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FIAT Linea Emotion Pk. MJD Hip Hop Black Ownership review

Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by ishlinea7260, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. ishlinea7260

    ishlinea7260 Novizio

    Hello guys , I ve been active on this forum for quite some time now, and this is the first time I am writing an ownership review.
    My decision to buy a Fiat Linea wasn’t quite simple. In fact this car was nowhere in my mind when I started test driving various cars.
    My dad wanted to buy me car since I got in college, and he gave me a budget of 6 lakhs.
    Since I would be driving close to 70-80 kms on a daily basis, diesel was the preferred choice.
    And since I was in college I thought it might as well as be a hatch. Nothing much here but just thought that hatch would go well with the college image.
    So I began searching for cars during mid 2008.
    Then shortlisted various hatchbacks.
    1. Hyundai Getz
    2. Maruti Suzuki Swift
    3. Chevrolet U-va
    Needless to say the first car I wanted to TD was Hyundai Getz Crdi.
    I had already been to Samta Motors Ambala in 2003 when we bought our Santro Xing Xs.
    The dealership is nothing much to talk about nor is the knowledge of the sales executive.
    So I will jump to the conclusion, after spending few minutes with the car and driving her for a few kms. I was in live with the engine.
    But the equipment list put me off, no abs, airbags, rear wiper, defogger fog lamps I a car worth close to 6 lakhs? :firey
    Though I really liked the car but I let the head rule the heart this time and so said no to Hyundai chief reason being lack of essential features. :thumbs down

    The very next day I along with my parents went to Modern automobiles the authorized dealership for Maruti
    Saw a gleaming silver Swift VDi , said to myself….looks good. But that slight moment of happiness was shortlived because as soon as I sat in the car I was really turned down by the cheap grey plastics. :A
    Didn’t even bother testing the vehicle. Came back home empty handed, again. :cry:

    I had to go to Dynamic motors, the local Chevrolet dealership to get my dads car serviced. There I saw the U-va.
    The looks were quite dated and the car did not exude a “youthful” kind of feeling. Didn’t even bother sitting in it.

    You guys must be wondering that apart from the Getz why didn’t I even TD the other two vehicles?
    The answer is quite simple.
    If I cannot stand out the inside of the vehicle or its exterior, then how can I buy that car for myself?
    I will be keeping a vehicle for 5 years minimum, and I don’t want to spend each day of those five years constantly whining about the car features or rather the lack of it.
    So there I was in a fix. Tded all the shortlisted vehicles but still no one would tick all the boxes. ?
    So I waited……………..
  2. Bala

    Bala Esperto

    Re: FIAT Linea Emotion Pk. MJD Hip Hop Black Ownership revie

    Welcome to the LINEA club,it's quite interesting,am eagerly waiting for the next post
    Happy motoring
  3. obliex

    obliex Amatore

    Re: FIAT Linea Emotion Pk. MJD Hip Hop Black Ownership revie

    Still Waiting ................
  4. ishlinea7260

    ishlinea7260 Novizio

    Re: FIAT Linea Emotion Pk. MJD Hip Hop Black Ownership revie

    sorry to keep you guys waiting.....

    Then somewhere in 2008 the buzz of the launch of All New Honda City was catching up.
    My Dad was ready to upscale the budget if he found out that the car was VFM and good.
    So I am at the dealership looking at this new car in red and I just loved its in your face grill, the BMW 3 series type tail lamps.
    Exterior wise I thought that Honda had done a pretty good job revamping the old city.
    The interiors………….
    Beige -check
    Steering controls- check
    Adjustable seats – check
    NO CD PLAYER!!!!
    NO ALLOYS!!!!
    And to make matters more worse Honda had not even given a button to change the air circulation mode , instead there was a stick kind of thing that reminded me of the old 800.
    I mean c’mon even the swift has that!!!
    I mean here I am in a really nice car showroom looking at a really nice car , but was she worth close to 8.3 lakhs ex showroom??? (S –M/T the had not launched the V model then.)
    Not at all.
    Did take a small TD , the engine – great, gears- slick , drive smooth.
    But IMHO the car had an inflated price tag just took a brochure , put down my particulars and came back home.
    Back home as mush as I was shocked by the cars features list people were shocked that the city didn’t meet my expectations.
    People were like ………go with the Honda you can never go wrong with a Honda or……… they are really low on maintenance………..great resale value blah blah blah blah !!!!!!

