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Fiat Linea 1.4 FIRE Emotion Pack

Discussion in 'Linea 1.4 Fire' started by VahanPujari, May 16, 2010.

  1. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    12th June, 2009, 5:30 pm

    Called TASS to confirm the Sunday 1st Service appt. Shocked to know that they're not aware that someone from Fiat H.O. Corporate Quality team is coming to see my car on Sunday as I was intimated by Fiat, Pune. Got furious again & wrote following mail to Fiat on 12th June, 2009, 5:55 pm

    12th June, 2009, 7:28 PM

    Received email from ceodesk signed by Fiat India MD that Mr. XXX XXXX is going to come to see my car next day

    12th June, 2009, 8:11 PM

    I don't think they would be coming. But if issues are not attended to on Sunday, I'm going to raise a hell for sure
    Following are from my blog written in a state of agitation (clearly showing :mrgreen: )

    13th June, 2009, 00:48 AM

    Till now I was ok that atleast there is an intent on improving & may be still is. But now I can say old habits die hard. They'll have to really change & it'll not be easy.

    I heard GP also share the same interiors as that of Linea. I'm now clear on 1 thing - These plastics that they've given in Linea will trouble them big time. You just have to see & touch them & you'll know.
    Glue is OK, but how will they change how the levers & plastic caps/ covers are fixed or even made as they look so fragile. One thing is the material & the other is fit & finish.

    More importantly the intent. 2nd & 3rd escalation mail, I had marked even to CEO desk. The guy called imdtly & I did not say anything just asked - has he read my mail? He said yes & himself offerred that they want to inspect my car - when & which dealer i can leave it. When I asked details he said Quality team will come. But when I checked with the service station for the agreed day, there is no intimation that anyone is coming. Most certainly no one is coming. Its such things that irritates one when someine tries to pull a fast one.

    In 1st service on Sunday I've no expectations - though I've a list of 10 - 12 items to be taken care of (all small items). Linea advisors won't be there & they didn't tell me that when I booked the appointment earlier.

    They surely have to learn what is called professionalism in their entire service set up starting with dealing with customers to service station.
  2. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    14th June, 2009

    Went to TASS for 1st service & scheduled meeting with Fiat Corporate Quality member.

    Neither he was to be seen nor was there any information with TASS or even GM. GM knows me from our earlier interaction (my fuse busted earlier on TASS as well !!). So, he propmptly went down dialling Tata/ Fiat service officials. Checked with the 1st guy - no info. He starts dialling another guy. Just then I received an SMS from FIat Corporate Quality person that he is on the way.

    I took SA to the car & shown the cowl like plastic thingy which was found lying on the floor. He found the location. That thingy gets fitted just below A-Pillar !! Now wait a minute these cowls on both sides of my car are intact !! So, whose car's cowl is this :D ? It might have been left by a technician from some other car while working on my car during my previous visits :p . And for that & a Rs. 25-30 plastic cover under driver seat, I held Fiat to ransom & called his Quality guy all the way from Pune ??

    Fiat Corporate Quality person came surely all the way from Pune to Mumbai. Am really happy to see Fiat's response driven straight from CEO Desk for a seemingly small issue.

    I discussed with him about plastic quality, shown him the missing plastic cap, shown him all the levers & discussed many things.

    Plastic cap - He came with 3-4 pieces of this plastic caps & alongwith placing driver side cap, he replaced the passenger side cap also as they've added 1 clip inside in this part so it holds tighter.

    Chrome beadings
    - He asked me about Chrome beadings. I said I've already fixed it with Fevi Bond, a rubber adhesive. He said I seem to know quite a few technicalities as that is one of the right adhesives. Both side front driver side Chrome strips were very slightly displaced. He fixed those as well with Fevi Bond. Unfortunately, when we asked service station executive to bring in the adhesive, he brought Fevi Quik . Oh, I was so right earlier fixing the strip myself with Fevi Bond as I was not sure which glue they'll use. The right adhesive for these Chrome Beadings is Hit Lock (may be Pidilite-made) which comes in small round Blue colour bottle. Both of us tried to find it in the market but could not hence used Fevi Bond only. Those Linea-owners who face this issue should try to get Hit Lock first & if not available then Fevi Bond does the trick.

