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Fiat is the highest selling sedan in India for the year 2013....

Discussion in 'Fiat Global News' started by speedbong, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. speedbong


    I was taking an leisurely afternoon stroll yesterday in my layout after being back from office early...
    I noticed some strange noises coming from the garage of a fellow resident; given my curious nature, I went on to check out. To my horror I realized that Proff. X was adjusting something in a weird looking Fiat Linea. I said "hello" and inquired what the machine was. I always knew that he was some kind of geek, but his answer really took me by surprise. He said it was a time machine... not perfected, but it could take us back or forth in time about a 2 years or so, and that he was getting ready to take a ride in it. Little did I know that this guy also happened to be a BIG Fiat fan, and he wanted to take a peek at what Fiat had to offer in the near future, and how Fiat does overall in the next 2 years. I promptly asked if he could take me along, and he obliged.

    Forget what happened in the next few moments (too much details to go into!)... we were in November 30th, 2013 (yes we did survive 2012! Nothing really happened... no dooms day!)

    Now... the first thing we did was, grabbed the days newspaper and what caught our eye was the news article in Bangalore Times- "Fiat is the highest selling sedan in India for the year 2013" What?!? How the hell?... So not wasting much time we drove down to the nearest Fiat dealer to check out the latest specs. Well, let me tell you fellow Bangaloreans - traffic condition was much...much improved, given that all the fly overs and underpasses were complete. Anyways... we were already at Fiat exclusive motors at Koramangala and the specs blew my head... let me give you the highlights.

    Fiat Linea Diesel:
    1. 120hp 1.6 Multijet 16v Stop & Start DPF (with VGT)
    2. 16" Alloys
    3. Fit and Finish significantly improved (Fiat changed their suppliers)
    4. Turbo lag was hardly noticeable
    5. Body colored Rear parking sensors with camera
    6. Gentex like auto dimming mirrors with rear view display
    7. Electrically fold-able side mirrors
    8. Same old timeless look with very minor changes
    9. Upgraded Blue & Me with RCA out HU and iPod docks/USB slot/Aux-in - open to extensive aftermarket mods. All ICE specifications published.
    10. ABS/EBD standard across all models.
    11. Most importantly - on road price at Bangalore... a little below 12 lakhs.

    Fiat Linea Petrol (all T-Jets now... )
    Ditto in the specs and price apart from...
    1.4 MultiAir Turbo 135 HP 16v Stop & Start and 17" alloy wheels

    Also, GC across all models are 170mm+ now...

    And... at the end: Fiat has beaten the crap out of their fellow competitors! Sales are soaring and yes! we have Fiat showrooms and specialized showrooms all across the country. The Volks and the Suzukis and Hyundais are wayyyyyy behind!

    Wow... those are some machine - just add an EISA award winner Audison Voce setup or DLS setup and they would be true Italian blondes on the road.

    Ok... it was time to get back to our timeline - or the carriage turns into a pumpkin...

    Now... back to 30-Nov-2011... start on savings! Got to have the new beast(s) in 2 years... tough road ahead!
    Well, folks... don't start shooting other questions about the future... like petrol prices... diesel pricing rising... who's the new Fiat CEO of India... political scenario... etc. I really cannot reveal much about the future timeline... Proff. X warned me about the grandfather paradox and such... so I am really sorry! I already have said enough... just for you fellow Fiatians.

    Well... jokes apart... isn't it a shame that everyone other than Fiat knows how to market and make their stuff better other than the Fiat guys themselves? Is anyone listening?
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  2. Tarun

    Tarun Amatore

    Bhiwani, Delhi
    OK with linea .. was there the bravo ??:D :p
    i am dying to have the bravo ...... :rolleyes:
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  3. xplorauto


    Please introduce Prof-X and his time traveler to the officials at Fiat Spa. It would do them a world of good if the professor offers them a ride some 3 years back when they inked that tie-up with Tata. In fact, it would be even more worth while if that time machine could take them over a decade back when they signed up with Premier Auto to form FIAL. I'm sure Fiat would want to undo both of those JV's.

    Now since that's an impossible proposition to reality, they can instead learn from the lessons of the last 2 ventures and move on. Looking ahead, I certainly believe that Fiat should not even attempt to have it as a target of being the highest selling sedan of 2013. Many things have gone wrong for Fiat in the past, and it would require the balm of time to soothe the sore sentiments of Indian buyers. While time applies its healing touch, Fiat needs to realize and correct the 2 fundamental flaws in their operating model for this country.