    I don’t care about the resale value when I sell the car why should I care about before I even buy one?
    Low on maintenance??? …I am happy if my car isn’t low on maintenance but high on features list.
    Had the car had all those features that I expect in a 8-9 lakh car I might have reconsidered my decision to buy a diesel car.

    But I am glad I didn’t………………………………………………………………………………..

    So there I was money in hand but not a car in sight…
    Then a friend of mine told me that Fiat is going to launch a sedan by name Linea.
    I rushed to my PC and googled Linea.
    And there she was.
    I spent hours just browsing through the wallpapers of the Italian beauty.
    The chrome grille , multi spoke alloys , slanting roofline , her lines.
    Needless to say I was in love.
    Finally when I came to my senses , I called my Dad up.
    Dad… I think I have found her.
    You see normally me and my Dad don’t share the same views , he is more practical head, and me well being a petrol head I sometimes loose the practical sides of things.
    But this time Linea clicked to both of us.

    So began the tough waiting period for the car to launch.
    And when you think it was about to get over, terror strikes Mumbai , and out of respect to the dead FIAL decides not to launch the car on the supposed date but sometime in early 2009.
    And you know what , when a thing is about to happen but it gets delayed then again that 2nd delay kills you more like anything.
    Like waiting for your exam results, or your order at a restaurant ,or your serviced car!
    ( No offence to all those affected with the terror acts RIP)

    So finally the day the car was launched I rushed to the showroom and did a TD of diesel.
    Since this was the first time I was driving a diesel , I felt it underpowered more so because I was used to driving my Dads Chevy optra 1.6 (RIP ? )
    But I knew there is that MJD underneath the hood , and is going to be easy on pocket both at gas stations or during the service.
    Back in the showroom I started checking the features list , and came to one single conclusion…
    Be it anything alloys, acc ,steering controls , cd player , USB, Blu and me and what not.
    Needless to say booked the car MJD Hip Hop Black Emotion Pack.
    And on 2nd February 2009…
  5. ishlinea7260

    ishlinea7260 Novizio

    Re: FIAT Linea Emotion Pk. MJD Hip Hop Black Ownership revie

    the following pics were taken at the time of delivery....




  6. kaps

    kaps Superiore

    New Delhi
    New Delhi
    Linea 1.4
    Re: FIAT Linea Emotion Pk. MJD Hip Hop Black Ownership revie

    Black Beauty. Nice write up ishilinea. The delay in launch can be really killing.
  7. Bala

    Bala Esperto

    Re: FIAT Linea Emotion Pk. MJD Hip Hop Black Ownership revie

    Hmm,your purchase story just brought back the memory of my buying experience,just the same,waited and waited for the launch,terrorist attack happened,it got postponed,the waiting continued listelssly
    But,one difference in my story is that I did not tell anyone in the family about booking the car,kept it a secret,only after a week after I had booked,showed the brochure to my Dad and told him that this is the car we are buying,he looked and said,it's good.
    A good write up,waiting for the next post
  8. J Ravi

    J Ravi Esperto

    Re: FIAT Linea Emotion Pk. MJD Hip Hop Black Ownership revie

    Enjoy your Italian beauty. Sorry to note that your thread is temporarily closed in the other forum citing some new rules.
  9. Andy

    Andy Esperto

    Chembur Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.3
    Re: FIAT Linea Emotion Pk. MJD Hip Hop Black Ownership revie

    good to note dat finally Linea was yor choice..
  10. ishlinea7260

    ishlinea7260 Novizio

    Re: FIAT Linea Emotion Pk. MJD Hip Hop Black Ownership revie

    thanks guys , will be putting up the ownership part shortly..
    am sorry for keeping you guys waiting , but have run into a few things so kinda busy but still stay tuned............ ::T

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