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Fiat Linea 1.4 FIRE Emotion Pack

Discussion in 'Linea 1.4 Fire' started by VahanPujari, May 16, 2010.

  1. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    4th November, 2009

    On highways with 100% time AC ON, I get FE of 14-15 kmpl typically

    Within City, it varies (B2B traffic). I'm in Mumbai. In morning, from home to office (31 kms), I typically get 12-13 kmpl with 100% AC ON. While in evening back home, on the same route, I get 8-10 kmpl 100% AC ON.

    FE varies with avg speed, my observation as below (I always drive with AC ON 100% time):

    Avg speed 40-50 kmph - FE is around 14 kmpl
    at 35 kmph - FE is around 13 kmpl
    at 20 kmph - FE is 9-10 kmpl
    at 15-16 kmph - FE is around 8 kmpl

    During my last trip back from Lonavala, I got an astonishing FE of 30.3 kmpl (Diesel kinda FE in a Petrol Linea) for a stretch of 25-30 kms.

    Manual tank-full to tank-full gives me 14-15 kmpl on highways (100% AC ON)

    & within city, Mumbai B2B traffic, it gives 10 kmpl (100% AC ON at avg speed of 16 kmph only)

    Linea's MID is quite accurate. Typically the difference comes only 4%-5% i.e. 0.3 to 0.5 kmpl difference when compared to manual tank-full method

    My Petrol Linea returned with astonishing FE (though for a distance of 25 kms only) while coming back from Lonavala. Pics below. 30.3 kmpl (AC ON) is the highest I got for short distance (previous highest was 18-odd)

    [attachment=1:28h0dbzb]2009-10-04-old (38).jpg[/attachment:28h0dbzb]
    [attachment=0:28h0dbzb]2009-10-04-old (39).jpg[/attachment:28h0dbzb]

    This 30.3 kmpl, as I already mentioned earlier, was only for 25-30 kms when I drove light-footed on Pune expressway. It started from 12 kmpl & once I decided to try driving light-footed, it starts quickly jumping up. Since its for short distance, it could be due to driving conditions & style. This is the highest I got for a short distance trip. Earlier highest was 18 kmpl within city in early morning when traffic is less.

    9th November, 2009

    For top ups, ensure they pour right product - Linea coolant is ParaFlu - Orange color is for Linea, Blue color is for Palio. Even Blue ParaFlu would be ok for Linea.

    Selenia K is Engine oil for Linea Petrol
    Selenia 5WD 40 is Engine oil for Linea Diesel

    19th Novemeber, 2009

    I've been out of traveling continuously & have been away from Linea, able to get hands on her only on weekends when I come back. The car remains parked & covered during weekdays

    On 31st Oct'09, when I reached back home after a week-long tour & started the car, it showed ABS failure msg on MID. Waited for a day, still the msg does not go off. Went to TASS. Attached the scanner/ ECU analyser. It throws up msg - Rear right wheel speed sensor issue. SA checked it but found alright. Only when the car was raised on the ramp, the culprit was known. Rats !!! The ABS wire was dangling, duly cut/ chewed by rats. Got it repaired & came back. Bought a insect-removal spray.

    Off to another weekly tour & this time used that spray on all the 4 tyres, inside of bonnet, road surrounding the tyres from where rats are expected to enter.
    Came back after a week. No problem.

    Again went on a weekly tour after observing the same rituals as above. Came back on 14th Nov'09, entered the car. Whew !! Front passenger art-leather seat cover was chewed at 3 places. Started the ignition praying god hoping no further damages & worrying about the main wiring assembly. Car started, no problems --- except AC fan not working .

    Rats again !!

    As I'm taking Linea on a 2000 km round trip to Gujarat from this week end, it was imperative to get it repaired.
    Went to TASS. The guy checked all fuses, everything is ok. then he bent beneath the Glovebox, & started checking. After 10 minutes, stood up & gave the verdict - rats have damaged the wiring & entire wiring under the dashboard needs to be checked to see what all is damaged. Had to leave the car there. The expected damages was to the tune of Rs. 3K - 4K.
    Next day I went on tour. Afternoon SA called & said work is over & he is sending the car to my home. I asked expenses, he said Rs. 745/-. No further damage but only AC/ fan wiring.

