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FIAT India Sales

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by amogh, Feb 5, 2015.

  1. vista7155

    vista7155 Regolare

    @rusticnomad and @bibin
    I think they are talking about one dealer who has done max sales in the year because if we go by 80-90 dealers the y-o-y sales will be around 22k, so that dealer is selling around 23 cars per month and others are selling in less than 10-15 numbers:( the monthly sales will be around 700 as of now.
    The above figures are not good for the dealers and as we can see the impact of closing the sales due to poor returns.
  2. Dhruv_Sappers

    Dhruv_Sappers Amatore

    There are two SA's from Pandit auto who have joined Jay Vijay, I know of Mr. Khan and Mr. Chaitanya
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  3. Revv

    Revv Amatore

    Chinchwad, Pune
    Chinchwadgaon Pune
    Linea 1.4
    You are correct. I met Mr.Khan today at Jay Vijay. 'Phew' !
  4. mayurworld84

    mayurworld84 Timido

    Hi there,
    So can anyone of you all give me better insight of the dealer in Pune..
    i am planning to buy my first NEW car .. and without any other options ..chosen Fiat to be one :cool:
    (currently having Maruti Estilo - Pre-owned one )
    reading few posts from this thread regarding the Jay-Vijay and the skymoto
    I now got confused, ..
    firstly.. i have got the common confusion.. for choosing between the Evo or Avventura.. (which now ..settled a bit by going through some threads.. Thanks all..contributors..:happy:)
    But now when it came to dealer ... there again i got confused after reading the threads about shutting down dealership..(rumors?) and sales / service isuues..etc..

    So what is current status of dealership in Pune... and any suggestion for picking up the dealer
    both dealers are offering almost same offers on Evo and Avventura..

    Which dealer is better.... in terms of sales / service and overall offers and experience

    Owners in Pune Please enlighten me:)

  5. Revv

    Revv Amatore

    Chinchwad, Pune
    Chinchwadgaon Pune
    Linea 1.4
    @mayurworld84 Both are similar. My recent experience with Sky Moto was very good. I felt Jay Vijay was utterly incompetent. Depends on your own experience.
    Frankly choose the one which is near to your home. And don't worry about rumors. None of them is closing down, at least in recent future.
  6. mayurworld84

    mayurworld84 Timido

    Thanks @Revv
    I had visited just once so... not gained much of the experience ...

    however.. Agree with your point about choosing the dealer nearer to home..

    Thanks much

    Will post the proceedings :) :happy:
  7. Ichimaru

    Ichimaru Regolare

    Gurgaon, India
    Dreadful figures of Fiat in the month of September :(
  8. vinit

    vinit Amatore

    Linea 1.3
    Ya... 437 for punto and avventura. 102 for linea. But the story is same across brands, September being the shraddha month. Hope that Abarth punto adds the much required "turbo" to the sales numbers. :)
  9. Vidhyashankar Kannan

    Vidhyashankar Kannan Regolare

    Avventura 1.3 90 HP
    The Abarth Punto may add around 200 in the first month. I don't think even that will happen. The net sales will be the same as one of the other models will be cannibalized. Unless there is a huge change in the mindset, nothing mind blowing will happen.
  10. SOOZ_P

    SOOZ_P Regolare

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Don't know upto when the engine sales profit be adjusted with car sales department. Hope for Abarth to at least run the show. Slightly new brand image and highest in bhp in the segment may turn few enthu people towards fiat.
    To take it positively
    Sannata ane wale toofan ka pegam deta hai :)

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