    Driver Seat Height Adjustment
    - We tested this on a bumpy ride for sometime but the seat didn't come down. We discussed it comes down sometime after 2-3 days & sometime even after 1 hour. He asked me to observe & if the problem persisted, he'll get the mechanical assembly changed.

    Overall I'm quite happy & appreciated that Fiat took the initiative to address the issues. It seems Various Plastic Levers though they look fragile are hard to change & won't be changed. But Fiat is backing the customers in every such issue faced & rectifying them or replacing them. In any case Levers in my car are intact without any issues till now.

    OK, now about the 1st service. There was very little to do as it was kind of routine check up. Have not changed gear oil & went with Fiat-recommended schedule. Got the Wheel Alignment done (Advisor was hesitant & asked why I want to do it as I got it done last time 1.5 months back). Saw the air filter getting cleaned. The car seems to have become smoother now. I also complained about AC beling less cooler. After service, I found the Cooling has substantially increased. Don't know what they did.

    A small incident - midway during service I went to ask him to speed up & I saw them do the Glass itching which I did not ask for. When I saw the regn no., I found he itched someone else's car's regn no. on windshield & front driver glass of my Car

    As I mentioned in earlier posts, a few service items you had specified would get forgotten, thats what I observed during my few service station visits. It also is not reliable. I mean My Ford service expeirience was impeccable - If I mention an item to be taken care of in service, I could close my eyes & rely on them that it'll be done perfectly. With Tata's I think I'll have to use "Dadima ke nuskhe" like Fevi Bond more.

    Total Service Bill - Rs. 75/- for some consumables, nothing else was charged
  3. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    16th June 2009:

    Finally the bride is groomed with the wardrobe - The Seat Covers.
    • Always wanted to have twin pockets on the back of the front seats - got 1 with Zip & the other usual open. Have this bad habit of stuffing things
    • Never liked the Black portion protruding when Rear Armrest is pulled down. Its now covered when the Armrest is not pulled down & will remain covered when the Armrest is pulled down ! :)

    The Seat Covers are made of Art/ PU Leather. The material is thick, soft & with matt (non-shiny) looks which I so wanted. The inside of the material is like cloth-type so does not become very hot in sunny conditions. The inside of the 2 pockets on backside of front seats are also made of the same material & not usual cloth as I've seen inside-clothes always tends to tear (the way it wears in Wallets if the inside cloth also is not genuine leather).

    Also, I got Neck-pillows covered with the same material in Black, will post the pics soon.

    These Seat Covers are fitted on the OEM covers without disturbing it a bit. The other option (which by default he was about to apply before I stopped him) is to un-stich the OEM covers from the central horizontal stich-lines & to insert a small rod (actually thick wire) & then clip that with the rod inside the seat. This would have given the seat an excellent rich & tight fit with small bulges between stich-lines. But was not comfortable with disturbing OEM seats (if it was Stanely, its another matter). Hence, there are minor Fit N Finish which I'll try to remove by some "Dadima Ke Nuskhe" , if I can find any.

    The other option I had was AutoForm India. Liked their art leather material but there was no provision of customising various things as mentioned above, hence went with this fully-customisable solution. It costed me Rs. 4000/- + Rs. 200 for Neck-pillows covers. Thats why I mentioned that they are more "Fashion Street" kinds rather than "Inorbit Mall" kinds. For non-Mumbaikars, Fashion Street is a major Road-side market near Churchgate/ Fort for Casual Cotton clothes.
    Yes, for Colour on Rear Armrest I was also in dillemma to go for beige or black & it was a decision on the spur of the moment. I saw someone’s rear armrest in black & was looking alright. The other thing is children will definitely spoil rear armrest & beige would get dirty soon. But in hindsight, I think it was better had I gone for beige there as well.

