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FIAT Linea Emotion Pk. MJD Hip Hop Black Ownership review

Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by ishlinea7260, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. ishlinea7260

    ishlinea7260 Novizio

    Re: FIAT Linea Emotion Pk. MJD Hip Hop Black Ownership revie

    So there she was, my first car at last. :mrgreen:
    Then after I was through with the buying experience which was quite good, now I will be moving onto the ownership part……

    After a few weeks and a few hundred kms I noticed a specific “tak tak” type sound coming from the front left wheel area.
    Astonished I was as to having hearing weird kinda noises in a car less than a month old , I began thinking whether buying a Fiat was the best choice after all? :hit
    Sent the car to the service station , the guys checked did something , then voila! No more sound!
    I was really very happy then after a few more weeks and a few outstation trips same sounds starts hampering my driving pleasure. :confused
    Fixed an appointment with service centre.
    Called the service manager at noon that the problem was related to some shocker pad thing , they had changed the pad last time , but since the thing didn’t work out well , this time they decided to change the shocker itself!!! ::OO
    Though I myself was in a shock after hearing about such a manufacturing defect , the act of the dealership believing in replacing rather than repairing re instilled my confidence in Fiat, and I said to myself investing in fiat doesn’t seem to be a bad decision after all…. :dancing
    After this incident the car went easy till 3000 kms after which I took her for her first service..which cost me zeroRs.
    They even cleaned the interiors and polished the car for free!!! :clapping

    I was really happy by the service I was being offered , one day I received a call from the service executive and they said that since my car is from the early manufactured batch they have been given instructions to change the clutch slave cylinder , they even offered to send a driver to take the car and drive her back.Since I was busy that day so I took the offer and also told them about a slight braking related problem. The cars steering used to judder on applying brakes at high speeds <120kmph.

    So I get my car in the evening with a new clutch slave cylinder and guess what a new set of rub outs (the metal parts of the brake where the pads act to stop the car) for free. :up
    I was really happy and even sent an email to the fiat praising their honest efforts to attain customer satisfaction.
    Apart from that I got the stock goodyears changed to bridgestone potenzas at 30000kms. Cost ~15k
    There were two free services involved at 15k and at 30k.
    the parts replaced as of now.
    1. brake pads costing roughly 2200rs. At 20000kms
    2. rear right fog lamp gave away costed roughly 50 bucks (dont remember exact value)
    3. rear right tail light the guys there did not screw the light tightly after they fixed the fog lamp resulting in water seepage and blackening of light cost nil.
    4. I have also put on autoform seat covers that cost 6000 bucks.

    The cars odometer stands at 40500 as of now, she still has 4k to go before I send her to the station for her next service.
    If you guys want to know anything I would be glad to be of help……
    Will be uploading pics inside out shortly.
    Till then happy fiating!!!! :redcar
  2. ishlinea7260

    ishlinea7260 Novizio

    Re: FIAT Linea Emotion Pk. MJD Hip Hop Black Ownership revie

    the following pics highlighting the blackened parts of tight tail lamp.


  3. Bala

    Bala Esperto

    Re: FIAT Linea Emotion Pk. MJD Hip Hop Black Ownership revie

    Nearly 50,000 km in year??,that's hard to beat,happy motoring.
    Well written review,good details
  4. Gmittal

    Gmittal Amatore

    Re: FIAT Linea Emotion Pk. MJD Hip Hop Black Ownership revie

    I think yours is oldest Linea on the forum(in terms of Mileage).
  5. ishlinea7260

    ishlinea7260 Novizio

    60000kms Update

    Hello fellow FIATIANS!!!!!!!!
    I am here to continue my ownership review.
    The odometer now stands at 66000kms :clapping .
    Got first major servicing done at 60000kms
    Bill for normal service was roughly 9000 bucks.This time they replaced all the fluids including coolant, labour charge around Rs.700 so all in all not bad for the first MAJOR service.
    Have replaced the suspension pads under warranty. :p
    Got new brake pads and drums for Rs.2200 and Rs.3500 respectively at 65000kms.
    New shoes!!!! Bridgestone turanza set me back by 18800 for four.
    And yes I also got one link rod changed, was creating a lot of noise.
    All in all it has been an awesome companion as most of the times I drive solo
    (70 kms a day).

    The issues that I have noticed with the car till now:
    1. Blu and me player sometimes freezes itself , doesn’t allow steering wheel audio controls to work nor does it allow the lady to speak however the controls work normally on CD or FM. :A
    2. Tires gave away early than expected, first oem Goodyear set lasted 30k next set another (Potenza) 30k. Although the roads I travel can hardly be labeled as good but still 30 k is to short an interval. On the other hand I never drive on bald tires as many other people do. I change them before the tire wear indicator (small triangle on the tire) tells me to.I also try to do regular balancing and alignment at every 5ks.another reason that can be related to premature tire wear was the psi I used to maintain.(earlier 36 now 32)
    3. Interiors get soiled very easily and it is very difficult to clean the material near the power window switch, man does that cloth get dirty!
    4. The roads that I encounter are full of potholes and so after every month or so there is some noise coming from the front which after being sent to TASC is traced either to link rod or suspension pads and the like.
    5. Rear headroom could have been better it’s a bit tight for 6+
    6. Chrome door handles keep falling off, has already happened twice, got them fixed by factory adhesive.
    7. The car scrapes its belly often under load of four passengers. Every time it happens I go to the TASC to get the underbody examination done for any deep cuts(dents) or bruises (scratches)
    The max average that I have achieved is 23kmpl but that happened just once and that too because I wanted to see how much can I squeeze out.
    On a normal driving cycle 18-19 kmpl is what I get on highway at 100 +- speeds
    In city I get 12-13 with a lot of bumper to bumper traffic.
    The FE I get cannot be compared with the likes of say swift or dzire , not that I want to but its not that bad either.
    So it has its shares of pros and cons but once you adapt to her ……its one smooth ride all along. ;)
  6. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    66,000 kms. Awesome !!

    Nice review there. Labour charges of Rs. 700/- for 60K kms major service is a steal. Can you check that again in invoice as I was charged Rs. 1200/- labour charges for my Linea's 45,000 kms service.

    Yes, your tyre wear is high. OEM Tyres on my Linea are still good @ 45,000 kms for another 5K kms as per TASC.
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2011
  7. livelyyoungman

    livelyyoungman Regolare

    Linea 1.3
    WOW!!!! 66K Kms on a Linea and that too in a no time. Fantastic man you life off the road only.
  8. ishlinea7260

    ishlinea7260 Novizio


    Here she is!!!!

    Picture 002 edit.jpg

    Picture 004efiy.jpg

    Picture 007kk.jpg

    Picture 009mkk.jpg
  9. ishlinea7260

    ishlinea7260 Novizio


    and a few more....

    Picture 011,mk.jpg

    Picture 016lll;,..jpg

    Picture 021,,lm,l.jpg
  10. ishlinea7260

    ishlinea7260 Novizio

    Tire wear

    I am pretty sure it is Rs.700, it always is.
    And your tires have held up pretty well , what psi do u maintain?
    And what kinda roads do you frequent?
    As my drive mostly consists of dusty pothole filled village kinda roads. Maybe thats the reason for the short tire life?:A :hit

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