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Fiat Linea 1.4 FIRE Emotion Pack

Discussion in 'Linea 1.4 Fire' started by VahanPujari, May 16, 2010.

  1. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor



    The Ride : Fiat Linea 1.4 FIRE Emotion Pack Flamenco Red

    Bought in: April, 2009

    KM's on ODO (as on today): 21,000

    Let's get started with Review first followed by Comprehensive Ownership Report starting from steps in buying decision.

    Fiat made its comeback in India with the stunning Fiat Linea on 17th Jan, 2009. Linea is manufactured in the brand new Tata-Fiat Ranjangaon facility with a capacity of 2,00,000 cars per annum. Linea is based on global Grande Punto Platform.

    Punto = Point

    Linea = Extension of Point = Line

    True to its name, Linea lives up to every bit of it. The exterior outlook is curvaceous making it the longest saloon in C Segment with the Linear power delivery. However, though based on the same platform, Linea is not a Grande Punto with boot. That’s because there is not a single exterior Panel is shared in Linea & Punto. Fiat has completely re-skinned Linea to give its distinct identity. The brilliant Maserati-like round nose, the stunning Audi-like Grill, Dual Parabola Mercury-drop Headlight, uncluttered rear, curvaceous & lovely side profile makes Linea THE Best-looking Saloon in India. Its more than a year since its launch but still till date no car in the segment comes closer to Linea’s stunning looks. Simply Drop-dead Gorgeous. Period.

    Fantastic eye-catching 16-spoke Alloys in Emotion Variants add more to the beauty of Linea.

    The Build Quality is solid & the solidity is evident everywhere on every panel. The doors shut with a “thud”. The Boot closes with bigger “thud”. The Paint Quality is top notch making Exterior finish look striking.

    The Boot is large with 505 Ltrs capacity & closes with the help of a Hydraulic shaft (instead of typical long hinges) which do not protrude in the boot space while closing the boot unlike most sedans/ saloons.

    Indians love Chrome. And there is a bounty of it in Linea Emotion Pack. Chrome rub strips along the doors, Window Beadings along the length of the car, Rear Bumper beadings, Front Bumper Beadings, Door Handles, Dashboard, Dials, everywhere.


    [attachment=8:32g3ag98]2010-04-24-007.jpg[/attachment:32g3ag98] [attachment=7:32g3ag98]2010-04-24-008.jpg[/attachment:32g3ag98]









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  2. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor






    Aero style (flat blade) wipers.... Their advantages are as follows:

    • Aerodynamic design to reduce the noise
    • The structure without any joints, allows the blade to be wrapped against curved windscreen
    • Infinite number of pressure contact points ensuring smear free clean across the windscreen
    • Even-pressure across the wiper ensuring a high quality wipe with improved cleaning action and better improved visibility

    The doors close or open in 3-steps with a very wide opening (see pics below). Get inside & you have ample space in front as well as rear for 5 adults. The dual-tone Dashboard is fantastic & gives a spacious feel because of Beige. The color combination of Black, Beige & Chrome strips/ slash is sheer class. The Dials with Chrome Rings & the striking instrument console is a pleasing sight. There are 21, I REPEAT, 21 different warning lights in that instrument console.


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  3. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    As soon as you enter, a meaty steering stares at you. Emotion Pack variants come with Leather-wrapped steering & it feels soft. The steering is contoured to help you rest your thumbs/ fingers/ palm. This is one of the best steering in, forget C-segment, but even amongst few D segment saloons. The steering is tilt-adjustable & has steering-mounted controls for Audio & Bluetooth connectivity (Blue & Me). Driver seat also has Height Adjustment. A little bit of trials gives you your most comfortable seating position.

    The silver color Central Console looks attractive & is easily accessible. The footwell is adequately spaced & has a dead pedal also. The Outside Rear View Mirrors (ORVMs) are electrically adjustable. ORVM slides/ moves the other side also, i.e. towards the bonnet, just in case a biker or autorickshaw comes from behind & takes ORVM with him. It won’t break. Smart.










    There is 1 Glove Box in variants with Airbags, while the other variants have 2 Glove Boxes. The Glove Box is deep though Blue&Me system box occupies some space within. The USB port is given inside the Glove Box !!! (in the pic below, the box with Microsoft Windows logo is Blue&Me box & on its right is the USB port where the USB light is glowing).



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  4. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    A little above door on the driver-side, there is a Sunglass-holder. Excellent. You don’t have to reach for Glovebox neither do you need to worry about safety/ scratches on your favourite Sunglass keeping on Dash or little storage boxes.

