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Fiat Linea A Mistake.....

Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by Piyush, Aug 22, 2012.

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  1. SoumenPaul

    SoumenPaul Regolare

    I had a Maruti in Kolkata and found the service centres will do a good job only if you know them personally.
    Our driver had friends among the meachanics and my car used to get a royal treatment there :)
    Sorry to say this but, Once I was stunned to find 7-8 sealed can of engine oil below my seat !!!! Asking my driver I came to know that the meachnics there
    sneaked those cans by using my car and to collect later outside !!!!! This things may be prevalent elsewhere, but just shared my experience.
    Just imagine how many unsuspecting customers are running with the old engine oil !!
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  2. Thanks for sharing your experience.This is what I have been talking about,unsuspecting customers are fleeced here.
    When we had our esteem here,during servicing our driver used to take our car there,the SC asked him they will just put some fake jobs on the bill and he would get a share too.Luckily for us the driver was honest enough to share this with us and from then we have tried to be present during servicing.
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  3. BoseSuman

    BoseSuman Superiore

    Midnapur (W.B) & Hyderabad (A.P) India.
    Linea 1.3

    When you bought your car. If you bought 2012 linea then I can say plastics are really good now. Yesterday I went for neck rest to one of Car showroom, I checked both cars Plastics quality ( Linea Emotion 2012 & 90 HP Sports); they are soft touch now and really good.

    Don't compare with I20's Plastics quality with Linea/Punto's Plastic quality. If I have to give point on 100 scale I20 plastic quality are 90. My 2010 Punto Plastics quality are 30-40; where now Linea2012- Punto2012 Plastic quality much improved and easily I can give 65-70.

    And You have not done any mistake by owning Linea. Its preety good car, Please check Ravi Ji's exp ( Mr. J.Ravi) and treatment he got. Sales & ASS depends on the Car dealers, not with company, It varies with palce to place.

    Drive safely and if you face issue directly go the concern person in workshop to get it resolved, also call them in periodic manner to ensure about part availability, Work progress etc. Don't wait for them to comeback to you. If you do this for sometime they will give concentration to you if they are lazy now.
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  4. I'm sorry for the troubles Piyush is going through. I hope things improve. I believe the customers must write to Fiat India about the kind of service they get, region-wise.
  5. I was like :shocked to see the title of the thread... Before you @Piyush, I was yet to come across a person who had driven linea and not fallen in love with it... Who have taken her to places over the years and their love has not grown for her... Must say you do get the credit of being the first...
    While we wait for pics as advised by moderator... Again not with a view to prove your point but... You know, there are many experts in the team who can advise you of alternate possible solutions, I think, as pointed out by many others,your first step should be of changing the service Centre...
    Secondly... While you are comparing the Fiat with others, I think it might be better to keep the benchmark constant. Say if you are comparing the cost of spares and availability of sapres with maruti, then why compare the plastic with hyundai and Engine refinement with xyz. Everything top notch? Even the lam had to recall its cars from owners more than once..
    And last... Fiat are driver cars.. Spend time with your car... Understand her... Let her understand you... I am sure I will see you writing sagas in her love on the same forum in a very easily foreseeable future... !!!! :D
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  6. sungoa2010


    For plastic quality just look at skoda. The plastic and overall feel of a old fabia was superb. If you sit inside the Old elegance it is a superb cabin. You will not like any other car.But that part is missing now in skoda cars, rapid as well as fabia. Reason is they are now price conscious. Earlier they use to charge exorbitant prices and use to give top class interiors. It is same with Fiat. They are price conscious. But look at the refinement of Fiat engines. They are undoubtedly the top class. Remember the 1.4 TDI that skoda used to give along with a nuclear bomb at a huge price.

    My FIL's getz's dash is now sticky. It will give nice designs in our cloths. I don't think all getz have this problem. The same thing may be with your Linea's dash.
    It is always better to contact with one person in service center and next time when you go contact that person and ask him to attend. He will then understand the problem much better way. As shikhar pointed out personal contacts make lots of difference(in any service stations). We are looking forward that you get better service at next time. Please post some pictures of the beauty.
  7. punto_emotion

    punto_emotion Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Perfect! Forget about driving, I just fell for Linea and Punto at the first sight of these cars. Trust me, till date none of of the other cars on Indian roads made me feel so! God damn beauties these machines are! And ya, more the miles crunched, more we will start loving these beauties... I have driven my Punto @ 2200 kms in under 2 months. Everytime I feel sad to get down from the car! Just cant stop driving / admiring her.

    Coming to plastic quality. I absoultely have NO ISSUES what so ever. They might not be attractive to look at, but they are last to build! And no question about build quality. NO other car comes close to Punto / Linea. Can close my eyes and say. Just today morning, went for some work in friend's Verna. And while closing the door, due to lightness was feeling the door shoulnt come out. So used to closing heavy doors in my Punto now that rest of the car doors feel like piece of tin :lol:

    Enjoy this beauty mate. She will never disappoint u! Happy motoring
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  8. Piyush


    Yes it was leaking but no cracks on the glass the pasting has come off....

    ---------- Post added at 10:03 AM ---------- Previous post was at 09:56 AM ----------

    I am sorry....it's not that i dnt enjoy my car or i dnt love it like u ppl do....it is one of the best things that could have happened to me.....but when it comes to the problems i really get disappointed.....u can see from my earlier posts the kind of problems i have faced....and i am comparing my linea to only one car fiesta now classic....which happens to be much better in all respects except the exterior looks....be it engine, drive, plastics, reliability, cost of maintenance.
  9. !!! @Piyush: It is my personal opinion (like you have your own) that Fiesta does not compete on - build quality, engine, drive, reliability and cost of maintenance...
    Line has one of the best diesel engine!!!
    AT highspeed Linea is more apt to be one with the road...
    Drive... Fiat has always made driver's car.. and the feedbacks are awesome!!!
    Reliability: I have never seen any other sedan doing as many long trips (leave apart the SUV) as the linea... and..
    Cost of maintenance: no personal experience.. but following the thread of more experienced ones here... I do not think Fiat looses on that aspect!

    Believe me... yours is an exclusive case and needs to dealt with exclusively...
  10. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    While I could understand that you car has niggles but, whatever comments you have made is totally baseless.

    - Fiat's Multijet is much superior and modern engine than the Ford's 8V SOHC engine.
    - Drive??? In what means you say Linea lacks in drive?
    - While many have pointed out, Plastics in Linea is not great but not bad. It is better than the one I saw in many other C segment cars.
    - Reliability? I have driven 31k kms in 1 year and have taken my car to all sorts of terrains. Never failed me. Read J.Ravi sir's thread. His Linea has gone from Kanyakumari to Leh and also NE and Bhutan.
    - I have already told you about the cost of maintenance. You are again making baseless comment here. Better put down the comparative chart which you have spent for both Linea and Fiesta from Day 1. We would be happy to see how much it costed for your Fiesta maintenance.

    And Piyush, from the beginning, you are making comments just to downgrade a car without giving us any proof or more details. If do this again and again, you will lose the authenticity. Please provide us with concrete data to support your comments.
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