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Discussion in 'Linea 1.4 T-Jet' started by prakhar287, Mar 18, 2011.

  1. prakhar287


    If I Say-"Sea Of Features, Power Of Volcano, Comfort of Sofa, A Driver's Dream" What will I be talking about?????
    Yes You are Right- The New Linea T-Jet Or the JET as people nowadays call it..

    Hello Everybody,
    I have been in search for a car since the last year. I already own a Fiat Siena 1.2 since 2002. I was thinking of buying a car so the process started.....
    Phase 1 (Research) :-
    At that time the only choices were Honda City, Ford Fiesta and Fiat Linea. I always liked the looks of Linea but the underpowered engine was the deal breaker. Test drove Honda City and found it to be a good car overall but it always was a boring drive and zero equipment level but kept it in the list. I didn’t like the Fiesta neither the looks nor interiors. So the buying was put on hold.
    10 Months Ago
    I was enjoying my Siena and all of a sudden the temperature gauge went up. I immediately stopped and looked for the cause and found the problem with the fuse. As I didn’t have spare fuse I somehow managed to get the car to a local workshop where they replaced the fuse and the car was working fine again. I left happily and after a km or two the same problem occurred and then I knew it was something inside the car. I was really frustrated with the car left it at the service centre and after sometime the mechanic told me there was a worn out washer that was causing the fuse problem. He told me since the car is old problems like this will happen more often. I didn’t believe him and left with the repaired car. After some months there were multiple small problems emerging in the car though nothing none were too serious but I was very hesitant to take the car on long drives. I used it in the city. I thought it was time to change my car so when ahead to book a Honda City. Found a buyer who was offering a decent value for the car. I was not too happy with Honda City. I always came to my mind the price I was going to pay for a very basic car. Then one night I had a long discussion with my friend who is a car expert and told me about the LINEA T-JET. I was stunned with the figures only and made my mind to wait. I told refused the buyer of my current car the very next day and cancelled my booking. The sales person was eager to know the purpose of cancellation and even tried to convince me that nothing like T-JET is going to come up. I told him to cancel the booking anyways. So the long wait starts.........Again.
    Phase 2(Buying):
    Buying experience- Since I knew about the t jet launch so I was waiting for the car to launch. After waiting for a long time finally the day came.
    October 8- The day was of happiness as my future car was finally launched but the happiness was short-lived as I came to know that the car will be launched all over India in phases. I was unhappy because I knew that my city will not be in the first phase. It was really getting difficult for me to wait.
    After 8th of October- It was a very difficult time for me. I called up a local dealer to ask him about the expected launch date of the car in my city but they had no idea. Even received a call from their Pune office but they were helpless too. After this I called up my dealer to inform me as soon as he gets any information of the launch. In the time being I started reading ownership reviews on TFI. Every review I read the picture of me driving the jet became more clear. I dreamed about it whole night just to wake up in the morning to come back to reality. I was not willing to give up though my car was giving me many problems. I lived like this for a couple of months. I loved the car without even experiencing it. Then came the new year and another disappointment. Disappointing December sales of the car made me question my decision. My family was forcing me to buy a Honda city but I was not convinced. So in order to keep their heart I promised them that I will not buy it without a test drive. I didn't knew it then but a happy news was waiting for me...

    15th Jan. 2011- At last I received a call from the dealer confirming my desire for the jet and asking me when would I buy the car. I told him that as soon as the car is available I will buy it. He then told me the news I was waiting for " Sir, the test drive vehicle will be available within 2 weeks". I was happy really happy thinking at last I will be able to get my hands on one of the jet. I was excited. 3 weeks went by no information from the dealer.

