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FIAT Linea - Great Machinery

Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by FIAT_RIDE, Oct 25, 2012.



    Dear all,
    Its been a wonderful time to join this FIAT community.Now the time came for me to own a New Car and to write a review under Initial Ownership.

    I am basically from Coimbatore working in Bangalore. I am one of those guys who love the machines a lot. My Cars and Bike were not only considered as a machines, Its also a member of my family. I treat like that ways all the time.

    I am having an AMBY and Hyundai Santro. Both are serving a lot to our family. Ambassador is our first car and i was very crazy on this car. Driving and Seating comfort is still a class in Ambassador.

    My Ambassador - Team-BHP

    For Ambassador, its Almost 11 months completed in workshop and still it was under the Tinker roofs. It will take another 4 to 5 months to get it back to roads. Santro alone serving us with full force in day to day running.
    Now that was the time, I told my father that we will buy a used small car which we can sell after 6 months once Amby is on road. My Family insists better to buy a new one it self.I was shocked to hear this, but I am happy on the other side. My Father told me to put loan and get a nice Sedan itself.
    So suddenly all the things happened and by April 2012, I started dreaming which car to choose from the market. Shortlisted cars
    1.Ford Fiesta
    2.VW Vento
    3.Skoda Rapid
    4.Maruti Suzuki Swift Desire and Swift too. (Over Priced now)

    I love FIAT cars. But I heard some news about the after sales and service part of the FIAT guys. Resale values are bit less compare to other cars. My uncle owning a FIAT Uno –a great car. He was always telling that car is very nice to drive and mileage is also too good. But spares are out of reach for this car it seems. He spent money, but couldn’t able to get spares is the worst thing. So the TD starts first with VW.
    First I went for a test drive with VW Vento in Coimbatore, The Sales Executive was very patient in explaining the features in Vento and also the IPL edition advantages.

    I take for a test drive by Sales person and after 3kms he stopped the car and allowed me to drive the car. The power and pick up is awesome in this car. Fantastic space on the rear, Nice looks made me to think that this is our Next addition to my family.

    I got the details of the price as per Coimbatore
    Trend line without metallic paint - 9,86,000.
    Trend line with Metallic pain - 10,01,000.
    Comfort Line - 10,38,000.
    High Line - 12,40,000. Almost 2 Lakhs higher than the middle variant.

    While returning home I was thinking this is the car we goanna buy. Almost decided. On the way suddenly I saw the TATA FIAT showroom. I decided to have a look at punto and Linea which is one of my favorites.

    I saw the Linea and it was great feel to watch. Car is amazing and I just opened the door and sat inside it and felt very comfortable. Some cars will make us to feel very comfortable while you sit inside for the first time (personal Comment). FIAT are always great in designing the cars Technically and Still FIAT holds the name comfortably for Perfect drivers car. Sales person came to me and explained about the car. He opted a test drive to me .But I told I will take some other day. Since everyone apart from my family (My uncle and others) will say minus comments about FIAT again.

    Really I don’t know why no one was not even considering a FIAT when they thought of buying a car. I don’t know why the FIAT brand was parked outside of people consideration. I know average cars with a different brand was selling more than 5000 to 8000 cars. I took a snap in my Mobile and shown to my neighbors and to some of my relations. No one who seen the car in the photo told the right name of the car, and some don’t know what car and what brand it was. They all having cars and know about the cars. It shows clearly that FIAT was not considered by the people while buying the Machines.

    I came to Bangalore and thinking of what to buy next. My Heart is saying Linea is great and I was thinking what’s the drawback apart from the service issues and spares. I heard from other FIAT owners, and got information that TAFE FIAT got a good service unit. MAKESH , member of Team-BHP also gave some good inputs about the FIAT unit in TAFE showroom.

    Decision :

    After 2 days of research and analysis, I decided the next car is FIAT Linea. I told the features and advantages about the car to my Family. My parents told whatever I choose is always accepted. I told them not to tell anyone until the car comes home. I went to the showroom and asked for TD, He agreed and got the car. I started the car and what a feeling it was...No words to explain that in sitting Inside it. Which car I loved was in my hands now.

    Started the Car, First gear , then suddenly I was shocked on why the car is not moving fast. He told that after 1800 RPM only the pickup will be realized. Then I put second gear , the same feeling…Moving up the gears, the car is flying in the road now. I took sudden turns and accelerated like race feel. The handling is awesome. Braking is very nice with ABS. Linea is a very big car, but we can handle the car very easily in short turns and sudden turns.
    My feel after TD was, Engine Power rating is bit low. But it will be used to me very soon. Since I love this engine. I am not a racing kind of driver to have a jet pick up. Apart from that , there is nothing to highlight as a drawback.

    Since, Santro and Amby are having the meter stuff in clusters. I like the Fuel level indication to be in meters for the cars. Now a days all the cars are having digital view of the Fuel Level which personally I dislike. Interiors are good, Exterior is great. I came home and confirmed my Parents that this is it.

    I booked the car May (3rd )for Dynamic Pack diesel – Foxtrot Azure color. (ABS, Auto Climate Control, Airbag etc.,)
    Linea Coimbatore On Road Price:
    Emotion – 10, 97,000.
    Dynamic – 10, 56,000. (After all discount –Free Insurance – 28,000 , Corporate Discount – 10000 )

    I never saw a drawback in VW Vento and Ford Fiesta. Those too were great cars. I have no minus point in any of the cars , since all Cars were designed to win the human’s heart.

    But I love Fiat Linea and got that. God is there and surely I will get a smooth after sales service and good drive in this car. I read in newspapers that FIAT goanna separate from TATA and start new showrooms.