    The seats are large with plenty of thigh support. The adjustable arm rest adds to the comfort. The Visibility out of the cabin is great and not hampered by the A-pillar, which gives a sense of space as the windscreen falls far ahead of you.

    The rear seats are incredibly comfortable with a high seating position, very good under-thigh support and a perfectly angled back rest. Seat Width is pretty good. Following pics show maximum & minimum rear legroom with front seat at maximum position ahead & maximum position back. The seating position in the Linea is more than adequate. Two six-footers will sit comfortably behind one another in the Linea, and there is enough headroom at the rear for tall passengers as well, although the rear windows don't go down all the way, which can be annoying.

    The Linea has a rear air con vent and a rear sun blind on Emotion Pack variant as well, which is great for keeping the sun out. Wifey surely likes them so much. In fact, Linea has actually 9 A.C. Air-vents with 2 air-vents under the front seat to cool the feet of rear passengers !!! The Automatic Climate Control is fantastic.

    There are Cup holders at the front ahead of near Gear lever. The cup holders at rear come out from the rear armrest. The cup holders are small, the door pockets don’t take water bottles. The space in the elbow box / front armrest is good for knick knacks. There are 2 additional storage dins though – one above the central console/ central A.C. vents & the other on Right Hand side of driver on the dashboard just below the Menu switch panel.














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  5. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    The Ignition Socket is Driver-facing. Quite upmarket & convenient.

    Both front sun visors have vanity mirror on the back. Flap the cover & the lights will glow just behind the mirror !!! Excellent.

    Both Front seat belts come with Height adjustment knob on B-Pillar.

    Interior Lights:


    The keys are also lovely & a novelty. It’s Foldable Desmodonic Keys with Remote integrated. Boot opening button is also given on the Remote. Lovely!!! Quite convenient Daily morning to put Laptop while going to office.

    The top-end Emotion Pack variant is fully loaded with...
    Dual stage front airbags,
    ABS + EBD,
    Automatic Climate Control,
    Electric Mirrors,
    Blue & Me,
    MyCar system,
    6 speaker MP3 audio system with a USB port,
    Multi-Info Display,
    Height adjustable driver seat,
    Front & Rear Fogs,
    Alloy Wheels.








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  6. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor


    Fiat joined hands with Microsoft & developed Blue&Me system. Its more than mere Bluetooth connectivity & is a boon while driving. It enables you to pair your mobile phone with Linea Blue&Me system, downloads phonebook from your mobile to the car’s Blue&Me & makes or receive phone calls simply by voice commands without taking your hands off the wheel or your eyes off the road. Fantabulous. You can call a name from your phonebook by saying “Call xxxx (name)” or by dictating the number, digit by digit or through steering wheel controls by accessing phonebook. The phone conversation voice comes thro’ car audio system/ speakers & if Audio system is playing music, it pauses to make way for phone conversation & resumes automatically as soon as conversation ends. It also has a facility called SMS Reader. If you receive an SMS, the Blue&Me Lady (Lina ??!!) reads out the SMS loud interpreting abbreviation & smilies !! Blue&Me also enables you to listen to your favourite music in WMA/ MP3/ WMV digital format. All you’ve to do is connect your USB stick to Blue&Me USB port.

    MyCar system:

    “My Car” Technology offers you smart & customizable solutions such as:

    • Digital Odometer
    • A Digital Real Time Mileage Indicator – Instant Fuel Consumption
    • Distance to Empty Indicator
    • Service Schedule Reminder
    • Buzzer setting for Speed limit
    • Trip B activation
    • Clock/ Date Setting
    • Radio Display
    • Automatic Door Lock with warning if not properly closed
    • Front Passenger Airbag Activation/ deactivation


    The Linea petrol possesses a 1368cc four-pot Engine that generates 90 BHP and 115 Nm of torque. It is refined at low revs, takes fraction of second more to pick up but above 1500 RPM, it comes into its own. In-gear Acceleration is extremely good & is at top end of the chart. It is an efficient engine that sounds really very nice when revved to the redline. The typical Italian Growl is so pleasing to hear when revved. It revvs easily till 6600 RPM!! 1st & 2nd gear ratios are short, urban driveability satisfactory with minimal gear changes within the city. Even the 3rd gear pulls very well for in-town speeds. The Engine is not a scorcher and also due to heavy 1240 kg kerb weight, but is quite efficient & revv-happy. It won’t leave you behind due to the other strengths/ qualities of the car.

