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Fiat Linea/ Punto - "Did You Know" Series....

Discussion in 'Technical' started by VahanPujari, May 15, 2010.

  1. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    OR you can just press Voice activation button on steering and say "Media" or "Music" or "Media Player" and the Media Player starts :)

    If your horn pad stops working (usually on one side), in all probabilities a small copper/ metal clip inside the horn pad is broken. When the horn pad is opened, there is a circular ring inside. On that Circular rings, there are 3 such copper/ metal clips at 60degree equidistance. One of these get borken and that side of Horn pad part stops working. I faced this and fellow moderator amit alson faced it.
  2. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    Cross-posting following post from Sat-Chit-anand from another thread....

  3. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

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  4. Shiva Kumar

    Shiva Kumar

    Hosur, India
    Unknown Features of Fiat Punto and Linea

    There are many things/features in the Punto/Linea which only its owner knows. Its not mentioned in any brochure nor in any magazine nor in any websites. You discover this when you live with your car, every day is a learning experience with FIAT, it seems!

    Some features I have found out in my car -

    1) Leave the cabin light ON & it will automatically switch off after some pre determined time to save battery.

    2) Suppose your fog lamps are ON. Now, when you switch OFF your headlights, of course the fog lights will also switch off. But good feature is the fog lights wont automatically turn on the next time you switch on the headlights. that is because Punto does not have a manual switch for fog lights but it has a 'touch' button. Good thing if you keep forgetting to manually switch off fog lights. same applies for rear fog lights also.

    3) Punto has hydraulic engine mounts to reduce noise & vibration.

    4) Cool feature - If any of your warning lights such as brake light, turn indicators, boot light, tail lamp is not working, the car will display a message on the MID with a beep mentioning which bulb is not working.

    5) Punto has a speed limit warning which you can manually set. even polo has this.

    6) Many cars have door open warning. Punto shows you which exact door is open. For example, door open warning light on the instrument console with a beep followed by a message on the MID which reads "rear left door is open" or "boot is open".

    7) Punto shows which track (entire track or album name) is playing or which radio station is set right in front of the driver's eyes, in the MID.

    8) Blue & Me feature - Connect upto 5 phones with the car. It will download your entire phonebook from your phone into the car's memory. you can navigate your phonebook through the steering controls & the names will appear on the MID. Makes calls again from the steering & enjoy wireless conversation. This is really really convenient. Even when you are receiving calls, it shows the caller's name (or number) on the MID allowing you to accept or reject calls.

    9) Voice commands - You can change tracks, folders, search songs, open phonebook, search contacts & even call you contacts just by talking to your car! Some scenarios -

    Me: Call DAD
    Punto: Call DAD now?
    Me: Yes
    Punto: tring tring


    Me: call 123456789
    Punto: call 123456789 now?
    Me: Yes
    Punto: tring tring


    Me: Settings
    Punto : Settings, Choose your options - car settings, phone settings, ....
    Me: Phone settings
    Punto: Phone settings, Choose your option - pairing, volume, code, ...


    Me: Songs
    Punto: shows songs on MID
    Me: Folder
    Punto: shows folders on MID
    Me: Genre
    Punto: shows genre on MID
    Me: Radio
    Punto: shifts to radio from USB!

    Best part about Punto's voice commands is that there is no specific strict command as such for a function. for example, to listen to USB, you can say anything like "media player" or "music" or "songs" & it will still open USB folder for you!!! It even understands our Indian accent well, something which is a problem that I have noticed in the VW Passat.

    10) Pull you headlamp stack once after car is switched off & key is taken out, follow me headlamp feature is activated. even that is customizable! pull lever once, headlamp stays on for 10 seconds. pull lever twice, headlamp stays on for 20 seconds, pull thrice, stays on for 30 seconds!

    11) Unlock your car & the cabin light comes on. Open the door, sit inside & close the door & the light goes off in a nice progressive manner - theatre dimming style. Similarly, switch off the car & take the key out, the light comes on slowly. exit & lock the car, the light dims progressively.

    12) I dont know if anybody has noticed this, but even after you exit & lock the car, the MID still remains ON for some 10 seconds. Dont know why. Have noticed this in the Polo too.

    13) Attention to detail in a FIAT? The charging point has a light. you can see a nice dim orange light in the night when it is unused. Even the USB port inside the glovebox has a light so that you can locate it in darkness to connect your pendrive.

    14) Rear wiper automatically starts when you shift to reverse, if front wiper is ON. this is present in many cars.

    15) You can download a software from the internet, copy it to your pendrive, insert the pen drive in the car's USB slot & then copy the contents to your computer. it will show your driving habits, how efficient you were & your car's carbon footprints. it will recommend how you can improve your driving to increase fuel efficiency & decrease pollution. I dont know whether this works in Indian cars though, never tried in my car.

    Landing Page

    16) Punto has 5 years paint warranty & 5 years anti-corrosion warranty.

    17) Punto has 4 years unlimited kms warranty, highest in the segment.

