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Fiat Linea - Total Loss Insurance Claim Experience and Queries

Discussion in 'Insurance & Loan Reviews' started by sonofpoi, Apr 16, 2016.

  1. sonofpoi

    sonofpoi Timido

    Hello Experts,

    Need your urgent help in few queries related to Insurance claim of my beloved Linea which met with an unfortunate accident.

    Details of Vehicle and Insurance:
    Fiat Linea Emotion PK (Diesel) - 2010 model
    Bharti AXA - Comprehensive Insurance (non-zero deb)
    IDV - 5.24 lac

    Background of incident:
    My brother while coming back from gurgaon to delhi late in the night, over took one of the truck and bumped into another truck which was either going very slow/was at a halt/suddenly braked without the brake lights.
    At the speed of 90-100 he applied the brakes but it was too late which resulted in my car bumping into the rear of the truck (he did not cut the lane as there were other vehicles). Thank god for the Fiat's Tank type body and seat belts, there was not even a scratch to him. Both airbags deployed (i always used to think if they are working fine in past 5 years span, i guess they were ok :p)
    Anyways, no body apart from my car was harmed, police did arrive to check if bro was fine and then left. My brother being a very calm person, didnt get into any discussion with the Truck driver. The truck driver left and my car was towed back to our place. Next day the car was towed to the Fiat workshop and Insurance claim was filed with Bharti AXA on 16th March.

    No FIR loged as no body was harmed and brother had a uncharged phone due to which he wasnt able to click any pics of accident or note down the truck drivers number.

    Experience with Insurance Claim:
    Fiat workshop manager was supporting and gave all the information and from the first look of the car he could say it was a total loss case. Estimate could be around 4-5 Lac. They will charge 10% for assessment in case it goes for total loss. Also mentioned that the Bharti AXA will depreciate around 20% of IDV value which could be considered as the final claim that i should be expecting. Having no experience with Insurance claim, i just said OK.
    All required documents were submitted for registering the Claim and i got the claim number on 17th March.
    One week passed without any update (it was holi festival week so I also didnt followed up much). But there was no update in the second week too and had to call the call center (They never have any information) who gave me a direct contact number. Followed up the the Bharti AXA manager and he gave me another contact number of the surveyer to follow up :banghead:. I did and was updated that the survey was done and will be done by external surveyor due to high loss.
    One more week passed with out update, on follow up got information of the external surveyor and was asked to directly reach out to him for update (Shouldn't i be reaching out to one POC who take care of all coordination??). Had to share the documents again with him (via email) as he was waiting for Claim documents to arrive.
    One more week passed and he was waiting for repair estimation from the workshop which was shared and came to whopping ~7.5 Lac.
    (In the mean time i did some online research on claims and didnt find any information about the 10% assessment charges the Workshop Manager mentioned. Also found how the insurance companies tries to play around trying not giving the complete IDV even though the consumer right is to claim the complete IDV value).

    Today again when i followed up (wanted to meet the outsource surveyor F2F to check on updated) go to know about further details and how the company wanted to fix the deal with less amount.
    I was told that its a border line case and below were the options:
    Go for repair: He mentioned car is repairable and their share (3.2 lac) is coming to less than 75% of the IDV value. Rest 1.5 lac is to be borne by me if i go for repair. When i brought up the 7.5 lac repair estimate shared by Fiat workshop, he said workshop then to inflate the cost and thats not actual.
    Cashloss Claim: As per him, since paying 1.5 lac from my pocket is not sensible, i was offered the cashloss option. He gave me some calculation which came out some were about 3.2-3.5 lac (60% of IDV value + salvage value of the car). He is suggesting this is the best option and i will be free from my car.

    I asked him for a meet face to face and then explain me things in details. Possibly tomorrow (Sunday) though he was reluctant.

    So here are the queries, as being a 5 year old car and high repair value, I want it to be a total loss. Hence all queries are directed towards how to get the max IDV claim:
    1. Am i right at expecting the Insurance company to pay me the complete IDV value of 5.24 lac?
    2. The policy is expiring tomorrow 17 Apr 2016, as car is under claim not getting it renewed. I am getting constant calls to renew for Bharti AXA call centers. Common sense says there is nothing to renew. right?
    3. I understand they will push me to agree to second option, by saying the other option is to repair and I have to then shed more money. I am yet to get details on how they arrived at new estimation of 4.7 lac (3.2 their share + 1.5 my share). How should i handle this with them? I dont directly want to mention about escalating the matter to IRDA/consumer court. Or is that the only way?
    4. Is Workshop asking 10% of Repair Estimate a standard thing? 75k for 7.5 lac estimate, doesnt make sense to me. And if this is standard will I pay or Bharti AXA is liable for this?
    5. Any other tips on how to proceed and handle the situation?

    Thanks in advance and looking for some urgent suggestions and answers.
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    Apologies on the long post, while typing dint realize it will be that long. Became aware only after publishing it.

    Few pics, which were clicked when the car reached the workshop:
    IMG_20160316_135240.jpg IMG_20160316_135230.jpg
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  2. shashanknathani

    shashanknathani Superiore

    Interesting. Can you please call me on 9860514424 after 7pm? I will be able to help. I faced the same situation back in 2012 and got the complete IDV with guidance and help of few TFI members.

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  3. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto

    @shashanknathani @sonofpoi

    Post your discussion, be kind to highlight the key points of discussion. Would be helpful for others too.
  4. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto

    Just happened to get my hands on some information on total loss settlement, see the attached pdf document.

    Attached Files:

  5. asimpleson

    asimpleson Esperto

    Linea 1.3
  6. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto

  7. Ravi_M

    Ravi_M Regolare

    Linea 1.3
    What was the final outcome?
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    Not to forget that the picture shows how intact the rest of the car looks. I suspect that engine took the hit, otherwise there is no need to put it as total loss. I had hit my Linea on a divider head-on and spent 50k for replacing bumper, intercooler, radiator etc.

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