    Post liberalization of India's economy in 1991, Fiat has made 2 attempts to replicate the Maruti-Suzuki model in order to garner quick success. While the first one was disastrous the second one too continues to languish. That is despite avant-garde technology and engineering at play in their products at the time of their introduction in the Indian market. Anyone looking at the Palio in the context of its competition (Maruti Zen and Hyundai Santro) in 2001 and the Linea with blue and me and VGT against its corresponding rivals can easily vouch for that.

    Why? For one, it's b'coz Fiat fails to realize that although automobiles sold directly under the brand name Fiat (not talking about the Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa-romeos and Lancia) are mass market products in Europe, these are very much a niche in the Indian context. Now, if mass-market model is used to sell niche products, the result naturally would be what Fiat is going through. That's one fundamental flaw. Fiat would be nuts to believe that a pre-liberalization model is going to work in an era where the Indian market is fast moving towards consumerism.

    Niche is the domain of connoisseurs and enthusiasts, and they like to be treated like a privileged lot and are willing to pay a premium for it. They not only need to be offered with no-compromise, exquisite offerings that can set them apart from the crowd (in performance, design and luxury), but more importantly they have to be cared for to the extent of being pampered; pampered at every Fiat touch point, be it pre-sales, be it in-sales or be it after-sales.
    Pragmatically, they cannot do so by operating at the mass market level. They have to do what the Honda, Toyota and the VW did. It has to re-position itself as a premium brand. That is for correcting fault#1. Fortunately Fiat does not have to look outside to acquire that art of selling premium. They already have such legendary brands (Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa-romeos) in their portfolio that are purely for the connoisseurs. They need to realize that no Indian player can teach the art of selling premium better. So they have to do it solo. That's for rectifying fault#2. After having internalized the two reasons stated, Fiat should:

    1. Split their product portfolio into 2 segments: Elitist & Value. While the Tata dealerships can continue to sell and service the Value line, Fiat needs to take up the complete sales and services of the Elitist segment onto themselves.
    2. Leave the existing Linea and Grande Punto in the Value segment for now. Re-introduce the Palio and Sienna in this segment. The existing power trains and supplier tie-ups can continue to be used here.
    3. In the Elitist segment, Fiat should introduce cars based on its legendary MultiAir and Multijet-II power trains. Also the company should overhaul its OEM parts suppliers especially those that involve fit and finish. Probably poach those who supply to the VW group. Even those of Hyundai would do.
    4. Identify pockets in the country where Fiat has been relatively successful with its earlier products. Mark those regions and identify a regional hub. Open a Fiat caffe in each of those regional hubs and use that for selling the Fiat Elitist line-up of products.
    5. Open up dedicated fiat service centers (Fiat Pit-Stops) in every regional hub along with the Fiat caffes. They can use these pit-stops as a referral service support even for the Value line products to solve issues which Tata service could not.
    6. Use the Tata-Service back bone for level-1 support even to elitist lineup vehicles where Fiat pit-stops are not available.
    7. Even offer the Elitist segment customers mods from Abarth, accessories from magneti-marelli, along with cross branding tie-ups from other well knows Italian brands like Audison for after-market audio upgrades, Pirelli for tires etc.
    8. At the onset, launch the phenomenal Bravo and the iconic Fiat 500 with the sub 1000cc twin-air engine in the Elitist segment.
    9. Wait for a year to stabilize the model. The controlled sales of these niche products will allow Fiat fine tune operations for delivering the best customer experience possible without the need to scale fast.
    10. Include the next generation Linea and Evo in elitist segment and move the support of existing models to the Fiat Pit-stop centers.

    It is important to focus on region by region expansion model rather than trying to be explosive. A big bang explosion is possible only after the 3rd year. If the above is realized in the manner stated, I believe by around 5th year i.e 2016 Fiat can possibly see the Linea as the fastest selling sedan in the country.
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  4. jayadev

    jayadev Esperto

    Kannur, India
    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    I feel envious towards you guys for such an incredible flair in writing(English).
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  5. vishnu's

    vishnu's Amatore

    Happy to know that FIAT will exist in india till 2013 :)

    pumpkin will always be pumpkin unless FIAT do somthing about the A** and spare parts availability.

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  6. Bala

    Bala Esperto

    Ya,in a state called Utopia in India in 3011,Fiat is the largest selling car manufacturer

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