    Rear Armrest was the top-most thing for which I looked many many seat covers & options on the web. Somehow I liked this Zipped solution instead of the usual one hence went with it. I first asked him to do the door trims also @ Rs. 1000/- extra & then cancelled it as was not comfortable him opening the Door panels etc. Had it been Stanely, would have gone for it + Gear Knob + Hand Brakes like yours.

    Anyway, my mood (or the thought processes) changes with time. Amongst the premium or Stanely covers, I liked them on some Linea’s & for a while it tempted me also big time. But that time I was not in mood of spending Rs. 25K though every ruppee spent there is worth it.








  4. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    19th June 2009 - 4000 kms update:

    • No Rattling Sound, No Squeaking noise either. Am absolutely enjoying the Chico Italiano beauty.
    • Absolute stunning looks, a Head-turner. My car's washing guy once told me that he sees all the passer-by's staring at the beauty
    • Love the Foldable key - another novelty
    • FE is also good (mine is petrol Linea) - 14 kmpl on highways & around 10 kmpl in Mumbai B2B traffic (avg speed only 17-18 kmph). On Saturdays, even city-FE is 14-15 mpl.
    • Family enjoying Rear AC Vents
    • Wifey also likes Rear Sun Curtain very much & as soon as she steps in the rear seats, the Sun curtain is outta from its socket properly gets itself in place shielding against the scorching sun.
    • USB & CD Player - both together are a must. Can't live with only USB as its cumbersome to first get the CD & then copy it on USB & I don't have time to download songs either. USB is also helpful.
    • Steering Mounted Controls are a boon.
    • Am just loving the Blue & Me - copies my phonebook on car system, accepts my voice command to call others, accept commands to change various car / audio settings, receive calls, etc etc
    • Fog Lamps help in various conditions - particularly when visibility is an issue like extreme Mumbai rains or Delhi fog. I like to have to Fog lamps ON irrespective of visibility - the car looks very good.
    • Alloys are a stunner
    • Automatic Climate Control is also a boon. In my earlier car, I had to continuously change it & still I used to get affected by cold every now & then. Now that biggest irritation is absolutely gone due to ACC
    • Wifey loves the Boot as she has a habit of stuffing things. Also the boot capacity is fully maximised with hinge-less closure mechanism
    • Love the little but very very important Safety features - Dispaly gives warning if a door is not properly closed with even citing the exact door. It also gives warning chimes if Seat belt is not fastned.
    • Follow-me Home Headlights throws lights for 20/40/more seconds when I leave car in dark near my home.
    • Absolutely comfortable & Stable. Superb Ride & Handling qualities. You throw her in the corner even at high speeds, she stays planted & even family in rear seat does not feel any body roll
    • Took her to 160 kmph speed a coupla times
    • I just love her front masseratti-like nose with grills like Audi.
    • Engine power is adequate for me & I'm a no slow driver (In Mumbai B2B traffic, I hate to see any car going ahead than me - & Linea is living upto the expectation in most cases only exception being when I do not push hard for fear of neareby Autorickshaw scratching my Chico Italiano.

    Overall, am extremely satisfied with Linea. After all, @ 8 Lacs, which car gives pleasure of all these Equipment, Features, Looks, Ride & Handling, Size, FE, Convenience & Luxury
  5. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    29th June, 2009

    Another Long weekend. And another visit to TASS

    Reasons were as follows;

    1. In 1st service, they forgot to remove the dealer name sticker from rear widshield. Got it removed.

    2. One issue I noticed that when I press the Hazard blipper lights button (on the central console), the entire button-panel (housing remote boot opening, rear defogger & hazard lights buttons) goes inside. It has become loose from left side & became flexible instead of fixed. Spoke to Tata CSM, TASS AGM & Fiat Cor Quality Manager - Got this fixed. They replaced the "Central Fascia" (part name) as the button-panel was alright - the Silver colour panel housing the Central AC Vents. This was replaced under warranty. Someone here mentioned that his Linea's central AC vent got damaged but the TASS said it'll take much longer time to replace etc etc. I suggest you get it changed, it takes only 15-20 minutes & covered under warranty.

