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FIAT India Sales

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by amogh, Feb 5, 2015.

  1. Raj_pol

    Raj_pol Superiore

    Punto Evo 1.3
    I think we heap too much praise on Fiat without understanding the quality of cars that are sold in India. The sad truth is that Fiat is no different from a MS or a Hyundai. While MS & Hyundai are skimping on safety in their car's, Fiat is dumping a really old product with an old engine (MJD) that is nether sold in Europe nor in Brazil.

    Also it has become fashionable to say that Fiat's are built like tanks yet none of the car's except the top models have airbags in them in this day & age. The entire developed world follows recommended safety and you cannot sell a car without airbags in the developed world. Yet manufacturers like Fiat do that with impunity (they are not the only one's but they are no different).

    Weight by itself does not denote safety - the ambassador was no safer then the tin cans that Maruti sells.

    The sad truth is India being a developing country which is highly corrupt with legacy rules everybody and their mom feels free to dump goods in India.

    The only safe first world cars that are sold in India (my definition for a first world car would be one that is sold in the same year in a country say like the US or Germany) and is sold in India without substantial modifications and those are mostly out of the common man's reach.

    Till such time comes to our country we can fight like silly little school kids on how my Punto is better than your Baleno and vice versa which is truth be told only so much bullshit.

    My 10 rupees for all that is worth..peace.

    Oh and I forgot that bloody gearbox. I can shift twice in my parent's Figo (the new one) in as much time as it takes me to do in the Punto. It is positively the worst gearbox that I have ever seen in my little time with cars.
  2. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr
    Yes, if only you'd spend more time on cars, and learning about the engineering-cum-cost-cum-economics-cum-culture......that goes into making or not-making cars in the Indian market what they are or are not.

    The Punto IS indeed 'still' sold in both Brazil and in Europe, as is the 1.3 mjd, including in Germany where it still sells better than some much-'newer' (which obviously in no way means better) competitor models from East Asian manufacturers, btw. It will bow out only in 2017 there, and probably in 2018 in India, i'd guess.

    Just because you/we do not have well-rounded 'first world cars' that are affordable (we NEVER will: FIATs are the closest we'll ever get, in the sub-10-12 lakh range that is) does NOT mean there are no meaningful distinctions to be made between models or firms in India (esp Fiat and imo Tata on one side, pre-Aspire/Figo Ford too, maybe the Renault/Dacia Duster+Suzuki SCross alone-among-their-firms' offerings, and the East Asian marques on the other.)

    For example a crash-safety/build/chassis/suspension etc PIG (Baleno, i20, Swift.....) with lipstick (i.e., with airbags) is less safe across the test-crash scenarios than a crash-safety-ghodii (Punto, Polo, previous Figo) without the same lipstick. The difference between....life and death, AND between a repairable car and a total-ed one! Just one example: similar things can be said about ride, suspension travel, braking etc. Likewise, similar critiques can be made in riposte about resale and dealership-coverage+'quality' etcetera.

    FIATs in India and in Europe+LatAm have a certain DNA, not utterly unique, just quite-distinct and quite allround/well-rounded: especially in India, given their history. They stick to that dna, nothing more or less. Therefore: they're one of the very few 'honest'/'authentic' car brands in India, they have never 'played'/'gamed' first-time car buyers in India, still a young marketplace culturally, in terms of engineering or design,

    but also perhaps because of that very DNA's weak genes in the past/present (resale+service/dealers=mistrust/indifference) they're clearly with-no-future here. Come 2018/19: i bet FIAT will be gone from India, replaced by JEEP, then later by Alfa Romeo/Chrysler.

  3. Ichimaru

    Ichimaru Regolare

    Gurgaon, India
    It is a crime to compare the build of a FIAT to a Maruti.
    Listen to the sound the roof makes when its only drizzling. Listen to the noises and water that you can feel at the underbody while sitting in a Maruti when the roads are water logged. The feeling of brakes, the handling, suspension and the built just can't be ignored.

    I agree with newer technologies etc. but I also pay a lot of attention to my gut feeling and my gut tells me FIATs are far far superior in these aspects and so many of my friends and family members agree!