    Just 2 words for Linea’s Ride & Handling Qualities – Awsome & Class-leading.

    The Linea has been designed to give a comfortable ride without compromising on great handling. It is equipped with independent helical coil springs, double acting telescopic dampers and stabiliser anti-roll bars at its front and torsion beam. It has helical coil springs and double acting telescopic dampers and stabiliser bar at its rear. The ride at both low and high speeds is very good and the dampers absorb all road shocks very well. The Linea can simply smother the worst of roads effortlessly. You feel quite confident even on rough patches and would stop slowing down on even such roads. As a result you tend to carry much more speed over poor roads with Linea maintaining its composure impressively. Throw her into the corners & she just loves it coming out trumps with Chassis exuding great confidence. It’s the perfect balance between low and high speed ride comfort which makes Linea very special. The chassis and especially the front suspension are so well set up that you won't feel any front end bite/ shocks in Linea. The front wheels have so much grip that you are far far away from the limit. The Linea holds onto its line effortlessly at speeds you expect the front tyres to give way.

    The end-result : At a speed of 140 kmph, you feel like you’re doing only 90 kmph, its that stable. Even at a speed of 160 kmph, you’re yawning, feeling nothing outwardly remote as vibrations/roll etc.

    When it comes to Handling, this Italian beauty outclasses most Indian cars few even in segments much higher up. The level of confidence the Linea gives enables one to tackle corners at higher speeds compared to other cars. The car turns in with no sign of edginess at all and even sweeping corners are dealt with extreme ease.

    The brilliant Hydraulic Power Steering (HPS) is precisely accurate, responsive, and bristling with feedback at all speeds. HPS is a key element in the Linea’s impeccable handling. It always allows you to be in touch with the road and gives you the confidence to push harder than you would dare in another car. It’s light and weighs up gradually while cornering and at high speeds due to the suspension setup. If you’re looking for a car which can give you driving pleasure, the Linea has to be one in your list.

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  7. Sandeep


    Navi Mumbai
    Now that's what I call "REVIEW"!!!
  8. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    Sandev- Knowing your penchant for photography, I'm sure you would have been disappointed with clarity of some of the pics. Barring 1st 4-5 pics, all other pics were taken yesterday, on a more than 1 year old car, with a humble mobile cam (2 MP). Wanted to do it yday only & felt lazy of camera-shemera.

    Let me now take a walk down the memory lane to start the ownership Report !!! I love flashbacks :)

    Jan - Feb 2009

    It all started last year – Jan/Feb 2009. In fact, sine 2007 when my 2003 Ford Ikon completed 4 years. However, since last 2 years that humble car which had wonderful Steering (HPS), Ride & Handling, Maneuvering abilities delayed my car upgrade for the standards it set.

    Come 2009 & I decided enough is enough. Ikon had served me well for 5.5 years for over-90,000 kms with a spotless ownership experience but its time to move on. So, the shortlisting process starts. The cars in radar were ANHC, Verna, SX4. Fiesta was not considered as - 1) Wanted to try something other than Ford, something even better (if found), 2) Did not like Fiesta dated looks, 3) old platform. (However, if not found anything better, it would have been Fiesta for sure coz of my earlier Ford exp)

    While I had driven all 3 cars earlier but detailed TD's were necessary. Did 2 TD's for each car:

    SX4 felt heavy in driving. Ride & Handling leaves a lot to desire. EPS steering is very light & without feedback. Maneuvering abilities are strictly limited. However, its a VFM package & I always respect it for the new equipments it brought (like Steering Mounted controls) in India in this seg.

    Very good power coupled with very light EPS steering coupled with abscence of Airbags & worse Ride & Handling makes Verna a Dangerous proposition. Also,its looks were dated to me.

    Since 2006-07, whenever I thought of upgrade, it was always Honda City. Did 2 TD's of ANHC. ANHC was good. But thats not enough. Its not that great that it should be with a premium tag attached. I found nothing great while driving it. Equipment levels are even lower/ lesser than a DZire. No Alloys, No Climate Control & abscence of many many other equipments in a "premium" sedan costing Rs. 2 Lacs more than its counterparts. Naah.

    Pondered long as none of them appealed to me at 1st sight. Got confused & called my friend at Ahmedabad. He is not automobile guru but keeps pace with the market & TD each & every newly launched car in detail with broad technical parameters & I put a lot of emphasis on credibility of his words. He suggested why don't I look at i20 & Fiat Linea. Fiat Linea?? Fiat?? Should I? Never even came to my mind nor was aware about Linea much though I vaguely remember seeing an ad of Linea..

