensors & actuators, Fuel tank and cap,Fuel rail, Fuel vapor purge valve, canisters, fuel pipes, vapour release valve,IAC valve, pressure regulator.

    Brake system: - Servo, master cylinder, wheel cylinder, dieselvacuum pump, caliper, discs (excluding brake pad/liners), drums, handbrakelever & ratchet, ABS Pump, ABS control unit, ABS sensors.

    Suspension: - Shock absorbers (restricted to leakage)bush/mechanical failures, control arms, upper and lower wishbones, springs.Strut mounting bearings.

    Casings: - Should failure of any of the components coveredresult in damage to the casing, then they will also be covered and willconstitute part of the maximum claim liability.

    As for such parts as tyre, batteries, musicsystem not manufactured by FIAT this warranty shall not apply.
    This warranty shall not cover normal wear& tear or any inherent normal deterioration of the car or any of its partarising from the actual usage of the car or any damage due to negligent orimproper operation or storage of the car. This warranty shall not apply tonormal maintenance services viz. oils & fluid changes, head lamps focusing,fastener tightening, wheel balancing, tyre rotation, adjustment of valveclearance, fuel timing, ignition timing and consumables like bulbs, fuelfilters & oil filters etc.

    Emission Warranty

    26 months extended warranty or 80000 kmswhichever is earlier.

    Parts covered:-

    Petrol Engine:-

    Exhaust System: - EGR Valve, EGR actuation system.

    Ignition System: - Ignition Coil, Ignition switch.

    Engine Maintenance system:- Water tempsensors, crank angle sensors, vehicle speed sensor, ECU, absolute pressuresensor, Lambada sensors, Knock sensor, cam phase sensor, body computers.

    Diesel Engines:-

    Exhaust systems: - EGR Valve, EGRactuation system.

    Intake system: - Air Intake, Air temp sensors.

    Fuel system: - Assembly fuel injection pump, Assembly injector.

    Cold start system: - Glow plug, Glow plug timer.

    Engine Maintenance system: - Crank angle sensor, vehicle speed sensor, water tempsensor, all sensors & actuators, body computers, ECU.
    Some parts pertaining to emission warranty areincorporated in the mechanical breakdown cover.

    Electrical System ( all models):- Starter motor andsolenoid, alternator, coil, wiper and washer motor, window motors, fan motors,switches and instruments cluster, relay, horn, a/c switches, cluster.

    Air conditioning (all models):- Compressor, condenser, evaporator and clutch magnet,blower motors, A/C thermostat.

    ABS & Air Bag System:- ABS Pump, Air Bag ECU, ABS sensors.[/h]

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    no approval received after 20 days and no phone calls either
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