    For a few days during that time (Nov/Dec’09), I employed several things simultaneously to avoid this rat menace:

    • Tobbaco pouches - placed on seats & floor, Tied with few wires/hoses under the bonnet (nearer to where windsreen ends in 2 corners & several inside the engine bay area - can't explain exact locations, service advisor did it)
    • Napthalene balls - on floors
    • Rat trap Glue/ Gum strip - placed on rear parcel tray
    • Begon spray for insects - after parking the car, I spray it on all 4 wheels & inside arcs & surrounding ground, also spray it under the bonnet across the boundaries

    2009-10-04-old (38).jpg

    2009-10-04-old (39).jpg
  2. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    3rd December, 2009

    Drove Linea to Gujarat on a 2371 km round trip. Left on 21st Nov'09 Evening @ 5.30 pm, with night halt at Surat. Left Surat @ 7 am & reached Junagadh @ 4 pm.

    On way to Surat, we took a break for tea-snacks at Hotel Sahyadri, just before the Guj-Mah border. Very nice hotel with nice food.

    All my earlier complaints for not being able to put hands on Linea (due to work traveling) for more than a month, evaporated as soon as we left Mumbai. Even if I wish to be modest, I must say Linea is the best car on Highways on this side of Rs. 10 Lacs (even better than some cars > 10 Lacs) with its amazing Ride & Handling, Confidence-inspiring Braking, Superb HPS steering & wonderful hold/ grip/ stability on the road . The coolest experience was that on bends, Linea just cruises at the same speed like water flows without feeling the need to reduce the speed & without any body rolls. Its superior Driving Dynamics as mentioned above ensures this. Its like You just give commands, she'll exactly the same thing you want without any deviation.

    This time I resisted on limiting the speed below 130 kmph all the time maintaining it in 100-120 kmph range as family was there. There were 4 adults & 2 kids in the car. The entire 505 Ltrs of the boot was filled to the fullest.

    The Lineaexperience on Highway-driving was awsome & justified every bit of the risk taken of driving 2371 kms.

    During the Gujarat tour, Linea travelled in all kinds of tarrains - from excellent Gujarat Highways to the kuccha roads with sharp & big potholes & stones, covering Surat, Junagadh, Mendarda, Sasan Gir Lion Sanctuary, Keshod, Satodad-Vavdi, Dhoraji, Sultanpur, Sanali. Except for Surat, Junagadh, Keshod & Dhoraji, all others are small villages.

    Linea (Petrol) FE Update - 1

    Distance - 209 kms (Highway - from Surat to outskirts of Mumbai - Virar)
    FE - 17.1 kmpl on MID (100% AC ON, 4 adults + 2 kids + every inch of 505 ltr boot stuffed)
    Avg Speed - 58 kmph on MID


    Linea (Petrol) FE Update - 2 (FULL TANK)

    Distance - 560 kms (Highway - from Junagadh to Surat)
    FE - 15.2 kmpl on MID (100% AC ON, 4 adults + 2 kids + every inch of 505 ltr boot stuffed)
    Avg Speed - 57 kmph on MID
    FE as per Manual tank-full method was 14.6 kmpl (diff MID vs manual - 4%)

    560 kms is the highest run in a full-tank by my car. And there was still 8-10 ltrs petrol available, it would have easily covered 650 kms. And 15.2 kmpl is the highest FE got on a full-tank drive/ stretch.


    Travelled totally 2371 kms (1800 kms on highway & remaining in city or village roads), 100% time AC ON, below are the snaps of MID:










  3. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    Few snaps during the Gujarat Trip


    The Great Sasan Gir Lion Sanctuary


    8th December, 2009

    Wanna share an incident at Junagadh.

