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Fiat Marketing - Campaigns, Advertisements, Sales Promotions

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by NAREN64, Jun 15, 2010.

  1. FIAT has made a gem of an engine out there :clap,which is being used extensively world wide.This is our national diesel engine which other manufactures brag about,what FIAT should do is make public aware that the technology(read multijet) has been invented by them and is with them even before people didnt even know about diesel cars in INDIA.Technologically manufatured cars is their forte,they come loaded with features,which other manufacturers cant even dream about providing.
    according to me instead of giving ad-s in newspaper about how many people are using their engine worldwide,they should take any competetor out there in the market and do a head on comparo.FIAT cannot survive in a country like INDIA for long by selling cars only to fiat fans.
    They are worthy of being the top car manufacturer in INDIA,and give other manufacturers a run for their money.
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  2. Loki


    Haha. No arguing here. Most of the car buying public consider cars as appliances - maximum mileage, zero maintainence. Few people give a damn about ride quality, handling, or even exterior design. Enthusiasts are really low in number - which reflects in the car sales numbers :(

    I think Fiat should NOT be a "Me Too" brand and directly aim for the "Kitna deti hai" cravings of the average Indian customer.
  3. Maruthi's Perfume will be based on 'Kitna deti hai'. Place the perfume in your car and you need not refill it for 2 years. More than 10 perfume flavors will be available but the truth would be the same perfume used in 10 different bottles. And the formula would be sourced from Fiat, fine tuned by maruthi making it pungent.

    And Hyundai's Perfume will have Fluidic Design on the bottle, Will fall down from the dashboard at high speed and will have Lid rattling issue, for which Huyndai will set up RnD to find a solution to stop the rattle for more than a decade.

    Ofcourse these two perfumes will be the top sellers.
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  4. SoumenPaul

    SoumenPaul Regolare

    I remember I once bought 'Maruti Brand Besan' from a shop. Don't know whether it was a brand promotion from them :) to reach common people.
    Somewhere I read Hyundai has coffee shops attached to showrooms like Fiat in Korea called Huyndai Espresso.
  5. :shocked'maruti besan'??what a way of promoting...

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    If MARUTI has its way then they should open a 24x7 hospital beside its showroom,and 50 % discount to people who survive.....:evilsmile Still Marutian's will go gaga over it thinking what an innovative idea,only Maruti thinks about us Indians....:helmet(sorry for the joke,forgive me if I have gone too far...:rolleyes:)
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  6. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    I dont understand Y the people are blind towards maruti where it has a borrowed engone and sells tin sheet cars,
    I remember when i had my Punto, My uncle who took dejire few months before me, said if you have asked me for a suggestion on the car, i would have not recommended this punto, swift is way ahead, I asked can you explain>; He said punto has swift engine and its more heavy and good looking.
    I answered.: Uncle you have been FOOLED swift dejire is running on FIAT engine, and Punto heavier than your dejire and regarding the looks, Yourself have turned your head towards my PUNTO couple of times.... he was SHOCKED.... and then said yeah PUNTO has a strong and sturdy look.

    FIAT - INDIA should get down with all the facts to beat the competitors...
    Y are FIAT still ashamed to write in their commercials that the Engine is adapted by the following cars (mention thhe names) now its your turn to Own the CAR..
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  7. Loki


    Hmm. Interesting thought but I think Fiat might have some clause with Maruti & Tata which prevents them from actively advertising the fact that these cars (Swift, Dzire, Indica etc) are using Fiat's own engine. Remember, a huge chunk of Fiat India's profits comes from engine sales/ royalty from Maruti and Tata.

    But Fiat should definitely do something to change misconceived perceptions. I also think that Fiat should have a couple of diesel engines in their portfolio which are not shared with anyone (1.6 MJD ?) which should establish their superiority.
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  8. sungoa2010


    I think in agreement it might have included that Fiat should not use this fact for comercial purpose.
  9. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    Some of them are not aware about this fact in the first place.. So there is no blinding. they are plain ignorant.

    this is the EXACT reason why FIAT is failing to make an impression.

    Sometimes its very funny to see
    facts... (all comparisons w.r.t bangalore city)
    Swift ZDI (Metallic paint) = 688565.51 Rs (Ex-showroom)
    Punto '12 Emotion = 695,101 (Ex-showroom)

    Difference of around 6000 rs and For us It's expensive.?

    Every FIAT dealership across india has a comparison of parts cost Maruti VS Fiat, When i checked the parts rate most of it were either cheaper than or equal to Maruthi
    Service intervals is every year for FIAT I"m sure its not that long for Maruthi , Which would mean that they end up paying more for service than us.. Where and how can this be cheaper?

    3.) Quality and complaints..
    Every intelligent man on the road tells me FIAT parts are SHIT and it's a paint to own one..
    In my 2 yrs I've hardly visited the showroom for actual problems that needed replacement of parts.. (Its always been that I'm a bit paranoid about my car that I simply take my car out for a check up).

    4.) Complaints.
    Has anyone every heard of problems of brake not working, rattlings, light steering, body control and quality from FIAT.
    Almost everyone and even the so called "Passionate Maruthi owner" complains about such issues.
    Worst part is that they have regressed in the new models as well and these folks have the BA**S to go out and tell the public that FIAT is terrible?? This is just atrocious ...

    Will these comments ever make a change?

    As i see it FIAT is not interested in making a statement they are just happy with selling engines and making profits.. Its for us Enthusiasts to actually take up marketing for FIAT ;-)

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    If not anything..
    Even the FIAT website loads faster than Maruthi's ;-)
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  10. Ashpalio

    Ashpalio Amatore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Hey theblack,

    Hope all good with your your ride and of course you. Something to add to your points

    FIAT to my understanding has stronger and deeper emotional link right from the times of Independence, the Prev Gen had travelled/owned either a Fiat or Amby, predominantly a Fiat. Like many of the members say - Fiat in our Blood!

    1. Yes, they should continue to hammer on with the bold ads like the latest one, however if applicable agreements stop declaring that its a FIAT engine, then need to get Cheeky ads to raise awareness.
    2. Although I agree on reduce the cost idea, it might lead in diluting the quality too as the Global economies isn't helping .
    3. Fiat Palio with MJD only needs to be released again with the Original design into the 2 tier cities onwards yet be Stage IV compliant. There is a HUGE demand for Palio in INDIA. A small taste of this was seen in the Palio Dhamaka sale! Now no TATA to restrict the release it would get great numbers PLUS it will add support to the existing Palio owners which in turn will ensure Company Loyalty.
    4. I too agree on this. Spares should be flooded into the market, however only good quality spares should be provided. This will erase the BIGGEST Grouse from the public's mind. And Make HUGE Marketing Campaign on this.

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