    Car was now in Showroom ,No PDI done from my end. I am comfortable with the look and feel of the car and i believe Technically there will be no issues.
    I never thought that I will own a Linea. But God’s grace, I am also going to be a part of FIAT family.

    Saturday came, I went to the showroom Only one car is in the delivery bay. That was mine and it was looking awesome with the sun films (with 70% visibility).2 Ladies were cleaning the car and I went around the car. I found the cleaning was not up to the mark.

    Secondly, Opened the boot and saw some thermocol got striped off.

    Third, Opened the bonnet....50% clean with some area not cleaned. I am ok with all the things. Anyway this all were expected. Opened the driver door and sat inside, the same comfort. Mats, Mud flaps, Car cover ,Neck rests, Door stills (not illuminated) all were fitted.

    Checked the wiper tank and found there is no water or fluid .Filled up after i told.

    Power steering oil is more than MAXIMUM level. Made it to below the MAX level.

    Got documents signed within 15 minutes Administrative dept. lady was cooperative and explained all the things. Since no car delivered on that day, I have no issues. Only minus point i wrote is the cleaning process was not up to the expectations. At that time of documents signing process ,I came to know that she worked in the Ambassador section for more the 15 years from 1985.I replied that "I am happy to get the documents from you".

    Overall i am satisfied with the complete process of TAFE FIAT Coimbatore from TD to delivery process.

    My dad got the keys from Manager and it was great to be in the driver seat .Engine started firing all cylinders. Went to temple and I said my HEARTY THANKS to God. First FIAT Linea in my Area.. Proud moment that was.

    Ordered Seat covers and also the full mat. Full day drove around the city and 150 kms done. Average consumption is showing 10km/l.. I got shocked. Then took the manual and checked the settings. Then I came to know the before starting a trip, it need to be set to 0 for the perfect calculation. All done. My MOM not like the color of the car. Since its been different from other colors. Anyway it will feel comfortable for her in upcoming days.

    Next day I took the car to Hosur. Around 330 kms from Coimbatore. Overall fuel efficiency is 20km/l. Found shake in the steering’s in some areas .I thought it might be the air pressure problem. Before the return journey to Coimbatore I checked the air pressure, it was 24 psi and loaded to 30 psi. Fuel efficiency was Around 21 and Steering shake still was there.
    Called the FIAT guys, They replied it was there in almost all the Linea 2012 cars. Owners of this series , kindly post your comments on this issue.

    Issues Faced :
    1.Front right Alloys have started to get rust in some areas. I called them either for replacement or for reworking it. Till now I didn’t got a call from them.

    2.Water Leakage (AC)...Full of water in the platform.:mad:
    Got fixed in Prerana motors in Bangalore. But SA told that this is because of allowing the AC to take air from outside.Not convinced with the answer anyway.
    One of FIAT friend (h14 in Team-bhp) told that this is because the tube not fixed properly in the blower.

    Done second service and charged 5880 indian rupees.

    Plus :

    1.Engine is awesome, Pickup is nice.
    2.Interiors are nice and fit.
    3.Driveability and handling- No words to explain this. FIAT guys are great in this area.
    4.Fuel Efficiency.
    5.Ground clearance.
    6.Boot space ( WOW, Excellent design).:-D

    As of now , its 1around 14000 kms done and I am very happy with the car and the performance.
    No words really to explain the driving comfort of Linea.:cool:
    Thanks to everyone for all kind support. Images uploaded..










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  2. nkrishnap

    nkrishnap Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Congrats on the Linea. Enjoy many more happy miles with your Linea.

    The uploaded pictures are not visible.
  3. puntosat

    puntosat Superiore

    Same issue in AC I had..it was fixed after 4 attempts...loose pipe ..

    Steering shaking..I doubt it..it MUST be an alignment issue....

    Just get alignment done at a proper place...

    Linea's are rock solid beyond 150 kmph too..and only think that moves is the speedometer needle..apart from tyres...:)
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  4. theblack

    theblack Esperto

    Love your footer... I think it makes a great tag line for FIAT...

    great choice FIAT_RIDE.
    I'm just very very glad that more and more ppl are going in for FIAT, the actual sales figure might say something else but everyday when i see a new car in the forum i'm just so happy , word can't express it..
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  5. Congrats FIAT_RIDE

    Wish you miles of happy and safe driving!
  6. Welcome to TFI family...Hope all your problems get sorted soon...
  7. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor


    Welcome to the Home of Fiat's New generation cars. And congrats to get your hands on Gorgeous Linea.
  8. asif


    Congrtz on your beauty.Linea is a great car to own.
    Me too faced the ac leakage issue once and got the same answer from the service centre,and they advised me to put ac in recirculation mode whenever possible.


    Hi guys,
    Thanks to all for your hearty wishes.
    I am bit surprised to see many people were facing this AC water leakage issue.FIAT PDI need to be good, to avoid this kind of issues.

    Now a days i am doing around 120-140 km/h..WHAT A CAR, FIAT always rocks in the handling.:p
    I think doing 160+ km/h is quite very easy. I have not done 160 as of now...

    I dont know about other cars (Compatitors of FIAT Linea) handling. But really this was fantastic...No words to explain.:D

    Me too seeing many FIAT cars on that road than before, but the sales figures was not like that...


    Attaching Images.. Photo0154.jpg Photo0155.jpg Photo0156.jpg Photo0157.jpg Photo0158.jpg Photo0159.jpg Photo0160.jpg Photo0161.jpg Photo0162.jpg Photo0167.jpg Photo0171.jpg
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