    All my brother's friends took TD of my Linea. Actually, it seems Linea has generated a lot of interest in a city like Junagadh. One of them told me that he liked it very much & wanted to purchase it since beginning. But all his family members & elders warned him & he admitted that he could not go against them.

    He said that thereafter he brought his OHC VTEC to Honda dealer to exchange it with Jazz or ANHC. But the dealer gave him quote of 1.5 Lac for OHC VTEC which put him off.

    9th December, 2009

    Sharing another experience...

    I've never been a fan of feeling nitrogen in tyres. However 1.5 month back, when I was getting fuel filled, the nitrogen was available at that pump. So just out of curiosity & just to give it a try got nitrogen filled for Rs. 100 with 2-times free refill in next 6 months.

    Read on forums that if you usually fill 33 psi normal air, then for nitrogen the appropriate pressure would be 30 psi. However, I got them fill 33 psi nitrogen. THe ride became a bit bumpier which got alright after say 15-20 days.

    I took Linea to Junagadh & after being there for 3-4 days, have noticed that the speed brakers which were not scrapping the bottom in 1st 1-2 days have started scrapping it. So got the nitrogen pressure checked. It was 28 psi & lower . Within a month of filling nitrogen, the pressure reduced from 33 psi to 28 psi & below. So much for nitrogen retaining pressure for 3-4 months.

    Got the normal air filled again to make it 33 psi. And those specific speed breakers stopped scraping the bottom.

    Derived 1 conclusion - Nitrogen does not serve any purpose & in fact, reduces the Ground clearance as pressure reqd is lower than normal air. I think maintaining > 33 psi normal air means better ground clearance & also excellent Ride. (Further updated later – decided on Air pressure @ 34 psi in completely cold tyres OR @ 36 psi in warm tyres)

    As per Fiat Linea owner's handbook, the cold tyre pressure specified [for fully loaded] is 2.3 bars + 0.3 bar for warm tyres. 1 bar = 14.50326 psi.

    2.6 bars = 37.7 psi
    2.3 bars = 33.4 psi

    A couple of things which prompted me to increase the Air pressure

    • When air pressure is reduced say from 33 psi to 28 psi, obviously the speed brakers which usually did not scrap underbody also starts scraping it.

    • I usually fill 33 psi & later increased it to 34 psi 9Cold Tyres) OR 36 psi (Warm Tyres). This is almost as per Linea manual.

    • I'm sure even at 36 psi, ride won't become bumpy in Linea, I'm already doing 33 psi with excellent ride

    9th December, 2009

    Just called Service Manager to check whether my car is in the list for replacement of clutch slave cylinder. He promptly said its there in the list. I was surprised & asked how do you remember my specific cars. He said all cars manufactured before Oct'09, they're changing the CSS.

    I just had been to TASS on last Sat for less AC cooling due to rat menace. Had I known it earlier, could have got it done that time.

    16th December, 2009

    Came back after a week from travelling on biz work. The 1st thing I'm happy to notice is that it seems the rats have not found shelter in Linea attractive this time around. At least it seems so.
    Tobacco pouches working wonders coupled with Glue strip, napthalene balls, Bagon spray etc etc
    Shall have to allocate some time to take Linea to TASS for CSS replacement (my car is there in the list being Mar'09 mfrd).

    There are lots of small scratches thanks to the washer guys (during my gujarat trip, it got washed/ cleaned by several guys). Had not waxed her since last 2-3 months. SHall have to do it ASAP.

    20th December, 2009

    One of the seniors in my office took lift in my car twice in last 10 days. He had Honda City earlier & now also has Honda CRV. The first time he said the car is very very stable (it was Mumbai B2B traffic) & feels very solid. 2nd time i.e. on last Friday, he remarked its stability kind of feels tank-like while riding in it. I don't think he is a car enthusiast & knows about the tag 'tank"

    24th December, 2009

    My car badly needs a round of waxing. Its frustrating that I'm not able to spare time dues to commitments since last several Sundays

    Today while coming back from office, I hit a big pothole on W.E. highway at high speed. There was a buig thud & my heart sank. However, nothing seems to have damaged/ happened.

