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Fiat Linea 1.4 FIRE Emotion Pack

Discussion in 'Linea 1.4 Fire' started by VahanPujari, May 16, 2010.

  1. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    4000 for belt and 850 for a mere ECU scan are bollocks. 850 ! For something as ridiculous as an ECU scan.

    I'm at a loss for words here.
  2. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    And 650/- for stone guard repair!
    Disgusting. I'm in no mood to go there to collect the car tomorrow. Let Fiat or Tata endorse these charges first.
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  3. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    5th Service @ 60,000 kms - INVOICE AMOUNT

    Got the car today.
    Actually, SA SMS'ed yday that final bill amount (excluding door painting) is Rs. 23,238/- :mad: with a further discount of 2,000/- (total Rs. 4,000/-) given. I was not in a mood to pick up the car. Today, another SA called & asked that car is ready to pick up. Total Bill amount is Rs. 23,238 + Rs. 3,225 for Door Painting = Rs. 26,363/-. And for that I got some free scratches on rear bumper of my car. Wanted to move out fast from there, so just got it touched up, paid & left.

    My reading of the situation is...

    I wrote & spoke to Fiat & it might have intervened. However, there was no word on appropriateness of labour charges for various items (Brake Pad/ Disc replacement, Oil seal leakage, ECU scanning, Stone Guard repair etc etc). So, I assumed these charges would have their endorsement. I felt that Fiat tried & I also felt that beyond a point it can't do anything. But then that's a path we've chosen with Linea/ Punto. To be fair to Fortune, it gave a discount of Rs. 4,000 on labour. But the original labour was so high that net effect is still high, I felt.

    Can anybody from Mumbai post labour charged from other TASC in Mumbai for above items?

    Does anybody know what are the labour charges in Mumbai for these items for Manza Saffire?

    Anyways, the entire experience left a bad taste in mouth. And I did not even felt the smoothness in running of the car which is typically felt after each service :mad:

    Following are the Invoice details. Door Painting cost is kept separately from Ownership cost as that's additional work I got it done.

    This service has increased my ownership cost to Rs. 0.728 per km :(

    Linea - Cost of Ownership - 60000 kms - 1.jpg

    Linea - Cost of Ownership - 60000 kms - 2.jpg
  4. sungoa2010


    Now it is clear why TASS charged 900 for coolant. The problem with concentrated coolant is that the viscosity will be high and flow will not be effective, resulting poor heat transfer. It is a very crucial and can create overheating problems. If TASS has filled concentrated coolant without dilution,I would suggest to take the vehicle to TASS and ask them to do it properly. And they should return the money charged for those extra coolant. It is not your fault.
  5. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    I'm not going there again.
    Little search on net shows that brake pad change for manza is rs. 250 and that too in delhi. There is no reason why should it be rs. 1200 at fortune for Linea.
  6. sachinls3

    sachinls3 Amatore

    Is there any way to show this to Fortune and ask them for explanation? I am sorry I haven't gone through the whole thread so in case if you have already fought them I am unaware.

    But thes are ridiculous charges and scary too, I can't imagine spending this much on my punto 1.2. If it is this which is really coming our way then I am better off with my bike and State Transport for long distances. Petrol itself is equal to a bomb price these days and now if maintening a petrol vehicle is this much then public transport is much better.

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  7. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    Those of you who have got the following jobs done, can you revert with following Labour cost (only labour cost, Do not include Parts cost):

    Linea/Punto Model:
    Brake Pad/ Disc change:
    Timing Belt change :
    Clutch Change/ Overhaul/ Gear box opening:
    Paid Service Labour cost:
    Wheel Alignment:
    Wheel Balancing:
    ECU Scanning:
    Stone Guard repair:

    Would like to see difference in cost in different cities and difference in cost within Mumbai City, if any.
  8. fiatlover

    fiatlover Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.4
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  9. Tron

    Tron Superiore

    @Amit, after looking at fiatlovers post i think your TASC played with you big time! Those are some charges like 'Hiroshima & Nagasaki!!'
    If you want i'll ask my SA for the above charges, lets see how much he is saying.
    Btw for an oil change how much these people charge you? As im following 7k kms span for oil change, i did oil change from Galaxy SC & they charged me 1000Rs for that! How much is it in your case?
  10. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    I knew about some of the costs. Some labour costs are an issue. But no the engine oil cost. Its standard as earlier.

    Why I did not object while paying....

    - I was fed up and tired.
    - I felt Fiat did what best it could do.
    - aankhon ki sharm. Fiat has always helped. Even Fortune works manager was very supportive earlier. Mainly it was aankhon ki sharm. Did not feel like fighting with both of them for a few thousand rupees.

    But I would hate to see anybody else paying more than required and hence asking for details to show what is right. My episode is over and I'm not going to talk to Fiat or Fortune about it again.

    Yeah, please post the details you have about the labour costs.

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