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Fiat Marketing - Campaigns, Advertisements, Sales Promotions

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by NAREN64, Jun 15, 2010.

  1. drmanraj


    Re: Fiat Marketing - Campaigns, Advertisements, Sales Promot

    Slightly OT: recently saw tata motors trying every possible way to stop the ever decreasing sale of tata nano ( read 509 cars sold in novemver 2010)

    In the same way i fail to understand that why cant fiat market there products well when sales of linea and punto have hit all time low.
    After flurry of t jet advertsement during launch period i see no more advertisements in daily newspapers. On the other hand tata motors trying everything to win bck nano number
    eg == 1. by seein hell lot of ads.
    2.maintenance package for nano
    3. and that so called safety kit in view of recent [attachment=0:3roy3nkh]Tata%20Motors%20offers.jpg[/attachment:3roy3nkh]burning of few tata nanos(not recall as per tatamotors)
  2. redtux


    Re: Fiat Marketing - Campaigns, Advertisements, Sales Promot

    I am disappointed with T-jet ads on TV. It starts nice but conveys noting about T-jet. 90% people will not know what 114PS means. Ya, the advt is classy and subtle. But in india subtle advertisements are only for liquor & tobacco products.
  3. Arun1100

    Arun1100 Regolare

    Re: Fiat Marketing - Campaigns, Advertisements, Sales Promot

    So that our Janta don't interpret FIAT as Faridabad India Automobile Trust. :mrgreen: :lol:
  4. aks_karthik

    aks_karthik Novizio

    Re: Fiat Marketing - Campaigns, Advertisements, Sales Promot

    I referenced my friend for Fiat Referral Program and got a SMS instantly once i sent SMS with his details and after two days later and my friend got a call from Tata/Fait call center i got the Unique ID and got a call from the call centre also.
    Awating delivery before Dec 31 2010 and need to send my car invoice and new car invoice to them before Jan 15 2011 to get the GPS device.
  5. Re: Fiat Marketing - Campaigns, Advertisements, Sales Promot

    I referred my brother in law and he got a punto diesel active tuscan wine during the last week of dec. It was sep-10 manufactured. I got uniq Id and stuff after some tiring follow ups with Cust care ( they tried to make me believe the offer is not valid in non metros, my BIL is in thrissur Kerala) and I have sent the documents to Mumbai yesterday.
    Any one here who has completed this step and got any further update. Eagerly waiting for the reward Gps. Hopefully it should be useful for me ;))
  6. Viny

    Viny Esperto

    Re: Fiat Marketing - Campaigns, Advertisements, Sales Promot

    Probably you would be in the first and only one to get that GPS devices. I went through the details and moved out, who want to take so much of pain for getting free stuff, given that it takes ages for us to get paid stuffs (parts), that to after involving every other person from FIAT management in a sequence of mails.
  7. MihirC

    MihirC Amatore

    Re: Fiat Marketing - Campaigns, Advertisements, Sales Promot

    Hey mate,

    Im from Mumbai but I sadly dont know where the invoices are to be couriered, can you help me out with the mailing address. thanks.
  8. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Re: Fiat Marketing - Campaigns, Advertisements, Sales Promot

    Mihir, check this - viewtopic.php?f=16&t=415&start=160#p19098

    Address Mentioned there -
    Since you are from mumbai, may be you can directly visit.
  9. nitinkumardba

    nitinkumardba Superiore

    Re: Fiat Marketing - Campaigns, Advertisements, Sales Promot

    I got to know that marketing is still under control by FIAT. New Ads are being processed. Lets wait for some more time...
  10. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Re: Fiat Marketing - Campaigns, Advertisements, Sales Promot

    Fiat to roll-out new avatar of Palio hatchback in India?

    Tweet Like Click here to post your comments on this article Italian auto maker Fiat is considering to launch an upgraded version of its Palio hatchback in the Indian market. As per industry sources, the new Palio would come with a different name in the country this time around. It would be available in both petrol and diesel versions, sporting a 1.0L petrol and a 1.3L multijet diesel engine, respectively.

    Earlier in April 2010, the Fiat Palio model was phased-out from the 13 major Indian cities where the government had implemented BS-IV emission norms, as the company decided against upgrading the car as per the new norms. However, a BS-III version of Palio is still available for sale in rest of the Indian cities.

    The new avatar of Fiat Palio will be positioned below the company’s premium hatchback Grande Punto, in the price segment of sub Rs 4 lakh. The new Palio will be competing with the likes of Maruti Wagon R and Chevrolet Beat in the country.

    As per a recent statement given to DNA, Fiat India’s vice-president (commercial), Mr. Ravi Bhatia said, “There are lots of speculations in the market as people are excited about our brand. We are currently at the stage of evaluation.”

    Fiat currently uses sales & service network of its joint venture partner Tata Motors in the Indian market, something which remains a hot topic of discussion.

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