    Still not able to spare time for CSC change. May be I'll do it after 1-1.5 month at the time of 2nd service.

    There is extensive material which I read on the net that teflon coating is not advisable.
    I've planned to get 3M Paint Protection Treatment OR WAXOYL treatment done when car complates 1 year. This takes care of small scratchs/ swirl marks which are inevitable & happened during the 1st year.

    I'm facing this one typical issue. When the Sun is in front, the glare of dash is reflecting in the front windshield too much. Is there a way out? May be to make dash matt finish from shining :p





  4. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    21st Sept, 2009

    Last 2 months, I haven't done the waxing on my Linea. I got a Turtle Super Hard Shell Liquid Wax 2 months back & decided to use it today. It took me 2.5 hours but the results are much much better than Formula 1 Carnauba wax I am using.

    Let the pics do the talking. First few pics show difference in shining of the area which is waxed v/s the area which is not waxed yet.

    The Hood.. Lower portion is waxed, the upper one is not waxed. See the difference.

    A-Pillar is waxed. The Front fender, Bonnet, ORVM, front door are not waxed. Check the Difference.

    Rear fendor is waxed. The boot top is not waxed.

    Bumper not waxed.

    Bumper not waxed. Can the bumper also be waxed? As the difference is quite obvious.

    Turtle Super Hard Shell Liquid Wax bottle...











  5. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    26th December, 2009

    For the First Time, today I came back more than delighted from Wasan Motors TASS (though had to spend almost entire day there). Reached there at 12.30 pm for CSC change & left it at 6.30 pm.

    As usual it started with usual dillydallying. As soon as I entered, SA attended imdtly. Apart from CSC change, there was nothing except for some noise coming which I asked to check. Then as usual car kept lying, no one attended for 30 minutes, its 1 o'clock & lunch time till 2. At 1:45 pm or 2 pm, the work started. The technician was good this time, it took only 30 minutes for him to get the CSC changed.

    The old CSC

    The New CSC

    Alongwith CSC, this new Lever is also changed

    I noticed that there is considerably drop in Coolant level - its almost 1 inch lower than min level.


    This has happened 2nd or 3rd time. A month back TASS topped up the level. Earlier I got it chacked for leakage & there was no leakage. Why coolant level reduces? The only reason came my mind is that during my Gujarat tour, I used the heater. Earlier also Max defogger button's usage lead to Coolant level reduction. Any other reason you could think of?

    My Linea was always without any rattles/ squeaks & super silent. However since last 1.5 months, on uneven road surfaces, there is this "gud... gud" kinda noise which started coming. It was audible only when AC & Music are off. This time I asked SA to check for Link Rod & Anti Roll Bars. However, he just put the car on the ramp & tightened the bolts of Engine guard. Went on trial with an experienced Head-Technician. The noise was still there. He said it could be due to link rod. They changed front left side Anti roll ball joint under warranty & voila the noise is gone. This time SA & TASS are going to get 10 out of 10 points, though I ended up spending almost 6 hours but came out a happy man.

    Now, what is the effect of CSC change? The clutch seems to have become smoother i.e. the reverse pressure on the foot is considerably reduced. Though I'll have to observe it for a couple of days to check the effect.





  6. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    27th December, 2009

    3.5 hours of High Calorie Burning....

    What is it? Excercise/ Yoga? Football Practice ?

    Naah. Its the tough DIY Wax polishing on my car. However, Satisfaction guaranteed. Every minute of those 3.5 hours is worth it. At the end of it, got so tired that I did not wax'ed the roof.


    One guy who stays in next building stopped by when I was waxing the car yday. The 1st question he asked was "Average kitna hai" (why have we not surprised?).