    3. Rear Right Quarter Glass Chrome beading fell off prev day. I was always suspicious about it after left side beading fell off earlier & was always afraid it to fall off & to lose it. So, 1st rains & I decided to check, it was loose & came off imdtly. Good, have not lost it. So, I thought to get it fixed at TASS if they have the new glue - After talking to various people at TASS, some said the glue would be available whereas the front-end staff was not aware so I was doubtful about it. During gruesome wait for 2.5 hours I decided to fix it myself during their Lunch Time. Fixed it with Good old FeviBond (which now stays in my Glovebox) there at TASS itself. Checked Left side chrome beading also (which I fixed a month back with FeviBond) to check effect of rains. It was Rock Solid - Fevi Bond is more solid & stronger than The Turkey Glue

    4. Last time as I mentioned, they itched front windshield & driver side glass with someone else's Regn No. on my car. Did not want to go for glass-itching but then do not want to land in RTO trouble either becoz of diff regn no. So got all glass itched with my car's regn no., of course FOC.

    5. I told AGM that after 1st serice imdtly the wiper fluid got over. Why is that & why the same was not topped up in 1st service? They topped it up that day (with normal water?) - Next day morning I thought of adding more water & drops opf colin spray. But shocked to see that even after pouring 1.5 litres it did not get full. So checked under side. Ooops, it was leaking. All the water was coming down at very fast pace. Called AGM imdtly and told him again I have to take the car (prev day had to blast him & everybody for the delay) but he said Wiper tank can not get damaged & he'll send someone to my home to check & fit properly. The guy came in at 4.30 pm, checked & declared that Wiper fluid tank is damaged. There is a crack clearly visible from top. He checked with his store, the part is not available & will come in 4-5 days. And then another TASS visit...eerr
    I reached there at 11.45 am & was attended properly by the TASS Service Manager. He said he received my mail which I sent to Fiat corp Quality person day before. After 45 minutes, the Job card was prepared. However, for next 2 hours my car was not touched for any of the above work specified. I lost my fuse & blasted everybody left right & centre. Things moved briskly then & within 45 minutes everything got done.

    I departed telling them how I wish not to have to visit TASS for next 3-4 months & everytime end up visiting it. And again next weekend.........

    12th July, 2009

    Another TASS visit update:
    Got viper fluid tank changed. It was ordered 15 days back. DId not come for 12 days, finally spoken to that Corporate Quality person from Fiat who came & met me earlier. Did he send the part? No, he sent the vendor (who manufactures & supplies this tank to Fiat) with a fresh tank for replacement. Meanwhile, the TASS ordered tank also came separately.

    When I went to TASS & introduced the vendor to TASS, they were like SHOCKED to say the least. I asked the vendor that he did not need to come when the tank has reached dealer previous day. He said that they wanted to assess how viper tank can get damaged. This is the very first case & they supply it to not only Linea but Palio, Tata cars, Logan & whole lot of others.

    Linea "Built like a Tank" ? You bet. The viper tank was fixed in its place with 2 big Rivets instead of screws (surely they would not have expected it to get damaged). TASS mechanics tried every trick to break/ crack the Rivets to no avail. It just did not budge. Finally they had to remove the rivet by drilling it. The rivet was also not budging against the drill. It took them 1.5 hours.