    As new as a ford ecosport maybe (and my dad has one), still its eps can't give the same confidence as the hps of my Punto! I want to enjoy my Punto as I don't think we will see a car with hps anymore :-(
  4. Dhruv_Sappers

    Dhruv_Sappers Amatore

    Driving a Fiat gives stability and assurance. I somehow managed to get a 1 feet boulder under my car on the Bombay Goa Highway while maneuvering in a traffic jam. A few turns of the steering and reverse movement helped me get it off. The boulder was right under the front left wheel axle. The car was fully loaded. To my utter surprise there was no damage. After a drive of about 500KM I got to take it at the FASS and check what happened. This car is protected by a heavy metal sheet underneath the engine compartment and axle. The Maruti's, Hyundai's and other wannabe brands use plastic. The first thing to go during such mishaps is your axle and the radiator.
    My faith in the build quality of this car has increased even more.
    I have witnessed at least a couple of Maruti car which had bleeding radiators and engine cases during similar mishaps due to the plastic safety.
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  5. varin11

    varin11 Superiore

    Linea 1.3
    When it comes to build quality and safety I would always choose Fiat cars... no doubt about it.The Indian corrupt system ia mostly exploited by Marutis and Hyundais and to so extend also Hondas... they have never ever bothered about the safety even though they control more then 80% of the Market although they have all the volumes to do something good to the gullible Indian car buyer. Nothing to be said about about our poor and corrupt governance where everyone is sitting to make fast bucks and dont leave even small chance to make fast money..... putting the entire Indians in a crap situation. Indians are born with the selfish attitude and it will take lot of time... decades...to change the genes.
    Its true Fiat is not able to sell cars in Indian as choice of Indian buyer is fixed thus their service is effected... but they have not compromised on the quality and is selling the same build quality they sell in Europe or other countries.
  6. prashantgupta84

    prashantgupta84 Regolare

    New Delhi
    Grande Punto 1.3
    We all love Fiat but the fact of the matter is the dealerships and Service Stations are closing day by day. At this rate and old products FIAT will be gone from India by Next year. Those living in metros are fortunate but think of those living in smaller cities and rural area.
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  7. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr

    What you say has some truth but less than implied. imo. Why? Because fca is expanding the use of non-dealer third-party yet official aftersales centres in many under-served locations. Plus there is the likes of 99rpm.com.

    The whole market for aftersales and dealerships themselves in India is in deep crisis across all brands barring the biggest 3-4 firms in India who have such a disproportionate share of the market. Not at all only Fiat.

    imo the only way out for all such firms (i.e., viable sustainable dealers and after sales centres) is PRECISELY the way being adopted by fca in India.

    Namely: go multi-brand if you can. In-house if possible (e.g., Jeep added to Fiat so that at least at the aftersales level there are combined operations with greater economies of scale with higher quality and trust which last absolutely is a function first and foremost of financial buoyancy of dealers and/or ass centres, imo.)

    AND: make greater use of third-party after-sales smaller workshops, plus open-market easy availability of spares.

    Come 2018 or so: this plan will be fully implemented by fca, it is well-underway already. They will then take the call of whether or not to launch any new Fiat models/replacements-for-Punto-etc. Having a lot of small, economically viable third-party service centre workshops will allow for considerable flexibility in deciding either to re-try on a firm multibrand (Fiat+Jeep+....) footing with the Fiat brand OR the opposite: sticking to Jeep (and later say Alfa or Chrysler) while withdrawing new-Fiat sales but carrying-on old-Fiat after-sales support?
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  8. amitshedha

    amitshedha Amatore

    Fiat sales for Nov 2016 - a rock bottom 266. Seems demonetization hit fiat hard (honda is another major loser). With such sales how are the dealers who are not getting jeep gonna survive?
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  9. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr
    Most firms are down viciously, especially if one considers m-o-m figures/trendline rather than just y-on-y. Even Hyundai, despite the large numbers of low-margin, 'loan'-based sales to ola/uber type 'drivers'.

    imo This hare-brained 'de/re-monetization' shock will last, will have a quite long afterlife: a terrible prospect for Jeep and the c-suv/new Compass, let alone Fiat. The business case for and in India has just detriorated massively for all the non-MS,HY car firms/brands, imo, launching all-new FIATs rather than exportable Jeeps makes even less sense, sadly.

    Exports zindabad, then?! Jeep also has to contend with the large upcoming restrictions on diesel-emissions compliancy new rules/stipulations, and potentially also the mess-of-a-GST being currently khichdi-cooked.

    Of course it is the dealers who will be further squeezed, badly, across most firms. Many will quit. In a market environment like this MarutiS will make a killing, gaining marketshare hugely i suspect. They were at 52+% marketshare in November, already!
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  10. Krunal Bhatt

    Krunal Bhatt Amatore

    Punto Evo 1.3
    @amitshedha, demonetization effect will last till January end. so, till that all the car makers will have difficult time.Of course FIAT will be the biggest victim. But that will not be the case for makers of sub 4 lakh Rs car(Alto, kwid,Tiago,Eon,celerio etc.). As people with huge amount of cash, do not go for those entry level cars.
    In short maximum buyers will be those who really NEED a car for them or their family, NOT for show off.
    And the side effect of that will be good for us, the customers,IMO.How? Coz now the car makes will not simply increase the price of a model just coz people are paying without considering the VFM factor (i.e. Creta,Crysta,BRV or brezza).
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2016

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