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Fiat Marketing - Campaigns, Advertisements, Sales Promotions

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by NAREN64, Jun 15, 2010.

  1. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr
    Could FCA India do a desi version of the 'blue pill' 500X ad say for the Avventura? Or the 'Fix it again Tony' ad say for the Linea? Or say this brilliantly, subtly sexy one from years ago, featuring George Clooney:

    They need to push their advertising in edgier and more spicy/controversial directions, IMO. That can have a big impact, even in the car market which as a rule does not pay back advertising with added sales, imo.

    Stop trying to appeal to the LCM potential car buyer, and follow VW's example except both more 'desi' and more 'italian', in appealing to smaller, younger, more metropolitan, more 'cosmopolitan' yet 'desi' demographic segments?

    The 'make the move' ad-s were pretty effective: sales picked a lot for a few months. Those ones were similar in their message, in their targetting, though obviously 'senti'/serious. Maybe time for some friskier, riskier, racier advertising, then?

    But still much more desi than the Evo/new Linea/or even the terrific Avventura ads, as @amogh commented at the time of the Avventura launch.
  2. pabhishek

    pabhishek Esperto

    Linea T-Jet
    That was worth a watch, especially the tag line . Lol!
    Thanks for sharing @prabhjot !
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  3. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr
    I notice that FCA has upped its game at offline marketing, facebook/youtube marketing and also radio-centric advertizing (some'chala ke to dekho' radio ad campaign in some cities, apparently).

    BUT: a publicity STUNT or three are called for, no? A lot like this one by FCA's Ram trucks division in the US of A:


  4. vayfiat

    vayfiat Amatore

    Ad on Saturday's(25Apr'15) The Hindu Front page - bottom half. Impressive ad, which should've been there before ages.
    Could've done many other things though:
    • Give a comparison of GC against other similar cars
    • Give reasons supporting excellent handling and ride quality which other cars lack
    • This should be part of a series, showcasing each feature a day - otherwise, USPs like 15000Km Service interval will go unnoticed. Most of the buyers do not take notice of such minute detail.

  5. acechip

    acechip Superiore

    well, the VP Marketing of FCA India needs to show some status report to the new CEO, right ? So this will add another "tick" mark.
    But going by the above advt, it is still that cornershop mithaiwala phenomenon. If you want the best, we are still around.
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  6. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr

    But I like my neigbourhood mithai-wala, have known him and his great stuff (esp the chaats, and the jalebi-s) for decades now, but whether he can survive in the age of haldiram's and the equivalent brands/chainstores.....i don't know, but if he joins that bandwagon i certainly won't be 'patronising' him anymore.;):p
  7. pra.agar

    pra.agar Regolare

    Fiat India just posted this pic in its FB and Twitter page. Fiat 500 Abarth.

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  8. acechip

    acechip Superiore

    Fiat, take a lesson from Renault. Walk the talk. People are fed up of this waiting game.


    First visual impressions are drawing a positive response. To add to that, Mr Ghosn himself took charge of the launch proceedings. I like the commitment some of these top folks show. It is a 3-4 lac offering (albeit a volume one), with no major plans outside of India.
    Now I would like to ask Fiat, why the heck havent we seen Marchionne come here and talk with equal passion about Fiat ?
    Atleast now, with the probably imminent launch of Abarth ?? Makes a hell lot of difference to the Indian division, its dealers, OE component makers and of course to the general public. One can sense the pressure to do well.

    And how about some TV teaser ads for Abarth ? That will get people talking atleast.
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  9. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr

    This car is VERY much a major export-planned car, with India as home base.

    Carlos Ghosn has been coming here for years, doing the full round of PR events and occasions. I believe that has made exactly NO difference to Renault-Nissan's sales or image, which other than the Duster have been indifferent-to-weak-to-awful.

    What he has done is taken India very seriously as a base for cheap r&d, cheap labour, 'frugal engineering' and exports. With great success with the last of these, and as yet none (sales and profits) in the rest. The Go and Go+ and the other Datsun-s, if they've justified Ghosn's investments here (very doubtful) have surely done so on the basis of exports. This Renault Kwid could sell well by the low standards of all the non-Duster Renault-s and Nissan-s here, though.
    --- Double Post Merged, May 20, 2015, Original Post Date: May 20, 2015 ---
    If only Marchionne coming here would make a cappucino-and-cigarette difference for Fiat sales/image here!

    Because it won't, he doesn't.

    India will remain a backwater for Firms like FCA and VW and even Renault-Nissan, whose main global products are ill-adapted to thriving cost-wise in the mass market against the Japs, the Korean and the likes of Mahindra. The hyper-active Carlos Ghosn and Renault-Nissan have only so far offered radical 'third-world'/lowcost cars here (including the Dacia Duster, which though is high priced here in India).

    As it should. FCA has the advantage of premium brands and models like Jeep etc, and in say 3-4 years Alfa Romeo sedans, coupes, and sports-suv-s, and the 500 series of models, and should therefore imo leave the mass market monies-possible to their already considerable revenues and profits via Tata and Maruti.

    Unless, like Carlos Ghosn et al, they can find a new use for India-as-export-base for cheap, small, mass market cars, which one guesses is what the strategy is for Fiat in India when the all-new Avventura and all-new Punto arrive in late 2016 but likely 2017? The credit for such a strategy surely goes to Carlos Ghosn, and to Ford, though neither have made any money so far from the Indian market per se. Which is PRECISELY the raison-d'etre of the strategy in the first place!

    If you want to have even a slight chance of surviving the 'dangal' of the Indian Car Bazaar against the Japs and the Korean.....export, or go to the 'luxury' end of the market.

    Carlos Ghosn has no brand for the latter (unless Infiniti counts) and so he has pioneered the latter export-first approach to India, alongwith the lowcost, 'frugally engineered' third-world car one (first Sunny and Micra, but esp the Datsun-s and this Renault Kwid, with more to come surely).

    FCA, like VW, will (and can?) never do the latter but they will be emulating Renault-Nissan with the exports-first approach, it would seem. Let's see.
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  10. adisrini1103

    adisrini1103 Amatore

    Linea 1.3
    did anyone notice that the Kwid is just 670 kg heavy??..... for comparison a NANO AMT is 700 kg
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