    Till date
    No Bonnet Bulge
    No Squeaking Noise
    No Rattles
    No Niggles

    Since meeting Fiat Corporate Quality Officer in Jun'09, I had been contemplating whether to go for change of entire driver seat height assembly or not. WHat used to happen is while ingress & egress, thigh used to touch seat height adjustment lever & subsequently after a few days the seat height used to go down a couple of notches. Finally, decided to go for it, called him & told him so.
  6. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    15th August, 2009

    Took Linea on a Romantic date to Goa. Detailed Photologue is here -->> Beauty on the Beach - Bombay to Goa - Fiat Linea - PART 1 - Aug'09

    1. During entire journey of Bombay to Goa, the best thing I've experienced is Lineas Brakes. Great Brakes. They give tremendous confidence while driving & thereby increases driving pleasure immensely. Simply superb. Never ever my earlier car Ford Ikon's brakes gave me even half of this confidence.

    2. While I reach back Mumbai tom, my Linea would complete 7000 km. TASS visit is pending & will happen after a week for - 1) Seat height lever/ assembly, 2) Wiper Nozzle, 3) some sctaches on bumper & 4) I might get the Engine Oil flush & changed alongwith oil filter change.

    3. Bombay to Goa - Distance - 620 km
    FE (100% AC ON) - 13.7 kmpl (70 km in city + 550 km highway)

    Avg speed - 62 kmph

    Return journey Goa to Mumbai

    Distance : 610 kms

    Avg Speed : 66 kmph

    Driving Time : 9 hours

    FE : 14.4 kmpl (80% of journey AC was ON)

    I think my li'l grouse againt the FE of my Linea has been put to rest (with those figures of around 14 kmpl) by the beauty. She performed exceedingly well in all aspects throughout.
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  7. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    26th August, 2009

    I received a call from Tata Johnson, Fiat Vendor for Seat Height. Fiat Corp Quality officer asked him to call me !

    Congrats Fiat for having such a dedicated Corp Quality officer in your staff. He is indisposed, is operated on & is at his native. Still he SMS'ed back to my call day before & then though I asked to wait till he resumes, he arranged the vendor to speak to me today to start the solution process. Without him, my perception of Fiat Service might have been entirely different. Till now he has never failed in responding.

    Vendor suggested me change of height lever. I said Corp Quality officer has mentioned changing Lever & a small assembly also. I also said I'm an active member of on-line auto forums & a couple of forum friends have got it done. He says he is OK with it.

    Vendor said that the part for seat height is imported from Germany, comes thro' Bangalore & is expected by 1st Sep'09 & he'll give me a call once received

    30th/ 31st August, 2009

    Went on a drive to Loanavala on Aug'09 last week-end. Got late & could start only by 10.30 am on Saturday. Got stuck in some traffic at Powai & could hit ExpressWay only by 12 noon.

    But thereafter, it was a cruise. Mind-blowing experience again (after Goa Tour) within a week. Rainy season, cloudy weather, ExpressWay & Linea's superb Ride & Handling - all together made it a deadly combination.

    Touched 165 kmph again. She returned with FE of 13.7 kmpl while going & 14.2 kmpl while coming back (90% time AC ON).

    Ride & Handling is simply superb. No words to describe it. On those curves/ ghats, she felt so safe & assured & inspires confidence. At times I felt that she just cruises even at high speeds on curves.

    Unlikeliest Heroes were the WIPERS. Fantastic. The best I've seen. It does not leave a trace of a water layer nor a drop behind. Usually, in my earlier car, I used to change the Wiper blades every monsoon & my experience is after 1-2 months the rubber blade gets slightly damaged (though some care taken) & starts leaving slight layers after wiping. Not these wipers. too good.

    Another frequently used feature on this trip was Rear Defogger. Quite helpful & a boon in such weather.

    What I'm surprised at her performance as far as GC is concerned. The interior road to our Uncle's Bunglow was entirely broken. That 2-3 km patch was full of potholes, with big big stones (8-9 inches big ones), that too not evenly laid but scattered with potholes as deep as more than 1 foot. I was sure that underbody WILL scratch number of times. But it did not except for 2-3 soft brushes. But then I also honored my responsibility & tried to keep wheels on stones & tried not to allow wheels to go down a recess/ pothole.

    On Sunday, we went to nearby Pawna Dam & had Motor Boat Ride. The road to Pawna Dam is very very scenic.