    So, in comes & enters Fiat Linea in the fray. And how !! First looks & I instantly fell in love. Those Maseratti-like round nose, Audi-like Grill, Mercury-drop like Headlights, uncluttered rear, curvaceous & lovely side profile & what not. Awesome !!!. Again TD'ed it twice & liked it immediately. Class-leading Ride & Handling, HPS steering with excellent feedback, Maneuvering abilities, stability, Excellent Brakes, Linear Power delivery, Typical Italian Petrol Engine growl. Wow!
    But you don’t buy Rs. 8 Lacs car just for looks, Do you?

    Before seeing the Linea, the priority order was ANHC followed by SX4. After TDing Linea, it has become Linea followed by ANHC/ SX4. Heart more or less decided. Now mind/ head takes over the proceedings.
    In a telecon, I just mentioned it to my father. He did not say anything & just said OK. 3-4 days & he had inquired with his friends who have strongly advised not to touch Fiat. He calls me & advocated SX4 heavily. He did it 2-3 more times in next 10 days to follow. I recalled 6.5 years back the same thing had happened. Instead of popular Maruti Esteem, I went for Ford Ikon which I liked but everybody asked me to stay away from it saying expensive parts & weak Ford A.S.S. etc.
    I also heard Fiat A.S.S. & parts availability horror stories. Wanted to make myself thoroughly informed to be able to take an Informed Decision. So, went back to the web, did extensive reading/ research, called friends, called & spoken to various Fiat-owners, their service/ parts feedback, visited TASS, spoken to Service Manager etc etc. Fiat's colored past was delaying my decision-making. I did all these for almost 2 months. And, finally, head/ mind also followed the suit of heart
    Someone got surprised later & asked did I actually took 1-2 months to decide on Linea? My response to him - During those 1.5-2 months, I tried to explore everything on probably Fiat ownership experiences. I was quite wary to go for Fiat. Have never had a Fiat earlier. Came close to get one when UNO was launched. I advised my father for UNO but my brother liked Indica & we went for the 1st batch of Indica that time. Also, my father kept subtly advising me to avoid Fiat Linea & continuously called me every alternate day to drop subtle hints (though he would never impose anything on me). My repsect towards him was preventing me to take a plunge without thoroughly checking out & made me checking out his concern & others' concern on Fiat ownership with more & more careful scrutiny.

    While we're at it, I shall mention about Honda City also because that’s the car I had in mind for several years as my next car upgrade:

    I would have bought ANHC had it been around 75K higher than Linea. But it was around Rs. 1.75 Lacs costlier than Linea & still skimpy on equipments/ features. I decided to pocket savings of that Rs. 1.75 Lacs & invest it (Today that money has become more than double to almost Rs. 4 Lacs to take care of possible difference in Resale price later). Perceived advantages of ANHC is - 1) Resale, 2) Reliability, 3) Brand/ status, 4) Engine

    Here is how my thought process went:

    • Take Linea's 2+2 years (total 4 years) extended warranty (80,000 or 1,00,000 kms) for Rs. 5,350/-. Takes care of risk against Spare cost/ service cost.

    • Enjoy her stupendous Ride & Handling abilities & to throw her into corners.

    • Superb Ride/ Handling qualities & stability means taking her on highway will be an immense pleasure & brings wide grin ear-to-ear

    • Enjoy HPS steering which gives better feedback.

    • For 4 years, would enjoy all the equipments (some are even C+ segment level, some even D segment level)

    • At the end of 4 years, when I sell it, shall we say @ Rs. 2 Lacs lower than what ANHC would fetch. By then my 4-year old earlier saving & investment would have grown to Rs. 4-4.5 Lacs. Would pocket the surplus Rs. 2 Lacs & use it to upgrade to another car.

    • Peace of Mind/ Reliability etc – I agree with many who have mentioned that most modern cars today are reliable. Yes, there could be slight differences. Well compensated by above (could not cost surplus Rs. 2 Lacs as above). Total 4 years warranty & 15,000 kms service intervals says something.

