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FIAT India Sales

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by amogh, Feb 5, 2015.

  1. asimpleson

    asimpleson Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    Marketing needs to be an ever-going, on-going thing. You spend once or twice and it does not feel national or global in real sense hardly makes it effective advertising. A campaign like Ab ki baar... sarkar where so many never even knew or bothered to find who was or could be a more appropriate candidate, but an entire nation came together to keep aside major/minor differences in political views and chose one leader who felt right (not possible for Aam Junta to delve too much into fact finding behind the scene). Now That was a Campaign of-course. A few ads here and there could not capture the imagination of people does not translate into brand building. Only efforts sure, but less result. For consistent marketing you need that many product launches and/or offers.

    They had such a wondercar the UNO which was a great package (albeit older gen looking with no curves) but better overall package. The opportunity was given by these very people who today buy the Swifts and i20s. But they could not deliver and lost crucial ground from the market. Maruti no matter how much we argue about engineering is a brand that is built a lot on trust which included good products and service. They had their share of failures too and will have some in future too. In one of his interviews Mr. Sergio said that he could perhaps take (absorb) just one (only one failure of a model) after the crucial initial years of recovery for Chrysler. This he too has already factored in. I think if you are right on market research, quick to adapt, afford to take reasonable risks you cannot always fail reasoning that the market is not ready yet. You will slowly steadily surely build and grow your own product offerings and steady following of customers.

    It is time to go from strength to strength (after identifying them) and create a position in market as the Japanese and Germans do not (would not) give up without a tough fight even in these tricky markets. Fiat cannot sustain survive on small portfolio and smaller no. of enthusiast cars. A Fiat Sales guy was quick to point out to a friend "Sir you are comparing with Maruti, they have a product at every price range (in mass market passenger cars)"

    Totally agree to this bit.
  2. adisrini1103

    adisrini1103 Amatore

    Linea 1.3
    We'll yeah Maruti has 7( min of 3 variants each) cars under 5.5 lakh which means a other car/variant available For every 40,000. So no where I'm trying to compare fiat and maruti in sales.

    all I want to see is fiat making profits(atleast zero losses) from cars. For that they need to stop posting ads via YouTube and telecast something on TV I can guarantee that would make a huge difference by fiat sales standards
    Coz most people just don't consider fiat as if it never existed.

    people has to be reminded that the brand still exists.

    Looking at the sales figure and as per my wacko prediction of Fiat's existence in India.

    I would safely buy its cousin Tata Bolt With 6 speakers and touch screen and boast to my friends__-- still longing for a fiat(which May or maynot exist in the future as a car seller) no offence - I'm trying to bring the perception of a common car buyer Here
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  3. AmeyKhedekar

    AmeyKhedekar Amatore

    MH 02
    Linea Classic
    even tough Linea is having decent sales chart , Fiat shouldnt exit the current Linea as well as the Classic in mid 2016.
    i have read Linea would be axed in mid 16 and in that place a new and bigger Sedan would be launched maybe a Fiat Viaggio ?
    both Linea (mid sizer sedan) as well as Viaggio (executive sedan) could enjoy the privilege and people wiull buy the car their budget permits!
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  4. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr
    Why the panic? Nothing new's happened: they're still selling around-about their long-term average, i.e, 800-1000 (for the last say 3 years?), i believe.

    They've set up new dealerships. They've persuaded with the improved FASS and spares availability many more Fiat owners to speak up for Fiat, and recommend them. They've done very good, thorough refreshes, and launched a terrific new Punto variant, the Avventura. Meanwhile, their warranties, and their pricing including of spares and ASS labour, remains awesome, all the more so, given the quality of the materials/build/component-specs/suspensions etc.

    Aside from the necessity of more, and smarter, and more continuous-cum-louder advertizing, what's to be done, off this low base, considering that it IS a base (dealers/FASS/better word-of-mouth from owners)? After all: the renaissance of a brand necessarily takes time, especially in a market very prone to negative-against AND positive-for herding. This market is not America where Marchionne had DEAD brands and cars selling hot within a year or two of taking over Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram.

    The answer we usually give: new products, is completely self-defeating. Maybe 2 years from now, with say the new promised b-suv and also the 500X? For now, till then, the brand has to be re-positioned as a hot-sporty-enthusiast-only brand+Italian style+desi prices/vfm: t-jets in all 3 cars+Abarth 500+Abarth Punto+automatics+, yes, touchscreen ICE and projector lamps+ 1.6 mjd (if possible thanks to Maruti or in any case even if the engines have to be imported!) is 2 tunes, maybe in all 3 cars.

    The brand's still got lots of life and viguour, and just has to be burnished off the new base (dealers, FASS, etc): provided Fiat stops trying to address the aam, and go 'special', which as we on TFi and the vast majority of Fiat owners know is what they are in the first place, dammit!

    And maybe, as @Biraj rightly points out, even downsize the number of dealers and FASS, while premium-izing the successful and bigger ones, by officially and with broadcast-ads tying up (as they already have, i believe) with say a Mahindra First Choice multi-brand ASS channel. Very excellent idea: they'll just have to keep up their by-now pretty-good spares supply logistics good. That way they can concentrate on a more sporty-premium strategy, further improve their best dealers in their best markets, while also providing ASS 'confidence' in other places, indeed everywhere.