    Few snaps....

    The visibility on the curves/ ghats was only 3-4 meters beyond which it was difficult to see

    The Bunglow where we stayed..
















  8. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    30th/ 31st August, 2009

    Can't resist to post a few snaps of Nature's beauty at Lonavala during monsoon before posting some car work updates:


    Next 2 pics are of Pawana Dam...


    I asked the "Bhajjiwala" there if this weather is there today only. His reply was "nahi. ye mausam roj aisa hi rehta hai baaris ke 4 mahine" (nope. This weather remains everyday for 4 months of monsson).

    I generally never go anywhere in Lonavala but to enjoy the nature, not even the famous Bhushi dam which is so crowded on weekends.

    I actually freaked out, frankly. With gay abandon (very strong chilling wind blowing). See following snap (Sorry, my face is not photogenic :mrgreen: )












  9. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    31st Aug, 2009

    Seat Height Assembly parts & Levers (Modified ones) will be received by the vendor tomorrow i.e. 1st Sept.

    Have fixed appt with the Vendor to come to Mumbai & with TASS for coming sat 5th to get it done.

    Alongwith that, thinking of following to be done:
    • Engine Oil Changed - ODO shows 7500 kms & I think its time to get the oil changed for the 1st time. Have yet not tested it with fingers. shall do it today.
    • Front & rear bumpers has some scratches. also right side ORVM was it 2-3 times by oncoming vehicles with scratches on mirror cap. would like to ask them if they can do something on these by rubbing compund or some touch ups
    • Glove-Box fitting to be checked. There is always 0.5-0.75 cm gap between edges when its closed. Vinay Pillai's car's Glove box (pics in his ooty thread) is perfectly aligned
    • Underbody wash - Car has run Mumbai-Goa-Mumbai-Lonavala-Mumbai - some serious 1500-2000 kms run in muddy roads as well
    • Fiat Badge Rear :x
    • Coolant level to check
    • At Loanavala 2-3 times while idling, the car blurted out small whistle-type sound. When engaged in gear imdtly it vanished. What is that? Definitely nothing serious but want to get it checked
    • Clarify on ORVM heating
    • Front Driver door - small rubber bushing to fix (which is missing). Rear Left door - check rubber bushing/ packings for different closing-sound.
    • Driver Window - small "Tic" (only 1 Tic) sound only sometimes when pothole is hit. Never bothered to check. Want to just ask them do not want to get it fixed by opening doorpads as do not want any rattle to creep in.

    aah..long list of small items. Would need something to spend time at TASS :mrgreen:

    5th Sept, 2009

    Since long the change of Seat Height was pending as I was out of Mumbai on prev 6-7 week ends & frequented Goa for prev 2 months. Also I did not want to change only the lever but the entire assembly which I got to know prev 2 months back that its being modified.

    The appt was fixed a week back for 5th Sep'09, thanks to that Corp Quality officer who is instrumental for my perception about excellent responsiveness from Fiat. He was indisposed & operated, so did not want to disturb him this week.

    Vendor called that he has come to Mumbai & is reaching TASS. I also reached to TASS at 2.10 p.m. As usual, me & the vendor waited for 30 minutes as the mid-day meeting/ review was going on for SA's. This time I asked for Linea SA while fixing the appt earlier. He came after 30 minutes. We got the jobcard done & asked the Vendor to start. I had thought of many small issues to take care of but first we decided to get on with the seat. Got started around 3.30 pm (its always delays at this TASS, it remains so crowded always/ Am seriously thinking to go to other TASS next time).

    Vendor first removed the entire Driver seat. He came with every part of the seat. This assembly (called Track) weighs 10 kg & he brought it himself from Pune . The assembly is manufactured by IFB in Germany & comes thro' IFB Bangalore. This modified assembly has 14 strokes down & 14 up. The lever angle is changed both - Vertically & Horiozontally i.e. new lever is now slightly angled inside & is down. Its now not touching thigh while ingress/ egress. I tried to take pic of diff in lever angle in old & new assembly but by then battery of my cell almost conked off. Pics taken before that are posted below.

