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Fiat Italy calling Customers in India

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by amogh, Jun 25, 2010.

  1. arpanjha


    I recieved a call from Fiat Pune within 10 days of getting the car. Surprisingly, the person was speaking in my local language(bengali) as I am in kolkata.
    I spoke to him in detail and complained about a few issues. I hope they take the feedback seriously and do something constructive.
  2. @Arpan these are normal calls you'll get them each time your car goes to service station and job card is opened. The calls from Italy are different, I got it 2 times once it was an European lady and we both had problems understanding each others English accent :hit . The second call was made by an Indian but number showed it came from Italy, IIRC the person said he is speaking from Milan and wanted to discuss further on issues i mentioned in my previous call.
  3. saugdas


    FIAT Italy called up for feedback..

    Friends!! I got to share a very interesting news. FIAT SPA from ITALY called me up on Wednesday to have a first hand account of my experience with my MJD. ::D I heard from team-bhp that a few T-Jet owners were called and thought it is because of the new launch. So i never expected a call from them being a MJD owner.

    (In fact, I was getting a call from this number since Monday in the late evening and was not answering it mistaking it to be some of my overseas customers who sometimes keep on calling late for silly reasons to which i reply over email on the next day. But after answering the call from FIAT, checked those nos in my missed call list and found to be same. :mad: What an opp i was about to miss).

    But on Wednesday, they called me up in the afternoon and the call lasted for 1:02:31.

    Overall, i could feel the difference between the indian customer satisfaction surveys and this one. Earlier i was called by the FIAT Indian team and they were more interested to know the final verdict - did i like or not :yes/no and then hangup and save their time for their next call.

    But this was a really different exp. i think there were 2 people (not sure) - one of them did all the talking and the other was typing fast , i could here the typing noise and think it may be difficult for a person to speak and type at the same rate.

    The guy introduced himself, verified all the details and then started with the standard question:

    1. What is my overall exp in a rating of 1 to 10, to which i replied 8 to 8.5 (same as the rating given by me in this thread).

    2. Given a choice to review my decision of buying Linea, will i still stick to my decision or like to change? To which i obviously replied Yes.

    Then started the detailed questioning of how did i make my choice, what are things i did'nt like , what are troubles faced, how was it handled by the service station, what are the improvements required etc...
    2 things worth mention here, all the questions they asked was in a very structured and open form, ie none of the questions could be answered in 'yes' / 'no' pattern and you need to elaborate and describe and was automatically leading to the next question.

    The other point to note is that there was a good amt of focus in the interview to understand how the service station handled me wrt their technical expertise and behavorial aspects during my interactions with them.

    They even read me a list of other possible problems to check whether i have experienced the same in my car and to ensure that i was not missing out anything.. no hiding under the carpet like the Indian mentality.

    And regarding the problems i described: they were very particular to record every bit of it. Even asked me a probable solution to the problem if i have one. They also said their technical experts may call me too as a followup and further understanding on these issues if need be.

    Overall , an excellent experience and today i feel so proud to be a member of this family who wants to take care of my problems even from Italy. This shows FIAT is not only here to make money but also to ensure that we have a taste of their Italian flavours.
  4. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
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  5. royj

    royj Esperto

    Good to see they are still doing this. Thought they had stopped it some months back.
  6. vijays777

    vijays777 Regolare

    Linea T-Jet
    Hi guys

    Had an talk with Italy Fiat customer care :wow .The call was abt 32 Mins

    Right from start
    1.They ask abt ur car whather used for taxi or personnel :anyone
    2.They start to say each parts and we need to stop if u have problem.
    3.Like quality,Exterior , interior,brakes,lights,oil,engine or electrical brake down, etcc
    4.as of the call after fiat meet
    a.I pointed Out the bonnet issue we all agreed
    b.Satya's power window issue.
    c.Seat squikes,shocks sound from back.

    5.Up to last min he didnt ask abt sales and service.
    after he started asked abt it i said all the problems faced he all noted down and said
    all thes have been noted down and recorded and future fiat may call you on any matter i said 'YES'
    6.He verified the identity and said bye.

    i have pointed some main pts .he was asking seperately that due to this issue did ur car was able to drive or did
    it go to the garage what reply did u get or was it serviced.I said the true story :dance

    So Fiat is doing some stategy to improvise :up
  7. Italia-Linea

    Italia-Linea Staff Member Janitor

    i too got a similar call. will post the details later
  8. saugdas


    Yah! Same was asked me too. They may be wanting to see the overall customer profile who buys Linea.
  9. aniket_magar_666

    aniket_magar_666 Timido

    ::D YES its true... i received a call last week... ::T
  10. Everyone seems to be getting calls but ground realities are still the same. I don't see any visible difference in the service or the quality improvements.

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