    This is the only way to both be 'Fiat' and to succeed in this market-culture, i feel, since they are not and more importantly CANNOT be Hyundai, Maruti or Honda or Toyota, EVEN if that were a good thing. Fiats are mass market cars in Europe, and even there are increasingly premium-within-mass (e.g., 500 series of models) BUT here they can only be 'premium' (sporty, top-notch build, safety and suspensions etc), or else in our aaloo-pyaaz ka bhaav kya hai market, they'll keep losing out to the Japs, Koreans and the likes of Mahindra.

    Fiat is in a paradoxical position where: they are not regarding by the AAM market as 'premium' and yet that is the only way they can get back on a steady growth path. Exactly analogous to Royal Enfield and Yamaha! Only better, since they're making terrific monies via Tata and Maruti, in any case!

    PS: there is exactly 0% chance, to my mind, of either Tata or Suzuki stopping their dependence on fiat for engines, for any number of years. Quite the opposite: they will get more dependent with the 2litre mjd CONFIRMED for Tata (and Jeep), with huge orders for amt-s from Maruti, with hopefully the 1.6 mjd for Maruti, and...the BIG (potential) one--the merger/equity-swap with Suzuki globally, once the VW-Suzuki dispute arbitration award comes through soon enough.
  5. vista7155

    vista7155 Regolare

    I am having my own doubts about the continuation of Suzuki buying diesel engine from fiat.
    Suzuki needs to pay royalty to fiat for every engine, so Suzuki will be looking to save the cost and by the way Suzuki knows better that they can't use 1. 3 for every segment so if we see the speculation Suzuki has already developed the small 800cc engine and they are in final stage of developing 1. 5 for us &1. 6 for others.
    On the other side TATA has varicor engine which is doing duty in safari, aria so why the hell they are going to buy 2ltr engine.
  6. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr

    Don't know where you are getting these fears/rumours. You not a member of a certain other forum are you, perchance? ;):p

    Suzuki is NOT developing any diesel larger than the 800 cc one for use on their LCV and their smallest cars. Suzuki is deepening and expanding its relationship with Fiat, both here and in Europe, NOT (planning to) cutting back! The new upcoming Suzuki-s (S-Cross, XAlpha and Vitara) WILL come with fiat diesels, both here and in Europe. In Europe two of them already do. Why? Because India and Europe are the only significant diesel passenger-car markets in the geographies Suzuki operates in. And petrol/gasoline prices have crashed. They're not out of their minds to waste a very viable and low-cost supply base from Fiat, either here or in Europe. An engine which is a major part of their success both here and there. Besides, believe me: there is a LOT of buzz about FCA under Marchionne and Suzuki under venerable Mr. Osamu Suzuki tying-up in an even bigger way in the serious professional automotive and business press in Japan and the US: talking big equity-swap here, if not an outright merger.

    Tata IS definitely ditching the varicor 2.2 for the much superior 2 litre Ranjangaon-made mjd to be also used on the India-made Jeeps,for their next-gen SUV-s (2017). This is confirmed to the Business Standard, not a flake of a newspaper at all, by Tata people, and corroborated by the plant investments and expansion at Ranjangaon that has begun/is already underway, and by confirmed RFQ-s Tata have sent out to suppliers.

    Now, if we want to fear, and believe rumours only because Fiat sales are no better, but also no-worse, than their strike rate over the last few years....:confused:;)
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    The 'Suzuki' engine in 1.5 and/or 1.6 litres for possible use in the upcoming new launches IS the Fiat-made mjd! You seem to have read the report on the upcoming car and mistakenly thought that the engine is their own.
  7. acechip

    acechip Superiore

    Both @prabhjot and I have been proven right by now: Avventura and Punto Evo are cannibalizing each other & the only buyers of Fiats are the ones who are really enthused by the attributes of these cars. There is really no point in flogging the horse any more. Either change it & put the existing one to pastures or let it do what it can for a while. But Fiat does have a small window of opportunity in the pie chart section marked by Nissan/Renault and even Chevy. That is the only scope for them right now. Because all these three companies, barring the Duster, really have next-to-nil marketing efforts and bad or worse A.S.S reputation.
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  8. Sumit

    Sumit Superiore

    Why is everyone so worried after sales figures. Let's enjoy our Fiats. Let them break their heads. Fiat is here to stay. Let them do their business the way they want to.
  9. adisrini1103

    adisrini1103 Amatore

    Linea 1.3
    We are worried because I have become so much into these lovely ladies from fiat...we have developed some love and respect for the brand too.

    It's like you love your wife and so you take care of her mother too coz she is your M-O-L
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  10. dadasaheb

    dadasaheb Regolare

    MH 12 (Ranjangaon)
    Linea 1.3
    @prabhjot if Fiat is going to share the 1.5/1.6 Mjd and 2.0 Mjd with Tata and Maruti then i feel why the average joe will go and by Future cars from Fiat ?
    same like Swift/bolt vs Punto and Ciaz vs Linea
    I bet Maruti will tune it better than Fiat as always and again people will say that Fiat cars are stalling and under powered with respect to the competition.. LOL
    i think this is the greater possibility... NO ?
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