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Fiat Linea 1.4 FIRE Emotion Pack

Discussion in 'Linea 1.4 Fire' started by VahanPujari, May 16, 2010.

  1. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    Fiat is again moving fast on this & trying to close-loop everything with Fortune, Powai. Shall share details on some concrete developments.

    Meanwhile, today morning I saw an accident happening & saved myself from the blushes of being a party to it. It was raining heavily early morning. I was going at "cautious" :mrgreen: speed of 50 or 60 kmph on right-most lane keeping a safe distance from the car ahead. There as a biker who was on left side lane ahead of me. From his left a car zoomed & god knows what happened the biker was flung in the air, tumbled in air 2-3 times before crashing on the road & tumbled 4-5 times again. His bike flung ahead (as he was also on decent speed), went ahead on its sideways turned horizontal, dragged itself for 10-15 meters towards left & finally directly in front of my car in right lane. ABS breaking & Linea stopped in 10 meters to a dead-stop :clapping Did not want the rear car to tailgate my car else this could have been 1-2 meter less. Fortunately, biker was looking safe. I reversed my car a bit as I thought his bike was kissing my Linea, got down & asked him is he ok. Its only when I reached office & saw the front that I realised that the lower small grill on the front bumper (between 2 fog's) is damaged.

    Since I was interacting with Fortune Powai thro' Fiat for another issue, I called Fortune & got connected to store. Checked, the part is not available & since they've yet not shifted to new premises & still operating from make-shift one, they can't order.

    Called Wasan & spoke to Works Manager. Asked him 2 things -

    1. I wanna come there for monsson camp on this Sat or next Sat. Can I just drop in or need to take appointments? He said no need of appointment, drop in & we'll take care of it.[/*:m:imykoycf]
    2. Is the part I want available - He checked & said yes. I said no, you checked for black color part, I'm asking for Silver color one for my Linea E Pack. Again he checked, its available. [/*:m:imykoycf]

    But, I really don't know when shall I be able to go for this as in the meanwhile I might have to send car to Fortune for a couple of hours for them to check the other issue.
  2. kaps

    kaps Superiore

    New Delhi
    New Delhi
    Linea 1.4
    Close call there Amit. The guy who caused all this just vanished?
  3. Close call Amit and FIAT ABS and brakes I trust them the most, have been saved twice by the brakes this monsoon season.

    If you are planning for this Sat. let me know I will also join you for the Monsoon Check-up. Today my car became the victim of Mumbai's famous Logo Thieves :A :A . Have to get a new logo and seal it with Araldite.
  4. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    Yes, very close call indeed. And that guy who zoomed with his car causing all these just vanished. An auto rikshaw stopped & I got down to pull the bike upright & to check the biker. He was looking ok but I'm sure he would have internal injury/ hurt. The sight of seeing him tubmbling multiple time first in air & then on road is so scarry that my feet continue to shiever for 5 minutes afterwards.

    Arvind - I might be going to Wasan, Kandivali (W) TASC tomorrow 2nd half after 3 pm. Shall PM you my number, if you're joining, buzz me.

    And those logo thieves - morons they are. You don't like to see your Linea/ Punto without logo. Even this broken up small grill makes me so upset (does not look good) everytime I look at it.
  5. Andy

    Andy Esperto

    Chembur Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.3
    Good that u were on your linea which saved u buddy... With my experience with Wasan he does have stuffs in spares man.. And dats something very nice abt Wasan as of now... Not boasting abt him though but thats what ive observed so far.. from the Seat till the recent RHS ORVM they helped me pretty quickly
  6. NAREN64



    Scaaaaryyy :shocked
  7. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    Visited Wasan, Kandivali (W) TASC today for primarily 2 things (it was a quick visit from 4 to 6 pm):

    • Replace the front lower bumper Grill (got broken on Thursday trying to avoid that accident)[/*:m:2g98ghkr]
    • Monsoon Service Camp[/*:m:2g98ghkr]

    First the most interesting & surprising part.

    There is a MARKED difference in approach of Wasan Kandivali TASC. It looks surely something has happened. Its so pleasant. I know almost everybody there & today whosoever I met were EAGER TO serve me/ the customer :clap . It surely looked a total customer-centric approach. I spoke to Works Manager (WM) on Thursday. Reached at 4 pm & asked receptionist to see WM. Receptionist girl was so eager to serve the customer with genuine smile on the face all the time. She called WM & meanwhile I waved my hand to AGM & went to him to chat. Though he was very friendly, I could gather he did not seem to recollect that we met some 7-8 months back when my temper was on the roof calling Fiat's Corporate Quality executive to travel to Mumbai. As soon as I finished chatting with him, the receptionist came to me & said...

    She: Sir, I've asked the SA. He'll be with you in a moment. Pls wait in the lounge.
    (I started towards the usual lounge).
    She: Sir, pls come with me this side.

