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Fiat Linea Combination Switch Price & Doubts

Discussion in 'Electrical Systems' started by Rafidheen, Jul 2, 2013.

  1. mayurshah

    mayurshah Amatore

    Rafidheen even i have same problem for my Grand punto.. so finally how did u get this replaced under warranty..what was the procedure coz earlier u said that service centre said that its not under warranty & how many days it took for them to replace?under warranty?
  2. Rafidheen


    They replaced one day after they agreed it is covered in extended warranty.

    Hi mayurshah,

    Actually, my previous owner not given the vehicle for service in regular interval mentioned in the free-service booklet. There are some delays in service like 4 months, 5 months & 8 months. Service guys verified this service history and said, the vehicle is not covered for extended warranty since there are some service not done on time. Initially they said like this. After that, I met the branch manager and informed him valid reason (1st owner always flying here and there, he will not stay in one place cause of his business) for the delay in regular service. He agreed and sent request to someone to consider it for extended warranty. it took 1 day time. The request is approved. Mean time i called fiat customer care to check whether the switch falls under extended warranty or not. Fiat customer care said, Combination Switch is covered in Extended warranty. So, the service center guy had no point of arguing with me.

    After approval, they took 1 day time to replace the Combination Switch. To finish the service it takes 7 days for me. Because i replaced Battery and C-Bed also.

    With regards,

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