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Fiat Linea 1.3 MJT One year Ownership Review aftwer 17000KM

Discussion in 'Linea 1.3 MJD' started by y2knirmal, Nov 1, 2013.

  1. y2knirmal

    y2knirmal Timido

    Hi ,I am Owner of Fiat Linea 2012, Over one year of experience my feedback
    Overall: is “Very good car” to ride especially for family.
    Space and Look: No car can be compared with Linea
    3 people can sit easily on the rear seat. To tell frankly this is the only car which gives so much comfort in rear seat (Tested in Verna, Fiesta, Ethios , (Vento and Rapid as a huge rear hump 3 people can’t sit comfortably)- Optra has very good rear seat but I feel it’s a out dated model.
    As many people mentioned previously there was a turbo lag in city(for Pepe drivers this might have an issue for normal driving its good like other cars),
    Highway driving is very good; though engine is small ride quality overtaking and handling are very good. Vento and rapid are ok but not as good as Linea feel little heavy

    High Way Performance ......... very good,

    Once i covered an distance of 723 KM Non Stop (Not even for stopping for food)

    Service: Two free services completed. (Still afraid of this not sure what will happen after free service)
    First Service Concord Motors: 5000 KM
    Nothing specific, auto Lock has a problem, they changed under warrenty
    Within one day i got the car back. (No waiting for spare parts)
    Second Service Vecto Motors:
    Within one day i got my car back (after 15000 KM)
    Break changed, Oil changed...
    Since i saw fiat people replying to post this might be helpful for them to improve their quality
    Issue in service:
    a) After service Blue and me is not working, next day i took the vehicle and get it rectified in less than 5 minutes
    b) I forget to take my sunglass and small teddy in the car (both are missing) after service, Next day I called them and luckily get the sunglass back (thanks its bit costly), teddy is missing (my kid’s favorite) .
    c) During delivery they didn’t give any detailed invoice they asked to pay an amount. (They told the detailed bill will be emailed)
    After a week i need to follow it up to get the detailed invoice and noticed, i paid more than the actual bill.
    I send a mail to the Vecto service center manager and they replied and called me they ask to come and collect the balance amount.
    I felt the service recovery is good. This cannot be done for every person
    I feel over all service is OK, they have a very good system but they are not using that properly.

    Some Improvements will improve customer satisfaction

    1. To Make sure that all parts added are genuine, Give a detailed spare parts bill with the part number (we can ensure the warranty).
    I am having an another Hyundai car they used to give similar bill (shop floor guy will get the materials from the stores and they will attach with final bill)
    Stores to shop floor (like what are the things they get from the stores for this car)
    With the detailed bill Stores part details can be attached.

    1. Before delivery someone has to make sure that everything is working (in my case blue and me is not working) Before delivery the service engineer who verified all has to confirm

    In Hyundai service, the person who took my vehicle will sign a document before giving the exit pass

    1. All the changed and serviced parts which are visible, need to shown and explained (like they did an week alignment they haven’t explained which wheel has a problem)

    I did once outside in that they showed there was bend in the week and what they changed.
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    723 Kms non stop is really a great drive. So post some images of your car.
    For me the PDI guys missed the AC overflow tube and its was identified only after 4 months of ownership. Finally FIAT came up with their own showrooms and service.
    Really its a big relief for FIAT owners.
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  3. y2knirmal

    y2knirmal Timido

    Hey... sorry not able to review your post for a long time ...
    IMG_2122.jpg IMG_2190.jpg IMG_3351.jpg IMG_3795.jpg IMG_3800.jpg IMG_3804.jpg IMG_3856.jpg IMG_4460.jpg
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  4. Nadeem Ahmed VR 46

    Nadeem Ahmed VR 46 Esperto

    Nice review with beautiful pics of your lady in white
    happy miles with smiles,drive safe & enjoy the drive
  5. pabhishek

    pabhishek Esperto

    Linea T-Jet
    Beautiful pics!! especially the first!!
  6. RKK

    RKK Amatore

    Nice pics buddy. Happy MJDding...

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