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Fiat Linea and Punto clutch life

Discussion in 'Fiat OEM Spares & Accessories' started by Justin Das, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. SoumenPaul

    SoumenPaul Regolare


    I have Linea mjd 2009, done 43K not even a single issue with clutch, driven mostly in Bangalore city traffic, monthly once in highways 400km+, recently been to ooty via steeper route no sign of problem, sure it will go another 15k.
    Want to hear from other 3 yrs MJD owners...

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    Nice to hear that after 1.5 L Linea MJD is still going strong...even the mechanics in TASS normally says 1 lac for the MJD engine is nothing.
    I have done around 43K not even a single issue with engine, gear, clutch, Brake (brake pads changed twice) any mechanical or electricals, bluetooth or anything important.
    Moreover I found the paint quality is superb as it still shine like new when cleaned thoroughly. whereas a 1 yr old SX4 of my friend looks older than mine.
    Though I have a 3M coating (may be that is the reason). only problem was with seat height adjuster knob :) a very common issue I feel.
  2. ranconteur

    ranconteur Amatore

    Hi Justin , I got the exact same issue with my Punto (36k on odo) . The gears are very hard to shift when the car is driven for a long time . The dealer diagnosed it as pressure plates but my car hasnt completed 2 years . Can i get it changed under warranty..??
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  3. S.K


    My Oct 2009 linea mjd have odo 35k now
    Have change csc steel type when odo was 9k
    At 32k gear cable were changed ( problem was very hard shifting )
    Apart from this brake pad got changed at 19k and rotor skimming was done.
    Elastic pad were changed at 6k than at 12k again at 22 k this time it was change with new type as per SA .. now again at 34781 kms just before warrant getting over at 35k odo
    Wiper motor got changed under warranty but had to wait for 15 days for part in peak rainy season..
  4. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    There is no set clutch life of any car. Leave aside Punto/ Linea.

    One car with the same clutch mite do a lac, another 10,000. It all depends on how we drive it.

    Also, TASS guys/ all service centres are legendary for whitewashing things. To replace everything even if a fault is found in one component. That also leads to changing entire clutch kits for symptoms such as hard clutch etc etc. It's easier for them to do things this way.

    Another one is brake life - " Sir, the usual life of FIAT brake pads is 15,000km only" . Yeah right. :hit
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  5. sungoa2010


    Spare parts are also a source of revenue for car companies. It was a major revenue for FORD. I had read many people complaining that ford doesn't repair but they only know ho to replace. We all take our cars to service station. But we don't have any good mechanics, even if they are good we don't have faith in them. In early days a road side mechanic can fix many problems of the car. But in these days there are lot of technology involved and our mechanics are not updated. They lack the basic knowledge. What they learn is a how to replace the things. They are utterly poor in analyzing the problem in a given situation. Everybody want a white collar job. The carrier path for a skilled person in a service station will end up as may be a workshop manger, with totally detached from the technical areas. We hardly get a experienced person to attend our cars.
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  6. karan desai

    karan desai Superiore

    Morbi, Gujrat
    for how many kms are clutch assembly under warranty?? my friends manza quadrajet has hard clutch issues and is suggested to change the clutch plate. he has done 60000 kms. i dont think it will be covered under warranty
  7. bhai

    bhai Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    @ Karan

    Warrantee of clutch is except worn or burnt clutch.
    No criteria of km
  8. ranconteur

    ranconteur Amatore

    @ bhai

    does hard gear shift indicates that clutch is worn . Actually i am facing hard gear shift problem from a very long time but now gears have become very hard . The problem lies in clutch pressure plates . Can i get it changed under warranty ??
  9. keshav


    I understand that Clutch plate is not covered under warranty, as it's prone to abuse. But, what about the pressure plate and release bearing ?. I had started hearing a click noise while releasing the clutch at the biting point/half clutch. Also the gear changes were a bit jerky. Took the car to TASS and they have suggested replacing the entire clutch unit. There is no sign of clutch slippage or signs of worn out clutch plate. Will this be covered under warranty ?. I have covered 33000 kms.
  10. arjunr

    arjunr Amatore

    I am also facing a similar problem with my fiat punto 2009 MJD, I had a heard clutch and gear shift was not very smooth . I took it to the Concorde motors diary circle showroom when it was under warranty, those guys took it for a test drive and said the clutch kit has to be replaced under warranty. They asked me to book an appointment which took me 2 weeks to get .When I went the second time they said lot of fiat punto owners have this problem and Fiat has sent a circular to lubricate the clutch plate and then check for a month to see if the problem was fixed . I agreed to that and they lubricated the clutch plate . The stiff clutch problem returned after a month and I took it again to Concorde diary circle . This time The SA (Khan) said everything was fine and there was no problem with the car and Clutch is a wear and tear part so it will not be covered under warranty. I had argument with the SA but he said the clutch kit was a wear and tear part and it depended on my driving style . My car had run just 23-24k . My driving style is not rash and i take care of my car well.

    The clutch is still hard and the reverse gear fails to engage smoothly .Its like I have to force it everytime.

    I`m not sure if there is a way out of this . Can I get the clutchkit replaced under warranty ? Lately there is lot of tyre roll noise entering the cabin.

    These SA are more interested in Feedback we give to Fiat after the service than actually attending to customers . They have 2 SAs for entire Fiat range in concorde Diary circle but have 3 or 4 SAs only for Tata Nano . What a shame it is for the treatment Fiat gets.

    Is there a way we can escalate this kind of complaints ?


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