    He: Average Kitna Hai? 7 kmpl ?
    Me: 15 kmpl on highways & 9-10 kmpl in Mumbai city
    He; That's very good. Whats the price you paid?
    Me: 7.75 Lacs.
    He: How's the car?
    Me: Fantastic.
    He: I've that Palio (shown me parked nearby). Car is excellent, only issue is service & parts availability. Fiat cars are great to drive. No one including Maruti matches in that respect. But resale is very low.

    Any manufacturer in India would do well with good FE, Lower price, good resale, good A.S.S., damn the Ride/ handling, damn the BHP's/ CC's etc etc. This is the 5th guy asking me about the car & the 1st question was always "Average kitna hai?"

    30th December, 2009

    Some 10 days back, I got a call from JD Power Asia Pacific. Some sort of consumer feedback survey for Fiat cars. It was a SUnday afternoon & I was at a shopping mall. After 5-6 questions, I asked if its going to take more time, can we do it later. He said it'll take 5-7 minutes only. He went on asking questions. They were all close-ended questions only. Some questions where you can not answer in a mere Yes/ No, I tried to give descriptive details. He patiently heard me but at the end again asked the same close-ended question asking - so, what would you say - Never, Ever, probably or most-probably ?

    It went on for more than 10 minutes, his accent was irregular & I got irritated as I was at a wrong place for this. To give full justice to it, I would have preferred it to do this while at home or office not out in a mall. Asked him to call back next day, he was protesting but I disconnected. He called again the same day evening at around 7 pm & completed the survey.

    31st December, 2009

    I always used to fill 34 psi normal air in all tyres in my Linea. THough I do not believe in Nitrogen-filling at all, I got it filled 3 months back just out of curiosity when I was at a petrol pump, with 33 psi in all tyres. THe ride fellt a minor bit bumpy for a few days. After a few days I observed that the underside is scraping many bumps which it earlier never used to scrap. Got the pressure checked, it was 29-30 psi. Got to my own self again & refilled the normal air.

    2 days back, I inflated the tyres with normal air with 36 psi in front tyres & 34 psi in rear tyres. NO DIFFERENCE IN RIDE AT ALL. This is the pressure I'm going to maintain now on with a variation to make rear also 36 psi when in full load. THis time it was filled in cold tyres.
    I shall never fill Nitrogen again.

    2nd January, 2010

    So, What is the effect of new Clutch Slave Cylinder:

    The car seems to run smoother than before. The clutch has become quite smoother. The reverse pressure exerted by clutch has reduced. The effect of Typical Fiat clutch (with long ply & high reverse pressure) is reduced.
    The pleasant Italian Engine growl in 1st & 2nd gear seems to have increased. SHall have to observe more though if this has really happened.

    In fact, I tend to feel the pick up has very slightly reduced. But that might be due to different clutch pressure to what I used to earlier.

    Also, FIRE engine is as silent as a mute. Twice or thrice I thought the ignition is off when it was actually ON & tried to double crank it.

    That Italian growl is typical Fiat engine growl. And I love that growl the most. Afterall am not Petrolhead just like that :mrgreen:

    6th January, 2010

    Got 38 psi in front & 35 psi air in rear tyres filled yday. No diference in Ride. What's bumpy ride ?
    Jokes apart, Linea has a class-leading Ride. I don't think slightly higher pressure in tyres would make much of a difference in RIde. On the other hand, this higher pressure is actually helping in avoiding underbody scraping a few bumps which scraped at 29-30 psi pressure
    PS: Only mistake I did was that the above pressure air was filled in cold tyres instead of warm tyres. Never mind. lets see, how it goes



  7. Chaos

    Chaos Regolare

    Edinburgh, Scotland

    Watch out for tyre wear in the centre (middle) of the tyres... If there is nil then i guess you nailed the pressure required to maintain in the e+ linea.
    BTW do post the pressure reading when the tyre is hot. In case a check is required on hot tyres..
  8. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    Actually, I checked it a couple of times, even during the Fiat's service camp & shown it to the Fiat Representative there. There was no uneven tyre wear :)
  9. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    9th January, 2010