    • Brand/ Status/ Badge: If I'm ok with having a dinner in a 5-star hotel & am also not bothered about having Paani Puri at a roadside vendor (in fact, my favourite item :mrgreen: ), how is the car badge going to make a difference to me?
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  9. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    16th March, 2009

    Called Sales Exe & booked Flamenco Red Linea Emotion Pack - Petrol. Paid Rs. 50K as booking. SE said delivery will happen by 26th/ 27th Mar'09. I said I want on or after 1st Apr'09 :p

    3rd April 2009

    Went to Dealer's stockyard & did PDI. Since Father was traveling & was at Mumbai, took him also along. Checked everything against a checklist & found ok. That was my 1st date with the Red Beauty !!

    Took the VIN, came back home & checked it. Its March'09 manufacturered car. Tyres are GoodYear manufactured in Feb'09

    9th April, 2009 Thursday

    I got the delivery of my Linea Emotion Pack FIRE on 9th Apr'09, thursday. this was about 3-4 days later than it was expected & planned.

    More than 1 year & almost-21,000 kms on ODO now. During the course of the thread, I'll try to share my experiences & my dates with this Red Hot beauty with FIRE ;) . Till then drool over some pics of the beauty:








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  10. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    9th April, 2009 Thursday

    Wanted to take delivery during daytime & asked dealer to hasten up & be ready by 4.30 pm. but got into an urgent meeting at work & could reach only by 6.30 pm. First checked all dox with the checklist i carried. then asked the dealer exe to explain everything about the car. Well, he was not quite well versed with the car features, he seemed to be an accounts/ back-office guy as all regular sales guys would have left for the day. also i had understood everything earlier during PDI at stockyard. Left dealership at around 7.30 pm & got regular unleaded petrol filled at nearby pump. (ODO shown 28 kms when i did PDI at stockyard & 123 km at the time of delivery).

    The drive from dealership to residence is around 40 kms with about 2.5 hrs in mumbai peak traffic. When I did the TD, I did not feel engine to be underpowered at all. however, I must say that in my 1st drive in my Linea, I "felt" it underpowered in 1st & 2nd gear. 2nd gear particularly is "felt" awful. The reason I put quotes surrounding felt is because fiat's clutch ply is long & I have to get used to it first. Probably after 4-5 days when I'm used to fiat's way of clutch-accelerator/brake/gear combine with all 4 fully synchronized, I'll be able to judge it better.

    12th April 2009

    Prev day I noticed that steering wheel is not centre-aligned but is tilting just a little towards right hand side (around 5-10 degrees) when car is going straight line. When I align steering to exact centre, car slightly goes to left. called sales exe, he said its ok, its only a little permissible margin. not satisfied & called again that i want it to be corrected. took their service station manager no. & spoke to him. told him that i would be coming tom i.e. today sunday. he said perfectly ok & though he won't be there, he'll instruct his assistant. another reason for service sation visit was i noticed impressions of water drops all over the cars. its like water was sprayed on the car & someone forgot to wipe so drops left impression when dried. i tried to clear it, but they were too stubborn even against mild soap. on chrome when i rubbed persistently on a small area, it got cleared but didnt want to take chance on colored body.

    So, today went to service station around 1 p.m. my overall impression of it is they have good intentions, their ability on fiat products would take some time to develop expertise. i got a good reception & treatment there. advisor-1 took a drive of my car & got convinced on the issue. While i waited in their comfortable AC room reading owners manual, another advisor-2 came after 10 minutes, he also just understood the problem & went. Then I met that Assistant, he said the manager did instructed him to take care of my vehicle! They all excused for half an hour as it was lunch time 1.45 pm. Then during lunch hour assistant came & said he wanted to understand all issues. so, we went driving the car to show the steering issue. Coming back I also shown him the interiors plastics which was quite dirty for a fresh car & told him that PDI was not done properly. He promised to complete everything in half an hour. after 45 minutes he came back & said the steering work (alignment) is done, we went on a test drive again, i was not satisfied as there was not much of a difference.

    So, again he took the car inside & returned with the steering issue corrected. They also cleaned the interior with car interior solution. Regarding the water drop impressions, they tried everything. 1st they washed the car, it didn't go. then they washed the car with diesel, the impressions got fainter but still didn't go. then he said he'll do 3M polish & buffing & tried to call 3M guy who went off without telling him! well, that 3M guy could not come in so he very politely requested me if i can come again day after. I left at 4 pm.
    Reason for water droplets impressions was that their stockyard where I went for PDI is located in a far off place further from Kalyan. The water at that place is hard water. And I'm sure someone forgot to wipe off the water after spraying it. I might have missed it during delivery as it was late & already dark (precisely for this reason I wanted to take delivery during day time).

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