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Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by NAREN64, Jun 15, 2010.

  1. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr
    Who cares?

    Even many/most of the 'cognoscenti' on TeamBhp will (a) crib about how sluggish Tata-s and Fiats are (b) exult over say the t-jet or the Ford Fiesta (c) argue that cheap tinny build quality is perfectly acceptable (d) denounce car companies when a 'scandal' like zero ncap happens (e) complain that Honda shortchanges Indians with crap build, material and component quality (f) yet argue that 'good ASS and 'resale' justifies anything......and therefore still buy Honda-s, Hyundai-s and Maruti-s and overpriced Dusters/Ecosports hand-over-fist.

    Let alone the ordinary car buyer.

    What chance the superbly toughly-wellbuilt-for a mere 2+ lakhs Tata Nano, or the Bolt, then? Or Fiat-s or the Ford Fiesta then? The Autocar lady-hack finds the Bolt Revotron turbo-petrol a poor performer....compared to, light yawn, a Hyundai i10 Grand petrol, no marks for build or suspension and chassis componentry or safety or tyre/braking quality EVEN from Autocar, let alone.....

    Carlos Ghosn and Renault-Nissan have apparently understood this pervisity of the Indian auto culture from the very beginning, which is why all their Indian cars have a special-for-third-world quality. Let alone the Datsun-s and this 'Renault'. Just that they forgot that 'flashy', 'kitschy' looks a la Hyundai and Honda are essential too, which i guess this Kwid tries to address, finally, albeit with like the Go considerable subtlety and genuine good design taste (outside more than in.)

    Next in line from Nissan will be a reskinned Sunny that looks as-hot-as-a-Maserati, if rumours and leaks are anything to go by. Good for them: they're willing to put a Renault badge on a car such as the Kwid, and they understand the Indian market culture and cost-value equations perfectly by now it seems, albeit through hard knocks with the Sunny, Micra, Evalia, Pulse etc.

    Ford, though, is not going anywhere are far DOWN as Renault-Nissan are with their emerging-markets-special cars' quality or price (first indian Ecosport, now Aspire and new Figo).

    And Fiat and VW+Skoda have not even begun to consider such stuff, and such a product (development/planning) strategy. Nor will they, though it MAY be to their long-run detriment: that remains to be seen, since only Maruti and Hyundai, not even Toyota, have managed and will continue to to make tons of money on such cars in India, yet.
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  2. acechip

    acechip Superiore

    Superbly toughly well build Nano ?I hope you are kidding. I have owned the car, and while it withstands abuse on Indian roads, due to clever engineering (RWD et al), light weight and high ground clearance, it is nowhere close to being "tough" build. Left open, the doors might as well be flapping in a light breeze.
    So, Nano is not stoutly built, certainly not as much as a Fiat or even Tata's own stable mates. But it can withstand abuse over long term. The brakes, though, are quite wooden and dont inspire confidence above 60 kph. In fact, I must question Tata's overall vision and wisdom, now that they have clearly abandoned that 1-2 lac "cost-prison".

    Coming to the bigger point, all manufacturers will (and should to some extent) have a design for third-world capability. Why not? Our driving conditions demand it. Surely Fiat (and probably VW) have made several changes to suit third-world ride/handling conditions? There would be no raison d'etre for an Avventura otherwise. And while we are about it, if Fiat is so concerned about safety, why does it not offer airbags as standard on all its variants aka Toyota and VW ?

    This is perhaps becoming a "how the Auto big-wigs treat India market and fool consumers" argument. By that logic, NONE of the manufacturers treat India the right way. Simply because we as Indian consumers do not demand the respect. I know that discussion will have several dimensions , but sample this- none of the governments or even consumer forums have ever demanded safer transport rules and regulations. Heck, in Pune, 2-wheeler riders openly defy the helmet rule (particularly ladies), and willingly drive over sidewalks during traffic jams. It is something to do with our DNA.

    But, purely from a consumer-demand perspective, some of these manufacturers are doing the right thing, and generating excitement and stimulating demand for products which Indians "seem to want" for now. So let them be,I say.
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  3. ccprakash

    ccprakash Regolare

    Dont compare Nano with punto/other tata stable. I felt its VFM car in that price range. Compare the alto 800 door with Nano. Its so flimsy, nano doors are heavier than altos.
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  4. Raj_pol

    Raj_pol Superiore

    Punto Evo 1.3
    @prabhjot How long would Fiat or any other larger car maker avoid the requirements of the third world. As @acechip puts it, it is not as if Fiat is selling all their cars to European specifications. Their base versions have no airbags. In reality, Fiat is as lazy as it can get - they are bringing their cars as it is (that is why the build is good), removing a few features (airbags, all discs etc..) and selling them in India. That is not going to work. No one prevents them from changing the design or creating a new design , matching their original build, safety and launching in India. The Tata Bolt for all you say looks like the Indica - when I say different should look radically different. I keep coming back to the 500X - why not a similar looking car with less of the add ons fitted with maybe the MJD and T-Jet and then selling it in India.
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  5. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr

    Am guilty of leading this thread OT, mods, perhaps?! Please move/delete, if so.

    The thing is, Raj, that NO company has succeeded financially in India making cars with such light build and engineering quality, except Maruti and Hyundai. That's what makes Carlos Ghosn and Renault-Nissan's efforts interesting: they've been trying massively, at great expense, and have so far achieved little other than export-basing out of India (not counting the Duster, which had a first-mover USP).

    So: it is NOT at all obvious that copycatting the engineering and build-for-third-world approach is any more viable, given that Hyundai, Maruti and now Honda and soon Toyota know and are (seen to be) able to successfully do it best.

