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Fiat Linea 1.4 FIRE Emotion Pack

Discussion in 'Linea 1.4 Fire' started by VahanPujari, May 16, 2010.

  1. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    No, I also got only 1 microfibre cloth. Somewhere I read/ remember 2 MF cloths so thought of calling Jopasu & ask. But forgot to do it. I think the pack is meant for 1 MF cloth only as you mentioned
  2. Oh! :relieved:

    The 10% disc was a nice one to avail, as I had never really thought of getting one in near past. But during this particular buy from ebay (thanks to an earlier post in TFI, mentioning of those %off voucher codes that come in mail) i remembered about that in time, just did a search in my mail, got hold of a voucher code and voila ! got 77 off the bill - all very nice.
  3. This thread should be highlighted & recommended for all LINEA owners ...

    Kudos AMIT ... MAintain your THINK-TANK


  4. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    Update on 2 items:

    • Last Sunday when I started my Linea in morning to go for Team Fiat meet at Lonavala/ Pawna, I found Blue & Me (& so also USB) not working. The other symptom is the km-reading on MID is flashing. CD player/ Radio/ Volume buttons on steering - they all are working. But not Blue & Me & any of B&M buttons. Tried everything there & then. Even disconnected battery -ve terminal but to no avail. Visited TASC y'day. Result? Blue & Me conked off. As soon as SA sat in the car & saw km-reading flashing, he gave his verdict Blue & Me box is out & needs a replacement. I've asked him to order it immediately as I'm going for an outing next Fri. Lets see if it comes before Thursday.
    • Sometime back, I noticed few white spots on bonnet. Paint has peeled off from there. They're very very small with 1 mm diameter & not visible from 3-4 feet distance. 1st there were 1-2 such spots, then increased to 4-5 on bonnet, I even noticed 1 on rear right door, & 1 on the boot. I had mailed Fiat the pics long back. Fiat has immediately reverted thro' TASS but I was not able to visit TASS as it was not very urgent matter. Finally had to go y'day for Blue & Me. TASS has taken pics of the same. Though TASS has tried to discourage any Paint issue saying the surface of the car looks rough. The guy also asked me where I take my car daily i.e. if I take it to an Industrial area. I gave him my Residence area & where my office is located along with my profession & told him I've nothing to do with an Industrial area nor my car goes to one, nor is there any construction work going on. I also told him that all spots have not happened together. They're surfacing one after another. I shown him 1 spot which is not fully white but there is 1 red circle protruding outside like a small round-shape solid (rai ka dana type) surrounded by white. I asked him how has this happened? or do you think this is also caused by roughness & when someone wipes off, it comes out (that was his theory! LOL). I said wiping causes scratches, how can it peel off paint with the precision of a needle ? He'll send the pics to Fiat. Lets see what would the response. [/*:m:34757cr4]

    Here are the pics (white spots marked with Blue Circle)..





  5. J Ravi

    J Ravi Esperto


    I am sorry to hear about the problems. Hope, it will be resolved ASAP.
  6. Chaos

    Chaos Regolare

    Any update on the B&M box??

    BTW where is the "1 spot which is not fully white but there is 1 red circle protruding outside like a small round-shape solid (rai ka dana type) surrounded by white." exactly located on your Linea???
  7. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    Wasan is again doing exceedingly good job. It seems Blue & Me Box is arriving/ procured in 1-2 days. I requested to do it latest by Thursday (Tomorrow) as I'm taking Linea out to Panchgani/ Mahabaleshwar on Friday early morning. SA commited that he'll procure the same & just confirmed that he'll pick up my car tomorrow from my home. Quite fast, if they do it & resolve tomorrow ::D

    Yes. On bonnet. The above pics do not have this spot. During our Grand meet, I observed similar white spots (paint peeling / chipped off) on FastLove's Linea & also someone's Punto. Someone told me its normal due to flying stone. But I do not seem to believe it as 7-8 spots on 1 car can't be due to flying stones. Further, a flying stone would have some other marks also - like small dent or scratch. There is nothing such & the spots from where paint is chipped off is sharp almost like a mark done by poking a knife or a keel.
  8. Chaos

    Chaos Regolare

    Amit, if the "red circle protruding outside like a small round-shape solid" is exactly over the bonnet safety lock or in a area around it then it is due to someone has closed the bonnet by pressing there...
  9. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    No, Ashay. Its very small & there is no bend / dent / protruding the metal body. Its just kind of color impurity.

    BTW, Wasan receptionist just called me on its own confirming pick up of my car tomorrow morning :mrgreen: My My !!! Far exceeded my expectations. Frankly, I did not expect the part that too like Blue & Me box to be ordered & procured in 1-2 days.
  10. rajbajwa


    Hi Amit,

    Hope the Blue & Me problem is fixed soon. I remember when we met, we were saying that any problem in the car no matter how small or big it may be keeps bugging and bothering us even if we are not driving and the car is just parked outside the house. Is the Blue & Me box replacement covered in warranty or you will have to pay for it?

    On another topic, I had a question.
    My colleague's Linea has had an electrical problem. His speedometer & outside temperature indicator is not working. Suspecting that rats must have chewed some wires. You had mentioned that you had faced the rat menance and were lucky that the wiring got fixed for a low cost. Was your problem similar?

    Enjoy your trip to Mahabaleshwar.

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