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Fiat linea and punto in dash music system full touchscreen

Discussion in 'In Car Entertainment' started by sonu0214, Jul 26, 2014.

  1. Lino Antony

    Lino Antony Timido

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    Where i can find the this Head unit
  2. nmj

    nmj Timido

    Details in First post. you can visit www.virtueindia.com or connect with Santosh on 9611210003.
    --- Double Post Merged, Mar 27, 2015 ---
    BTW most of the niggles faced earlier are sorted out. The unit is working very well. It may be my view but I feel the sound has improved compared to earlier Delphi one. The unit also supports Mirror Link, Wifi/3G. Have not tried it.

    Couple of niggles remaining are -
    Sound mutes when I go into reverse camera mode (including a telephone call) - this is a feature but there is no way to turn this off.
    During a B&Me phone call, if a song is playing from USB (on the unit), sometimes it does not pause. It continues to play in mute mode. So after the call I end up with a different song depending on call duration.
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  3. rvlkiran

    rvlkiran Novizio

    Linea T-Jet
    Hello All,

    I finally took the plunge and installed the Virtue India head unit for my Fiat Linea 2014 T-Jet Active variant. I also installed the Alria reverse camera with obstacle sensor. The camera was hooked to the "Linea" logo chrome strip above the number plate. A hole was drilled into the centre of the number plate light holder to route the cables into the boot door. The camera power input has to be taken from the reverse lamp, by stripping/un-sheathing the factory fitted cable and attaching the camera power cables. There is a proximity sensor with buzzer, it's stuck inside the boot with double sided tape. It's quite loud, and suffices to be left in the boot for parking.

    GPS Antenna was brought out from behind the glove box, on to the dashboard and tucked into a corner of the windshield. USB & iPod ports brought out near the gear lever (same location where factory fitted USB port is available on Dynamic/Emotion variants). Tested the following working (Bluetooth, USB pen drive/music, GPS navigation, FM Radio, CD player, Reverse camera display, Reverse camera buzzer sounds if obstacle closer than 1 m). Pictures below:
    1. Bluetooth/phone dialing

    2. push open the display, and you'll see the DVD/CD loading slot with Eject button inside.

    3. Can Bus display - System time, Open Door (Graphical)

    4. Camera/Proximity sensor installation

    5. Slot into Reverse gear, and the reverse camera/distance indicator/parking guides shows up.

    6. Another picture of reverse camera display

    7. Start Navigation by pressing the 'Navi' button on the panel

    8. Map My India maps already loaded by Virtue India

    9. Menu/Home screen display

    10. USB port and iPod connector brought out near the gear lever
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  4. punto_emotion

    punto_emotion Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Looks nice! Can you pls post day light pic of the set up? So, what was the overall cost?
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  5. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto

    Now this is worrying, I hope the electrical warranty is not nullified.

    Some daylight pics for the above steps would be very helpful. How's the audio performance & Bluetooth operations? I assume it was a plug and plug kind of setup.
  6. rvlkiran

    rvlkiran Novizio

    Linea T-Jet
    Sorry for poor-quality mobile phone images taken in basement. Will post day-light pictures soon.

    Short answer: 24,500 (HU) + 2,100 (camera) + 600 (camera install) = 27,200.
    Long answer (Purchase experience):
    - I clicked 'contact us' button on Virtue India website about 2 months ago, to clarify some questions. The proprietor Santosh replied by email. He said I can place order by just email confirmation, no payment required. The product has to be pre-ordered and approximate wait time is 1 month (which became 2 months). After Santosh received stock, he called me and asked me to make payment. On Virtue India website, there is only "NEFT Transfer to Bank account" option. I asked Santosh for Credit card payment. He has a seller account on snapdeal, and he 'activates' the listing only when he has stock available. See here on snapdeal. He activated the listing and asked me to pay on snapdeal by CC. I was lucky to get approx 3,250 discount on Snapdeal when purchasing by App, and Free install offer from Snapdeal.

    I ordered the camera on Amazon. The HU installation is free from Snapdeal, installer charged me for Camera setup.

    I know, I was also earlier under the impression that HU powers the camera, but it does not. It has a Back 12V 'Signal' that it also needs to tap from Reverse lamp, upon this signal, the display automatically switches to Camera video mode. That's all the functionality available on the HU for Reverse camera. Well, I had come this far, I thought I'd take the risk and got the camera installed.

    Audio quality is slightly better than the stock HU, I retained the stock speakers. Bluetooth call quality is pretty good. Yes, HU set-up itself is plug-and-play, and hardly takes 15-20 mins. Everything required for install is available, including the tools required to pluck out the old HU (except for the strange screws used to clamp the old HU to the dash. That needed a special Allen Key + 5 pointed star combined screw driver, which the installer had). The camera set-up required about 1.5 hours. The installer messed up a little here. The Linea logo strip has 2 parts. One back-plate (which contains the number plate lamps) which is screwed to the boot-door, and stuck with strong glue for additional measure, and the clip-on Chrome logo strip on top of it. All needed was to remove the Linea clip-on strip, but Installer (and me too) didn't know it in the beginning. He wedged out the back-plate with a screw-driver to unglue it from the door. He attached some tape to prevent the paint peeling off on the boot-door during the wedging, but still he managed to remove some paint from the boot-door. Check closely on top of the linea logo in the picture where I showed the camera.
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  7. ghodlur

    ghodlur Esperto


    Thanks a ton mate for the response. Overall its a VFM buy IMO. Whats the warranty of the HU? I assume the seller is Dharwad based and doesnt have any servicing options in any major metros in case needed.

    One question - Is the Number plate lamp still there or replaced with camera.

    The Linea HU does come with DVD player whereas Punto player does not have that option. A big negative.
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  8. prihir

    prihir Amatore

    Where is GPS antenna ?
  9. harryaviator

    harryaviator Regolare

    Linea 1.3
    congrats on the buy.. working great.its a proud moment to see more people taking the plunge. Believe, i was the first one on this forum to take the plunge. had a lot of pessimism around me at the time of order. nice to see more people taking a liking to this system. congrats!

    gps antenna is normally placed on the dast board at the futhermost corner on the left
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  10. rvlkiran

    rvlkiran Novizio

    Linea T-Jet
    Number plate lamps are still there & working. There is a gap between the two lamps, where I've fitted the camera. GPS antenna is placed on the dashboard in a corner. I'll post a picture later.

    The seller is Dharwad based, and he offers 1 year warranty on the HU. I think in case of repairs we have to ship it back to him.

    Thanks @harryaviator , your review has been truly helpful.

    I had concerns on the warranty, but in the end I reminded to myself one of the quotes I read - "At the end of the day, we'll regret not doing something, than having done it and failed/struggled". There is no use waiting 5 years in the fear of losing warranty and not enjoying some of the conveniences that are available with the new HU like BT, USB, Navigation - but of course it's a personal choice.
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