    Both these cars has a protection metal undercover below engine which not in many other cars.

    Once the speed raises above 20 km/hr, all the doors get locked automatically..

    All power windows still working even we switched OFF the engine (completely turn OFF the key). This is applicable for specific time?. Anyone observed this feature?

    Follow me headlamp is a feature in which the headlamp remains ON even after you have locked the vehicle, that is, to show the path to your house. it switches off automatically after a predetermined time.

    18) The entire dash, stereo, instrument console and a/c controls lights up in orange. Good. But this can be dimmed/brightened by pressing +/- buttons on the dash!

    19) When you pull the wiper stalk for the washer, it sprays water first (without wiper for a second or so) & then wipes 4 times & then after a few seconds, it gives 1 more wipe to clear the residual water coming down on windshied.

    20) You can engage parking light of just one side by turning the indicator stalk to the respective direction with park light on. Good to save battery.

    21) Punto has a mechanism that prevents airlock when the fuel goes empty. The car stops with approx 3 litres of fuel still remaining in tank which will be in accessible . So when you refill again your car is back to normal unlike other cars where the airlock has to be released by manually pumping the fuel pump.

    22) When the outside temperature is less than 3'celsius the MID shows - POSSIBLE ICE ON ROAD!

    23) The HU has a Speed sensing volume feature which you can activate/deactivate. When activated, the music volume increases/decreases with respect to speed/road noise.

    24) Wipers are Speed sensitive in Intermittent mode i.e. Wiper speed increases in intermittent mode with increase in Car speed.

    25) When the child lock button on the front RHS electrical power window console is activated , both the rear orange lights of the window buttons goes off.

    26) You cannot change settings in MID when you are driving – A safety feature.

    27) In the Punto, in an unfortunate even of an accident, along with the fuel cut off, the doors automatically unlock & the cabin lights come on.

    28) The seat belt warning buzzer can be temporarily or permanently disabled.
    1) Turn the key to MAR position.
    2) Wear the seatbelt & wait for 20-30 seconds.
    3) Now remove the seatbelt, warning sign lights come up.
    4) Start the engine & move. The Warning light remains ON but buzzer is deactivated & never rings.

    P.S. : Please do not drive without seatbelts.

    29) There is a thread exactly opposite site (read back side internal) to open fuel lid if it is not happening from the lever provided.

    One more feature. Punto has A/C vent below driver & co-driver seat !

    acvent 2.jpg acvent 1.jpg

    When you turn on the music system after the engine is off and key is removed it will automatically turn off after some time (30 minutes I think) for power saving. This is very use full feature otherwise you will eventually drain your battery and you won't be able to start again

    Press the 'Menu' button on the HU and use the 'Up / Down' keys to scroll to the option 'RADIO OFF'. Use the 'Left / Right' arrow keys to change the option from '00 MIN' to '20 MIN' Now when you switch off the engine by turning the key to 'STOP', the HU will remain ON for 20 minutes

    The flip side, do remember to manually switch off the music system when you leave the car

    one feature that if you try to install a led bulb or a out of spec bulb for parking or the indicator or brake light the car gives an alarm indication in the instrument panel stating check the specific light.

    Fire Prevention System in case of accident
    Electrically Adjust Outside Rear View Mirror
    Boot Light
    Immobilizer - This is to prevent starting of car without actual key, which sends some digital information (rolling code) to engine
    Rear seat can be folded in 60:40 and complete 100% (I am not sure if this special though, but useful)
    2 trip computers & MID, to see the multiple information like Outside temp, digital clock, Fuel Consumption (Instantaneous and total) etc.
    The car gets locked once the speed crosses 20KMPH (this cab pe programmed)
    Follow-Me Home Head Lamp - The head lamp glows for few seconds after you come out the car and get switched-off (once you enter your home)

    Inviting other Punters to pour in their "discoveries" with the Punto. It will help us!
  5. Cinju

    Cinju Esperto

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  6. zenwalker

    zenwalker Esperto

    Wow seriously all the features Mr. Shiva has mentioned or listed else where here, is amazing. I still wonder why people do not see FIAT as an good candidate for some love ;)
  7. Parantap Chatterjee

    Parantap Chatterjee Regolare

    Linea T-Jet
    I tried this but got the "source not available" message :(
  8. bhai

    bhai Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Hydraulic engine mounts? I don't think so.

    Operating P window ( Without Auto Down feature) at ignition key off is not standerd feature.
    I mean some cars have this feature some not. My former FGT had this facility but my current 90 HP doesn't have this feature. So I am confused
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  9. naveen2cool

    naveen2cool Superiore

    Shiva kumar,

    Thanks for compiling all the features. Eventhough we have already discussed these features here and there your post is a good compilation of all of them. Especially i like the pics showing rear foot level ac vents:)

    tasting the Italian delight!
  10. Jaladhi

    Jaladhi Timido

    And, in fact .. only the Driver side is fully automatic (Linea Emotion Pk)

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