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Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by NAREN64, Jul 5, 2010.

  1. NAREN64


    Hi everybody,

    I am Naren form the Cotton City of Coimbatore. My search for a SEDAN started in the month of September 2009, after driving Ambassador & Maruthi 800(5 years) & Wagon R (9 years).

    I just looked only for 2 cars All New Honda City & Linea. In September 2009 the prices for Honda City was 9.3 Lakhs. After waiting for a month or so I decided to TD ANHC, was satisfied with the performance, but looking at the Prices it had increased by another 30k within 1 month. This was just not acceptable to me as the car I was looking for was a Basic Model with no salient features as of that in the Linea.

    ThenI went for the Linea TD through the dealer TAFE ACESS LIMITED, which was brought to my house, by just a telephone call. I did not even visit the showroom. By this time I was visiting all Forums on the Net & Linea was belted for Under Power & poor After Sales Service. But when I called for a TD over telephone the same was attended very cordially & I was given the preference of FIRE & MJD versions. I opted for the MJD version as I was not sure about Fiat Petrol engines(now after seeing various ownership reviews of Fiat Linea Fire owners, I am very sure of the Fire Petrol engine of Fiat). The car came to my house the same evening and the TD was for about 10kms inside the city. The thing which went over in my mind was the Under Powered Car, but when I drove the same I thought why such words UNDER POWER are used for this car. Inside the city I was very very comfortable driving the car. The salient featuers of the car was explained in detial to me during after the TD. To make sure that I get the best while buying a new Sedan, I called my brother who owns a New Honda City & informed him about Linea. As he was not available the same day we had to do a TD the next day, the same car was available, my brother drove the car and he informed me that the car is not Under Powered and it had the same power of the NHC, so according to him the Car with all the Fantastic features was WORTH MONEY.

    Car was booked with a small hiccup, I wanted only Bossa Nova White for the model I opted Dynamic Pack. TAFE Coimbatore informed me that it would take a month’s time or more to get Bossa Nova White in Dynamic Pack model. I told him I will wait no problem. The next day with all the contacts available to me, courtesy all Linea Owners I called up Aashish Bhardwaj of Fiat & explained what Tafe had informed me, he told me that I would get a call within half an hour from Tafe & he assured me that if I book the car the same day he will make arrangements to despatch the car the same day. I get a call in 10 minutes from Taffee & was told that the car booking can be done the same day. Booked the car with 50k advance. Car was delivered to me in 5 days time November 28th 2009 with all the Fanfare which you all people know.

    Regarding After Sale service I visited the Tafe service station for the 1st free 3k km service, appointment was fixed by Tafe on their own with my consent, I delivered the car to them & they dropped me back in my office, once the service was over I was picked up from my office & was informed in detail about the 3k Kms service by the service in charge & car was handed over to me. Till date I have not visited the service station nor called up Fiat for any problems.

    I am now a very satisfied Fiat Linea Owner, the ADMIRATION IS GARUNTEED plus I feel the car is WORTH FOR MONEY. The car has now run for 11k kms & as of now there is no problem.

    Pictures of my LINEA which were taken in Kodaikanal as follows.[attachment=5:3a3pyewy]CAR1-1.JPG[/attachment:3a3pyewy][attachment=7:3a3pyewy]CAR2-2.JPG[/attachment:3a3pyewy][attachment=6:3a3pyewy]CAR 3-3.JPG[/attachment:3a3pyewy][attachment=4:3a3pyewy]CAR4-4.JPG[/attachment:3a3pyewy][attachment=3:3a3pyewy]CAR5-5.JPG[/attachment:3a3pyewy][attachment=2:3a3pyewy]CAR6-6.JPG[/attachment:3a3pyewy][attachment=1:3a3pyewy]CAR7-7.JPG[/attachment:3a3pyewy][attachment=0:3a3pyewy]CAR8-8.JPG[/attachment:3a3pyewy]


    CAR 3-3.JPG






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  2. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    Bossa Nova White Linea glows in the surounding.
    BTW, pls remove that sticker of TAFE from the boot
  3. kaps

    kaps Superiore

    New Delhi
    New Delhi
    Linea 1.4
    Nice report Naren and great pictures. All this talk about "under powered" is hog wash I feel. Journos need to play god so they will point out something in a product if the manufacture doesn't pander to them. If all cars were so powerful, we all might be rally drivers.
  4. Agree with Kapil. We all would have been rally drivers with the so called "powerful" engines the journos talk about.

    Good report Naren. White is the best suited colour for Linea, be it Vocal white or Boss Nova.

    (please rip off the Tafe sticker from the boot. Its an eyesore).
  5. J Ravi

    J Ravi Esperto

    Brilliant photographs of an equally brilliant automobile. :-D

    I fully agree with VahanPujari and bnzjon on booting out the dealer's sticker from the boot. I too removed it.
  6. NAREN64


    Thank you. I will remove the Tafe Sticker after the monsoon checkup.


    Thank you. Reg the Under Power it is all a hype.

    Thank you. I liked Vocal white also in Linea.

    J. Ravi,

    Thank you, Always Linea is a fantastic automobile.
  7. Andy

    Andy Esperto

    Chembur Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.3
    nice review and pics Naren
  8. NAREN64



    Thank you.
  9. obliex

    obliex Amatore

    Amazing pictures buddy . Lucky you getting the Dynamic Pack. It was discontinued from Dec onwards ... Congrats on your purchase.
  10. neoonwheels

    neoonwheels Amatore

    Looks elegant. What a beauty. This car is sure in my future list :)

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