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Fiat Linea 1.4 FIRE Emotion Pack

Discussion in 'Linea 1.4 Fire' started by VahanPujari, May 16, 2010.

  1. fiatlover,Kedar bhai
    dont use petrol..
    the paint will become dull. no matter with what you try polishing the shine(glaze) will never return.
    better leave the stickers as it is.
  2. FastLove

    FastLove Superiore

    Linea 1.4
    I agree srikar....I am not touching those stickers

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  3. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    Bonnet Repainted, Finally !!

    Got the Bonnet repainted, finally. Those eyesore scratches made by passers-by & naughty kids have finally vanished. The paint match is perfect. However, I was expecting a factory-finish, flawless like-new surface. Instead, when I look at the bonnet in the light, I can see swirlmarks & some faint scratches kind of stuff (beneath the topmost paint surface, can't feel the scratches) though its visible only from close range & only in lights reflections.

    Few pics....




  4. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    4th Service (45,000 kms) Done !!

    4th Service (45,000 kms) Review:

    Done at Fortune, Sakinaka. Dropped the car on Thursday morning & was to get it back on Friday evening. But they took 1 more day & delivered only on Saturday evening.
    • 4th Service done with standard Engine oil / Fuel Filter / Air Filter change & other checks. Surprisingly, Pollen filter is not changed though the Job card & Invoice mentions work done on complaint of "AC fan speed slow" - AC filter cleaned & Cooling checked.:confused:
    • Driver side Window switch panel was not working- Done. Some winding & wiring work done.
    • Tyre rotation, Wheel Alignment & Balancing done (Wheel alignment report is attached below).
    • Fuse Box lid is fixed, finally. And even the Glove Box lid is fixed removing panel gap :)
    • Bonnet repainted
    • Rear bumper touch ups done - small black spots where paint peeled off as driver brushed it with a wall while parking :(
    • I asked to check Brake Pads. There is no feedback if it required a change. I changed it at 30,000 kms. I think it'll last more. Though, next time the car goes to TASC, this is going to be my standing instruction to check Brake Pads every time.
    • I had a standing complaint of clutch being hard. When I drove FastLove's Linea during Fiat factory visit, I felt the difference. My Linea's clutch was always hard since beginning. I had complained this 4-5 times. Every time either Clutch Slave Cylinder changed (3 times) or Clutch Master Cylinder changed, once Clutch Pump replaced, once clutch was bleeded but the issue never gone. This time I asked to solve it once and for all. Clutch Kit is changed with overhaul. Clutch has now become smooth & I felt what I've always been missing:( Unfortunately, the gainer is my driver as he now drives my Linea :(

      TASC first said that clutch repair work might not be under warranty as its 44K kms already (above 25-30K kms) but works manager knew that I've always be complaining about it since long and he has the records in the system about my complaints. I also dug out few records I found & sent him following details:

      26/12/09 - Clutch Hard - Clutch / Drive Plate Remove & Install (replaced Clutch Slave Cylinder)

      12/02/10 - 15,000 kms service - Clutch hard - Clutch Slave Cylinder replaced

      16/02/11 - Clutch hard, check - Clutch Pump replaced, Clutch Slave Cylinder (Steel) replaced, Clutch Master Cylinder (Remove & Replace)

      Total Clutch repair cost is Rs. 7,149/- out of which a whopping Rs. 4,500/- is towards labour:eek:. Right now I paid it as I did not want to leave car at TASC for 3-4 days more while they seek warranty from Fiat. If Fiat honors the warranty, I'll get the refund. I feel Fiat should honor the warranty as the issue was since beginning & reported also quite long back but was not solved. Fiat has always been kind & honored warranty.

    Total Service cost (without clutch repairs) = Rs. 5792.68 excluding tax (Rs. 1200 service labour cost)

    Linea 4th Service Invoice details.JPG

    Wheel Alignment Report:

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  5. FastLove

    FastLove Superiore

    Linea 1.4
    Dude...i m the happiest person (after you) to know that the bonnet scratches are gone :) let alone your linea...I hate to see any linea with slightest of visible scars.

    Happy too that you got your clutch fixed too.
    My clutch still feels like what it felt on 3rd December :) so I guess this time they done a better job...I am sure thats true in your case too ..

    and so you see how cheap it is actually to maintain our beautiful linea . Very acceptable bill for a major service. One important reason for that is that ours is a petrol car.

    Happy motoring with fiat dude :)

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  6. J Ravi

    J Ravi Esperto

    Even my Linea did not get the AC wire-mesh filter replaced during the third free servicing recently. When I asked the SA about this, he informed me that earlier, the pollen filter used to get replaced during every servicing. But, the wire-mesh filter, which had replaced pollen filter, could be reused after cleaning with air jet.
  7. vahanpujari
    iin the alignment, the camber for the left wheel is a little less than normal.
    will that be a printing mistake or did they do something to the alignment and makde it go awry?

    nice review.
    these fainst scratches are real pain. they show up only in bright light.
    the best thing to do is get one of these scratch out or similar products.
    and use them on the car, slowly, panel by panel. these scratches will not be visible and the better part some of these contain wax in them already!!
    so polish also done!!
  8. rajbajwa


    Hi Amit,

    Like Shahjahan, I too am happy to see your car bonnet shining like new.

    On the stickers part, you can remove them easily. My friend Ismail with a same Flamenco Red linea had the Fiat stickers taken off from the doors easily without any scratches or marks.

    I once had removed an ugly Dealer sticker from the car (It's a different frustrating story where after servicing I saw the dealership sticking their name on the car without the owner's approval). I removed the stickers on my own and the glue which was left behind on the body came off very easily with WD40. It didn't pale the paint polish. I think you can remove the stickers (Which is a tedious process) and then just use a bit of WD40 to remove the glue stains which get left behind.

  9. rajbajwa
    you are talking of stickers that are a couple of days old at the maximum.
    but these stickers are like 6 months old. even if you remove the stickers, the difference in paint can be made out.
    the part where the stickers are removed looks better(shining) than the part where the stickers were not present earlier
  10. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    Raj & Sri,

    You both are right. Its not impossible to remove the stickers. I think Ratan also removed it. But its almost 7-8 months since the stickers are put on. Also I could see that TASC has tried. In some corners I can see the sticker cracking as TASC has tried to remove it but could not. I can also try but my only worry is if the entire sticker is not removed & it tears of in part, then removing it could be tiresome/ not possible and leaving it would look ugly. So, decided to leave stickers as it is. Will have to find some professional to remove it or will speak to Ratan.

    I've 3M anti rust treatment with 5 years warranty & free applications. However, I forget every time to ask TASC to do the free application. THis time also I forgot:eek::(

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