    After removing seats, he then removed assembly by detaching it from the seat cushion. He had to remove clips with which OEM seat covers (& also the art leather covers) which were fitted with assembly. That done, he changed the assembly. There is no change / reduction of size in Plastic Lever, its the same. The angles are changed & somehow I have a feeling that even the rotary motion up/down stroke assembly part may also been modified from inside. The technician posted by TASS alongwith him was not at all trained & he caused so much delay. By 6 pm the vendor was finished with the seat. I checked it & found ok.

    I wanted to get so many little things done but it was closing time. So just asked SA to get the car washed & check coolant level as I had a feeling it was decreasing very slightly. He checked, & the coolant level was down by 1 inch than what it was 25 days back when I took off for Goa. It was dark & could not be checked further on the ramp if there is a leakage. However, after overall inspection he says it does not seem to be leakage, however needs to be checked thoroughly. He topped up the coolant (took a new bottle & did not charge me anything for it )
    There was some drama about Linea coolant that its not in stock. The Coolant he poured was Paraflu make for Fiat cars specifically. However, it was blue color & i've a feeling that it may be for Palio but can be used in Linea (Linea coolant is also ParaFlu but orangeish color) . But there was no choice but top it up as level was quite reduced.

    Ever dipped finger in this Fiat coolant & rubbed with the other finger? It feels hot. SA said these Fiat's coolants are far far superiror than the coolants used in Tata Cars.

    Car was thoroughly pressure-washed exterior, with underside of mudguards/ tyres & interior vaccum cleaned. Seat covers, Dash & other plastic interios were also cleaned with cleaner solution. I give this TASS 20 out of 10 for cleaning job! Simply Superb & this happens everytime. Now some pics..







  10. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    5th Sept, 2009

    I was contemplating Oil change while getting seat height assembly changed. But afterwards decided against it. Checked oil, does not look bad. Everybody in TASS - some 4-5 different guys from low level to high level suggested not to go for it as its not needed at all. Anywhich ways ODO shows 7700 kms. In next 4-5 months, 15K limit will be reached.
    While seat was removed, I could take a pic of Rear AC foot vent generally hidden under the seat.

    12th Sept, 2009

    Got hands on my car after 5 days. First things first, there were some checks pending:

    Coolant level: As of today coolant level seems more or less the same as before 5 days when I left Mumbai. Also the pipes around T-hose were dry. On Monday when I checked there were certain sections around there which were wet. I think possibility of leakage is very remote & if there is still a leakage, it must be very very minor. Will have to check for another week. (Could not check floor under the car as the road was wet with rains)

    Engine Oil:
    Checked today again-1) looks very brown & 2) on oil dip stick, the level is half way (of the lower section to measure) lower than the max mark. Hence finally decided to change it today itself. This time trying Fortune Powai, taken appointment for today afternoon.

    13th Sep, 2009

    7,700-odd kms on ODO. Have always been thinking whether to change oil at 1st service/ later or no. Did not change it at 1st ervice (3K kms as SA said oil is very good almost like fresh & I also felt its too soon for fully synthetic oil). Finally decided to change it at exactly mid-way (7,700 kms) of 15K kms 2nd service. This time, Instead of my usual Wasan Motors Kandivali TASS, I took appointment of Fortune Powai at eleventh hour. I called at around 11 am & asked for appointment for 2.30 pm today itself. There was a load & after lots of insistance, the GM himself SMS'ed back after confirming the appt.

    Reached late at 3 pm. Did not even had to go to reception to meet SA, Michael. He came to receive me as soon as I was entering. In next 5 minutes he patiently understood what all I want to get done & the Job card was ready. Impressive. (my comparison would be with Wasan Kandivali TASS as I have been there 8-9 times).