    15th Feb.- "Sir, the test drive vehicle is available" is the call that made my heart dance with joy. I was not able to believe what I just heard. I was dancing and it was like I’m on the top of the world. I told him that I will come on the coming Sunday to test drive the vehicle.
    The Test Drive day- the dealership was an hour drive from my home. At around 4 pm I reached at the dealership to see the vehicle. To my surprise I wasn’t on display and that was the moment I thought what would be the excuse of the dealer for non- availability of the vehicle. I was at last relived when he said the car was being cleaned for the drive. after a few moments I saw the jet and it was the time I wished that the time would stop for me but it didn't and I m glad that it didn’t because the next thing was the drive. The sales person took the driver seat and explained me all the features of the car which I knew already but didn’t interrupt the guy. It was like a revision of a book for me. After driving a bit He stopped the car and gave me the steering wheel to drive. I sat on the seat adjusted a bit put on the seatbelt adjusted the ORVM and cranked the engine. It came to life and it was so quite that I didn’t realise that the engine has started and silly me tried to crank it again thanks to the double crank protection system the key didn’t turn. It was the time I saw the rev meter and realised it was cranked up. Then came the drive. Slot into the first gear and pressed the accelerator and the car started to move. I really liked the second and the third gear and pushing the throttle made me feel like a pilot who is flying a jet. The experience was amazing even
    my family liked it. We all came back happy and started discussing about the car and its price. There were no major discounts but jet made me forget everything. Returning back, the decision was already made in everybody's heart. My dad has a strange habit of asking my cousin's before who he think are "petro heads" and when they ask why linea? He pushes them to me as linea was my choice. Now came the second most frustrating part( first- dealing with the dealers) answering everyone's question which 99% time is " Why do you want to buy linea instead of Honda city?" They ask this question because almost everyone owns Honda City. I myself remember answering that question about 10 times in a day. And most of them are so annoying that they will not even listen to my answer and try to prove their car is the best. One of them went on saying "What is the use of ACC on daily basis?" some are even more annoying "What will you do with all these features? You will end up using not even half the stuff in there hence no VFM?" I sometimes want to punch them on their face. These self acclaimed petro heads don't even know what is turbo-lag. Well I just thought to leave them or I would have really smashed one of them. So coming back to the topic I talked to my dad and mom and decided on the linea t-jet. I send a cheque to the dealer and ask him to book my
    sunbeam beige t-jet plus. He tells me that he has none in stock so it will take around 2 weeks For the car to come. I asked him to put to order some fiat accessories for my jet. My car was finally booked and was allotted to me too. I got the VIN number. And decoding it I got was a feb2011 model. I confirmed with the dealer and asked him a expected date of delivery so he told me that it will take around 8 days for the car to reach my place as I reside in northern India and the car will be coming by lorry and it will leave the pune factory in 1-2 days. I was ok with it as I knew that it is a process I cannot skip that. So now was the time I spend sleepless nights imagining myself driving a linea t-jet. In the time being I have to apply for loan with SBI which was very difficult but when with them as they were offering the best deal. As the D-day came near There were many problems with the dealer. When I told the dealer that I will be going with my current insurance as I was having a huge NCB on my policy and would be transferring it from my new car he told me that it has to be done through the dealer. I told him that It is not compulsory. He was trying hard to make me go through with the dealer for insurance. I told him straight that I know that you get a cut from the insurance company and from the current policy I will get that cut as a discount on insurance so I have to pay less premium plus as my policy has some time left before expiry the part will be adjusted automatically. The other thing was registration I told him that I will do a registration from my side and he just have to give me a temp. number for the car. He was very keen to go with the
    registration of the car as he could get some money out of it. He was giving me some troubles with the accessories I told him to order some for me at the time of booking so that I could have them in my car at the time of delivery. Before 2 days before delivery he told me that the accessories will not be available at the time of delivery. This was not a major hiccup. Last 2 days were real hard for me. I stayed up all night because I was thinking of the jet and could not wait to get my hands in one of them and really zoom past everyone on the road. It was just getting hot. For the whole night I was browsing through TFI reading every ownership review present again and again and just staring at every photograph present on the forum imagining me driving it.

    15th March,2011: This is a day that I will never forget. The delivery of my JET was delayed by a day due to a holiday on 15th. I told my dealer to do a thorough PDI of the Jet and then bring it to my home. After doing some insurance work I got my insurance transferred from my old car to the new JET. At first all the information on the insurance was wrong from make to chassis number but got it corrected in ten minutes and sent a copy of the same to the dealer and after receiving a copy of insurance JET started from the dealership. That 1 and half hour of my life were really hard to pass. I was sitting in excitement thinking that any second my jet would arrive which literally sent an adrenaline thrust into my body. And after what seemed nothing less than a year and a half my JET arrived. It was really hard for me to control myself and do a PDI first. Everything was fine except a loose glove box which i will get fixed in the first service. There were no rattles in the car and no dents were to be found. The car was almost perfect. And the most admirable part was the admiration from everyone around. People around here never even saw a linea in front of them and top of it the TJET was a pleasure to drive too. My cousin who asked me,” Why not Honda City at the end were asking themselves Why Not the JET?” Because you know what Linea guarantees above all cars is ADMIRATION.

    Phase 3 -"Coming Soon"

  2. Prakhar, excellent write up. Very impressive. Eagerly waiting for the pics.
  3. Ichimaru

    Ichimaru Regolare

    Gurgaon, India
    Congrats Prakhar!
    Enjoy the Jet and Drive safe.
    Damn, I cant understand what is it with people?? They crib about everything that FIAT offers and turn a blind eye towards every way in which Honda loots us!
  4. karan desai

    karan desai Superiore

    Morbi, Gujrat
    wow. excellent write up. i think every linea owner has the same story. "why fiat" is such a stupid question by stupid people. just like you i also feel like hitting them. you know what is the stupidest piece of advice i have got from a manza owner "linea? you should have bought i10 or i20 instead". now just imagine my frustration.
    well we are different and dont follow the herd and buy a fantastic car called linea.
  5. prakhar287


    My Dad drove the car for the first time and the jet recieved petrol for the first time. It has been standing in my garage telling me to drive her but due to holi season its too congested to drive and plus the thought of getting colours thrown on my beauty made me not to drive her. As i went to the regular petrol station i discovered a new admirer of the linea.Admiration Guaranteed.
    And Thanks bnzjon, Ichimaru, Karan for the wishes.
    Happy Holi To All TFIians.
  6. hey prabhakar congrats for ur own jet... enjoy many years of hassle free driving with the beauty...
  7. prakhar287


    Thanks Shreyas for ur wishes. My name is prakhar not prabhakar.thanKS and happy Holi...
  8. Oops... sry prakhar... thnx and wish u and all fellow members a very happy holi!!!
  9. prakhar287


    Hey just came back from a 100km drive of the jet and the experience was awsome. It is a dream to drive this jet on a highway. I noticed that the headlight(high Beam) is set too low even on the highest setting. Can anybody suggest some solution to this.
    Thanks in Advance.
  10. sid_10000

    sid_10000 Regolare

    A real love story :)
    Welcome to the club mate and wishing you a millions happy miles in the jet

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