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Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by NAREN64, Jun 15, 2010.

  1. Sumit

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  2. jishnu

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    Padlleshifter & Srikar can benefit from this! :D
  3. J Ravi

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    Linea in HPCL ad

    Linea figures in full-page HPCL ad in AutoBild September 1, 2011 issue although without the front logo.
  4. Fiat launches special affinity programs for Doctors

    This program also includes attractive exchange package where in the old car value would be set off against the purchase of new cars.

    Fiat India Automobiles Ltd launches special affinity programs for health care professionals. The program will commence from august to september when professional can claim the permissible depreciation.

    Under this program healthcare professionals can enjoy an total benefit of Rs. 12,000/- on the Linea & Rs. 9,000/- on the Punto and can also participate in the ongoing promotions. This program also includes attractive exchange package where in the old car value would be set off against the purchase of new cars.

    In addition to this Fiat has introduced home test drive services for doctors in its ‘affinity program’ to felicitate easy buying without hampering their busy schedule.
    Healthcare professionals like doctors require 24X7 connectivity with their patients and hence Fiat’s blue & me feature enables them to consult patients while on the move.

    Speaking about the initiative, Ravi Bhatia, VP-Business Development, FIAT India said, “Fiat has been present in India since a decade and is committed to Indian consumers. Fiat has identified doctors require comfort and reliable customer service round the clock. Hence with this initiative we aim to appreciate their services to the community and make their lives easier.”

    The Fiat Linea diesel offers great styling, elegance, economy befitting the doctor’s profile and takes care of their extensive daily running with added advantage of the Fiat’s multijet diesel technology.

    Courtesy : http://www.indiainfoline.com/Market...cial-affinity-programs-for-Doctors/5221337814
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  5. Ichimaru

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    Gurgaon, India
  6. jishnu
    we both alread have FIATS.
    it might be helpful to some one in my college.

    now a days getting scared to suggest FIAT to anyone. with so many complaints coming up, thye might blame me for what ever happens to their car!!!
  7. fiatlover

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    I dont know if anyone has noticed this.
    In a regional malayalam channel(Asianet) FIAT is one of the sponsors of a TV serial(10.00 PM on week days). I have heard FIAT being announced as one of the sponsors of the program several times. Interestingly, I have never seen a single FIAT during the breaks! Not a single second of FIAT ads during a program sponsored by FIAT.
    Is FIAT aware/watching? Are they paid only for saying "this program is sponsored by New FIAT Punto" ?
  8. speedJet

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    Clarification needed on the no cancellation clause of 'Fiat Car Upgrade Offer'

    One of the clauses in the Fiat Car Upgrade Offer is the following:

    'No cancellation is allowed after entering the contest'

    Does this mean that once this contest has been entered, a booked car cannot be cancelled even if PDI by the buyer fails (assuming that the dealer is not ready to provide another car)
  9. Ravi

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    Grande Punto 1.3
    Needs to clarify, but nobody can force you to take some car which has some issues.
  10. teky

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    Don't know how far it's true, but whilst booking a car last month SA said there is no cancellation charges, so you should be able to cancel until the car us registered.

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