    I strolled around in the showroom. Had a look at Foxtrot Azure Linea. Then went to service bay to get manual from the car to pass time in the customer lounge. By then the work was started & car was on the ramp already. SA fetched the manual from the car & gave it to me & requested me to wait in customer lounge. I agreed as it was only professional (though I wanted to be there). I specified that I want to see the flushed out earlier oil & the new oil can & specified 3-4 times that the oil is Selenia K. Verified the can also which they brought from the store. Satisfied, I went to the lounge (around 3.45 pm).

    At 4.55 pm, got the SMS that the vehicle is ready. Damn impressive, so fast. After delays always at Wasan Kandivali, I had never expected such a fast response.

    SA came & explained me the bill. I was expecting around 2K, it was 2761/-. Because the oil change was a "request" on my part, they charged Rs. 550/- for oil change labour. I requested the works manager quoting Wasan never charges me for such things & also did not charge even for Coolant new bottle & see if they can waive. They reduce it to 300/-. OK.

    Out of 3-4 small small items, The GLove box fitting was done. There was a gap on right side between dash panel & glove box lid. It was looking slightly ugly. They fixed it, the gap is gone & fitting now looks alright. However, when you close the box, there is a tick heard generally. That tick was almost inaudible means the lock has become loose. I asked SA to check it as it seems it may open when car will hit a pothole. He showed me a setting in the glove box deep inside on left hand side & said if that is done the gap will reappear. So, left it at that. Also, left other small things also for 15K visits as timing was a constraint (I went late)

    Car was washed externally & interiors vaccum cleaned & handed over to me.
    And yes, Anuroop team is at Fortune Powai.

    Timings - did the job quite fast.
    Professional than Wasan which looks like very amaterish.
    Slightly costlier than Wasan.
    Unlike Wasan, I might not be permitted to be there on service bay
    SA, Michael was patient in hearing anything & any request though he was loaded & mine was unscheduled visit thro' their GM. At delivery there was another Linea customer after him still he came with me for a trial when I asked just to check if car is running alright.

    There was no dilly dallying like Wasan where everytime the car is not touched for 1-2 hours after reaching there & everything seems to be in panic with loads of customers.

    1st impression is good. My Linea will go to Fortune Powai for its 15K km service. They serivce avg 4-5 Lineas everyday.

    Engine Oil (4 Ltr Can) - Rs. 1955/- plus taxes (Linea takes 3.2 ltr & they generally pour 3.4-3.5 ltr. took back the remaining for future use if needed)
    Oil Filter - Rs. 124/- + taxes
    Labour - Rs. 300/- + taxes
    Total - Rs. 2,761/- incl taxes

    Is there any effect after oil change? did not feel much, car got a li'l smoother. Butttt, the earlier oil was turned blackish brown, no metal particles were seen. Sa said it could have been run till 15K kms & many use such oil regularly. But I always overservice engine oil. The new oil is clean with light yellowish tint almost water-like.
    While coming back, stopped at Petrol pump, saw Nitrogen & got it filled though I was not in favour of it. Air contains 78% nitrogen so I was always skeptical about much difference nitrogen can make. But since I was there, thought lets just test it. Did not feel any difference in ride quality, too early to judge. But my expectation is not much. There was another car before me & the guy took 15-20 minutes in each car, so half an hour for me. So much for nitrogen being time-saving. 30 minutes I would have spent in next 6 months for normal air fill.

    Selenia K Oil Can:


    I've a habit of reading user manual at TASS while getting my car worked upon. Following are 2 items in manual I found worth mentioning here:

    • I remember someone mentioning that updating B&M may cause lapse in warranty. It does not seem so. Fiat itself, in manual, advises the users to update B&M from its website fiat.com & says update can not be done at dealership. How can it lapse the warranty?

    • All Electrical items affects FE negatively - Headlights, Cabin lights, Wipers, Fog lights, HVAC, defogger etc.
    Also, I got the Glove Box tightened/ fixed by TASS on 13th Sep'09. Below are 2 pics of the same - Before fixing & after fixing. See the gap on right hand side:







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