    By now I was startled as to whats happening & where is she leading me. She went towards the AGM cabin on the inside. I followed thinking that she is taking me to see WM inside somewhere. We passed the CRM cabin too. She opened a door where the plate read "Owners' lounge" & escorted me inside & asked me to wait.

    This is the 1st pleasant shock :-D . They've separated lounge for Drivers & Owners. Owners' lounge is smaller with very good furnishing, AC & a large LCD TV & was vacant except for 2 guys sitting there. Later I noticed that the earlier usual larger lounge is now converted into Drivers' lounge. Seems Tata is making a conscious effort to up the ante in Service. Don't get surprised if this is happening at all TASC.

    Receptionist warmly asked me for Tea or coffee. Tea came in 2-3 minutes & before I take 3rd sip, someone came & asked me to come out. 2nd biggest surprise :-D . Never ever the work on my car started before 45 to 120 minutes after reaching there. This guy took me to AGM's cabin. AGM greeted me, pulled an umbrella out of huge box lying in his cabin & said "Sir, a small gesture from Fiat" :) I was like :eek: . Then he asked that guy to take a snap of mine, him & the umbrella strategically positioned in my hand. Again a seriously conscious effort to get into customer psyche, put him at ease & make him feel good. Steps in right directions.

    I come out & was looking for that guy thinking he would start the work on my car. 15-30 seconds & the receptionist girl hurriedly came to me asking - "Yes, Sir. What can I do for you?". I said I'm looking for that guy. She asked me to follow her & took me to the SA. As usual, I expected SA to be under pile of Job cards of others & patiently approached. He was making Job card of my car! 3rd surprise :clap And wait... I thought I'll have to tell him on items I want him to work on my Linea. I started with Monsoon camp. He knew. I said front grill to be replaced. He knew. I asked its emotion Pack & its Chrome & Solver Grill. He knew & said he has already checked it. Surprise, surprise & I'm losing count of them. I asked him to check Break & Clutch also as Ashay told me that he felt it harder in my car. SA took me to the car. 2 guys were already opening the bonnet. Another Surprise. Never ever the work started so fast after reaching there. I asked what all is included in camp & was told all usual checks, all lights, all fluid top ups etc etc. I didn't inquire much. Someone quickly brought a plastic cover & covered driver seat. Oh huh :-D I asked if Air filter cleaning is also included-Yes its include. My next question - Is Pollen Filter cleaning is also included. SA said he'll do it for me if I want. I felt so comfortable, went back to the lounge & sat. While going to the lounge, I got hold of the accountant & asked him that my full name is not correctly mentioned in their system & everytime when I say at the time of billing, I was told that I should have mentioned it earlier. The accountant explained me the entire procedure that it needs to be done when SA prepares the job card. Now, he personally took me to the SA & asked him to ensure that its done. He even explained him the procedures & assured me that it'll be done. What's wrong with everybody at Wasan Kandivali today :mrgreen: :wink: ?

    I came out after 45-50 minutes & went to the car. The service check seems to have been over. However, no activity of replacing the broken front grill. As usual I went & got hold of the SA. He came immediately & in 2 minutes, 2 guys brought the new grill & started removing the broken grill. It was 10 minutes job. I went & waited in the lounge till SA completed all formalities. Paid & came out. The car was all along in the service bay & someone was cleaning the interiors !! (usually, the washing & interior cleaning happens on the other side & there is always a que, you have to push the guys to take your car first. Not this time! I asked that I'll be leaving directly from Service bay as its too late (6 pm) & did not want to wait for washing. Never expected someone to come to service bay to clean the interior.

    Full of surprises !! A MARKED difference.

    The price of lower bumper central grill was Rs. 1344 + Rs. 125 labour. I asked that when I checked with other TASC, I was told Rs. 750/-. SA said thats for Black grill (Active variant) & not for Emotion Pack Chrome Silver grill.

    Pic of the umbrella:


  8. Amit, nice to see the marked difference in the attitude of the TASS guys. Kudos to them.
    Lets beleive that this is not a one off incident but a permanent change for good.

    Btw,did you remap your ECU for better AC cooling ?
  9. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    Nope. I remembered it after I left Wasan. Neither they mentioned anything about it though SA said he'll change Clutch Slave cylinder to my complain of hard clutch. I said its already changed twice in my car. He said he'll bleed it then. I dunno if he has done it or not. Seems its done as the car fells smoother.

    I'm not very keen on that AC upgrade so soon. Its monsoon, quite pleasant weather, next is winter & neverthless AC of my Linea is working very well.

    However, given that its an update, I would get it done when I've enough time at TASC. This time it was a quick visit, not much time.
  10. J Ravi

    J Ravi Esperto

    Pleasantly surprised to learn about the exclusive owners' lounge at Fiat TASC. Hope, they do it in Bangalore too. Nice umbrella to go out in Mumbai's torrential rain.

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