    My car is full of small clear coat scratches (& 2-3 slightly deeper scratches) & Swirl marks. I had always planned to get a paint treatment done after car completes 1 year so that those inevitable small scratches & swirls can also be taken care of. There are 2 treatments I'm looking at to choose one from: (1) 3M or (2) WAXOYL. 3M has 2 treatments - paint protection & surface refinement. However, at ground level what they actually are doing on new as well as old cars is surface refinement :shocked . I had asked 3M guys at 3 different dealership - last time I asked him to show me the bottle also. He showed me bottle of the cream they apply on entire car - it was Rubbing Compund :shocked . In that way, WAXOYL sounds to be better. But looking at my 1 year old car with full of swirls & small scratches, I'm wondering which treatment would I go for out of these 2 ? Details of both treatments & link as below:

    http://solutions.3mindia.co.in/wps/port ... Exteriors/


    13th January, 2010

    Y’day, I'm saved by the "tank" from some serious injuries.

    In morning, I came out to go to office. As soon as I touched Western Express Highway at Kandivali Mahindra flyover junction, there was a big flying stone about 1.5 inch diameter flung from the flyover at high speed. I was driving below flyover on service road & was at 40-50 kmph speed. The stone was coming directly towards my face inside. By instinct I ducked, the stone crashed with the front wind screen & I thought the wind screen is going to crush. The impact was so much due to speed with which it came down & its mass. It was 1.5 diameter solid stone.

    Surprisingly, nothing happened. The wind shield is as good as ever. No crack, nothing. There is just 1 small point-spot where stone's covering soil is stuck to the glass. When I reached office I tried to remove it. It got faint, shall have to see for 3-4 days if there is any small scratch happened.
    This reminded me that years back I was travelling on highway in my ford ikon & suddenly someone shown me a very small crack-hole on wind shield. A small pebble/ chip might have flown but we neaver even heard it. I had to change the windshield then

    19th January, 2010

    38 psi air in front & 35 psi in rear which I got filled in cold tyres turned out to be very comfortable. Not a single speed braker/ humps (some of which used to scrape underbody when air pressure in tyres was around 30 psi) had any opportunity to scrape underbody. The Ride was as smooth as ever. So, now on I'm going to maintain following tyre pressures (Normal Air only - never a nitrogen):

    COLD Tyres: 36 psi front & 34 psi in rear tyre
    WARM Tyres: 38 psi in front & 35 psi in rear tyre

    EDIT: w.r.t the Windshield after the flying stone impact, there is no mark now. No Scratch. Nothing. The small mark I mentioned was the soil stuck with the glass due to the impact & speed with which the stone struck the windshield. Sigh of relief !!
  10. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    20th January, 2010

    FE update

    Tank-full to tank-full

    100% AC ON, 100% Mumbai city driving with Bumper to Bumper traffic which has gone worse in last few days - takes me more than 2 hours to cover 31 kms from office to home in evening

    Avg speed - obviously as low as it could get - 14 kmph

    FE - 10 kmpl (10.5 kmpl on MID)
    Had it been any other city with normal traffic, the FE would have been min 12 kmpl. On the same route, in the morning I get 13-14 kmpl.

    On highways, earlier I posted 15 kmpl FE for tthe full tank & some 17-18 kmpl for 280-odd kms from Surat to Mumbai

    The car is super silent. No noise. What is rattling ? :-D 14,000 kms crossed 2 days back & awaiting 15K km service which would happen in next 15 days. Things to do in service:

    Check Coolant leakage
    Change Central AC Grill (may be entire Central Fascia) under warranty
    Clean Pollen filter

    21st January, 2010

    14,200 kms (on ODO) & counting !! Can't wait for the 2nd service.

    A query - Is there any relation between Coolant & Engine power/peppiness? Lemme explain.

    Last month, I got Clutch Slave Cylinder replaced. When that happened, I also got the coolant topped up as the level decreased substantially. I asked him whether he just poured water or put some coolant also. Technician said that he put in coolant as they had an open bottle (I really do not know how true is it). Imdtly after this I felt lack of power in 1st, 2nd, 3rd gear & also in 4th & 5th gears to some extent. I initially thought it might be due to CSC change, was not sure of that.

