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Fiat India's revenues grow 88% after split with Tata Motors

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by bibin, Nov 18, 2014.

  1. Raj_pol

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    @prabhjot I think we both agree that the average Indian in general follows a herd mentality. I was following the unfortunate incident of an engineer from IBM Bangalore whose brand new Hyundai car got burnt to a cinder because of a mess up by the service center guys. Yet people still complain about Fiat's services.

    Having said that, because of this mind set people are not going to buy the Linea or the Punto beyond what they are currently buying now. This is where I feel time is ripe for something like the 500X which has the SUV looks and is sexy and very different from the two (or three as you may say :D) products that Fiat are currently selling.

    The Linea is getting a little old as far as looks go. The average current gen kid has a short attention span and they would want the designs to be changed every 4 years. Well if the market says so, give it to them.

    A Viaggio and the 500X - that is what we need, not overtly expensive Abarth and Jeep which is not going to help them much.
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  2. prabhjot

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    I fully agree man. I really think the chinese made, imported kits of the Viaggio with indian built engines and transmissions could make for a brilliant, deliciously priced D-segment champion. Except that: it won't sell! The Linea does not sell because the type of buyer in that segment has fears, mistrust and misconceptions about the Fiat brand. How then do you expect the Viaggio to sell?

    Now, the 500X is a different story, it has such a compelling USP (Italian Style, retro-modern chic! Quality!) that I think you are right: it will sell even at 15-16 lakhs ex-showroom, even if it is not much bigger than a Yeti, and despite all the brand power/pull deficits?

    Jeep will help them plenty imo, despite the elevated prices. The margins will be great, the export revenues high, and the future prospects unimpeded in a luxury market that will continue to boom, given the rather gross increases in our society's inequality, black money and ostentation.

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