    Seen in that light, IMO Fiat, Ford and Tata have it perfectly right: higher basic engineering and build standards and fundamentals (not counting addons like airbags) to go with good styling and equipment levels at prices that are often actually LOWER than the third-world-targetting Japs and Korean.

    Meanwhile retain your core brand dna/identity, don't mess around like Renault has done putting its name on a Dacia and on this Kwid etc, or like Honda has done with their newest, quality-debased, models.

    The way to manage the task, then, is through exports, as Ford has and will show: that gives the economies of scale and cost-competitiveness that then allows you to offer higher-order build, chassis etc engineering and component quality, while still keeping up with the Korean-style feature-laden and flashy-looking approach, which is the increasingly dominant one.

    There is little to be gained, long run or short, by betraying the (Fiat/Ford) brand's identity/identificaion with things like weight, solidity, durability, high tolerance/redundancy compnents, higher-order chassis+suspensions etc. You cannot hope to survive with a 'can't beat them, join them' approach, imo, in India. Although, Ford did a fair few dilutions for the Indian version of the Ecosport, but nothing egregious like VW did with the Polo and Vento, or Maruti does routinely?

    Instead: exports are the redemptive key to success and sustainability in the Indian market.

    It is great that Fiat has finally been pushing the points about ride, handling, build and safety etc in its advertising and marketing as well, since the Evo launch ads, including the latedt Avventura outdoor media ads ('More than a Cross will ever be'). It'll have little sales effect in the short term, but there's no other way but to peddle what makes you distinctive and vastly better than the jap and the korean competition. They'll have to keep at it for years.....

    PS: wish they'd find a way to come up with a cheaper but in engineering terms still excellent 500X and/or Renegade for markets like India, agreed! Ditch the all-independent suspension, for eg, maybe if even possible move them to the Palio platform (like the european Linea and Punto were for India), etc. And export such an Indian version to other 'lower-end' 'emerging markets'?

    Instead, it seems the 'New Avventura' will follow such an approach, apparently, while the 500X and Renegade are kept up to a 'premium within EuroAmerican mass' market standard. That's OK by me: as long the latter come here eventually, since i'll be waiting!
  6. pra.agar

    pra.agar Regolare

  7. Ichimaru

    Ichimaru Regolare

    Gurgaon, India
    Have recently spotted big hoardings of Avventura across NCR. On one occasion there were 3 hoardings joined together to make cuboid like shape.

    One of them read "More than a cross can ever be"!!
  8. sriramr9

    sriramr9 Amatore

    @Prabjhot, Could your please let us know why FIAPL is not bringing the following features to indian markets? I hope these features will add more brand value as per indian customer mindset.
    1. Key less entry (Button in grab handle).
    2. Automatic orvm recliner
    3. Start/Stop System (Micra has it)
    4. Automatic Gearbox (Did Fiat ever develop their automatic box).
    5. Sun roof (For Linea)
    6. 7 inch screen as standard.
    7. 6 Air bags
    With all above features plus solid build and classic lines may vouch for better sales, of course with a very aggressive marketing strategy.

    From features stand point Could anyone confirm if Rear A/c Vent and Follow Me Headlamps were Segment first's from FIAT spa? Now i see both features being implemented in many upcoming models. back then in 2009 only linea had it and in 2010 vento started having it
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  9. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr

    You have 'Mopar' as your signature image/avatar, great!

    Yes but i guess the problem Fiat in India's constantly grappling with is the big additional cost for adding even a few let alone all of the above.

    Now, the market thinks rubbish like the newest honda city is worth almost 2 lakhs more than a Linea, and that's not even counting discounts, cost of ownership and warranties, since the City sells 7500-10000 a month while the Linea....

    How and why then will such a market suddenly start accepting a Linea priced say a lakh more than it is?

    The fact is that the Linea and the Evo+Avventura are really well-loaded with equipment FOR THE PRICE. In fact, the Evo has so many really good and useful features even the famously gizmo-laden i20 elite lacks, likewise for the Linea too vis-a-vis the Vento, the City, the Ciaz and the Verna.

    It's not things like equipment level or price or even engines etc that are the sore point: it is the brand-trust among the less knowing and risk-averse part of the car buying public, which is to say the vast vast majority, i feel.

    It does come back down to marketing and brand(trust)-building activity, but it'll take years: a whole generation of all-new car models, at least, i guess: 3-5 years at a minimum. They've begun the process with a number of ad campaigns over the last year, and the Avventura...and will have to keep at it through to end 2018 AT LEAST with the new Jeep and Fiat all-new launches before any possible redemption?!

    (Old) Brands, especially high value ones like car-brands, take a long time to rebuild if they're distrusted/ignored/faced with indifference. That is almost a 'natural law' of marketing, anywhere really but especially in risk-averse India.

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  10. sriramr9

    sriramr9 Amatore

    Remember very vividly how in 1997 Hyundai with their most crappy designed Santro entered indian market, they took time, invested on manufacturing locally, opened doors for prospective dealerships and expanded service network. Though the design was very very crappy compared to the UNO which was way superior to Santro, it was magic of the Hyundai s management that worked hard to position the right product at right time and support it too.

    As you rightly said, people differentiate the car s value by giving substantial weight age to international prescense, take for e.g. VW, Toyota and Honda are world famous which Aam junta knows in general knows, where as how many of them know that there are also companies like Peugoet, Citroen, Renault, Fiat who have so many patents under their sleeve.

    Aam junta purchases car for brand image and perceived luxury, not by real and un biased analysis.

    @Prabjot, Could you differentiate specific feature of evo and avventura tht is not present in i20 elite/active? i thought but could not figure out.

    Also is there a way through our dealerships to gain access to Mopar accessories, there are nice accessories for Punto designed by Mopar which will suit the models best and show case true Italian DNA

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