    I'm an aggressive driver. You got to be one when you drive in Mumbai B2B traffic where there is fight for every inch. I was getting very irritated for this reduction in power & overlall peppyness & thoguht I would ask it during 2nd service & if need be, shall get CSC changed again . However, another thing happened yday. Early morning before taking out my car, I checked coolant level. It has reduced considerably. So, I just poured normal water - only 50-100 ml. I started the car & wow... She is back to her normal self. Same power in 1st / 2nd gear, same peppiness which I always found missing in last few days :confused .

    It happened imdtly after pouring water in the coolant tank & hence the query though technically there does not seem to be any connection between the two. The only other possibility seems to be some "kachara" in Petrol or air/ fuel filter got removed.

    22nd January, 2010

    2 days back, in Mumbai B2B traffic a moron biker squeezed his bike on left front side & zapped past my linea with his leg-guard brushing front left corner of Linea bumper :punch . I wanted to shout at the top of my voice but off he was zigzagging in the traffic.

    Yday, some other moron has scratched the front of the bonnet :punch . THe scratch is horizontal & is 1.5 to 2 feet long. It seems to be a clear coat scratch

    I dunno what has happened, but since last 2 days my Linea has become super/ ultra/ Silky smooth. A slight push on the pedal & off she goes. There is a clear visible, tangible difference in her reaction time.

    23rd January, 2010

    The Fiat badge on the boot on my Linea was stolen multiple times. In fact, after my car, now all the cars in the vicinity of my residence are now seen with their badges stolen. It looks ugly, real ugly. I got fed up & got a printer guy make a Fiat radium sticker & affixed it there. Now I'm thinking of getting an embossed sticker made. But this is interim solution. Nothing looks as good as a logo/ badge. I'm looking for a source where I can buy 5-10 no.s of Fiat 2nd hand badges !! Anyone from Mumbai listening ??

    Pics of the Fiat sticker are as below (and don't ask about that mirror-like paint gloss on a 10 month old car full of scratches :mrgreen: . Its a culmination of lots of calorie burning of 3 hours waxing job on a Sunday morning)


    24th January, 2010

    As I mentioned earlier, when my car faced the rat menace, the rats have chewed a small portion of front passenger side seat covers. Here is the pic. Am still wondering what to do:

    • Should I go to installer to ask him to change those 3 portions of 1 beige & 2 black sideways portions ?
    • or Should I leave it as it is?
    • or any other DIY alternative ? (I've a small portion of the same art leather material (but black in colour)


    29th January, 2010

    14,500 kms & counting.

    2nd service appointment is taken for 6th Feb'10. Awaiting eagerly

    Oh God, Oh God !!

    Here I was talking about finding alternatives of Rear Boot Fiat Logo & here some crooked guy has flicked front Fiat logo from my Linea from my office parking :A :punch . It seems to have happened between 3.30 pm to 4 pm today. I strolled out for some work & when I passed thro' I did not notice abscence of the Logo but when I came back 10 minutes later & was passing by, just a cursory glance caught that Logo has gone.

    That front logo is difficult to remove. Earlier I saw some scratches around it someone tried several times to remove it but in vain. Today when I saw the base beneath the logo, it shows several deep scratches all around (thankfully its not painted surface but a metal base). Someone has really worked hard to remove it.

    Have called security guy & shown him & asked him to take action & warned him that if action is not taken against this thief, he'll flick logo's of all cars in the office compund. He is going to check the security camera. Lets see !!

    PS: My 2nd service Things to do has 1 more addition - Front Fiat Logo. Am not going to affix rear one but surely will not keep Linea without the front logo

    This is my 4th Fiat Logo stolen :A . 2 rear ones, 1 Alloy wheel logo & this time the front one. Forcing me to run my Linea with a Made-to-order Radium Fiat Sticker :(




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