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Fiat India - Sales Thread

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by Ravi, Jun 1, 2010.

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  1. anand3636

    anand3636 Amatore

    Cochin (KL - 44)
    The authors of these articles seems to be paid heftly by the car companies, to write only good things about them. And likewise they do, as the medical reps present new meds to doctors and rewarding them with prizes. But that's part of the game. Else how can we justify the sales of feather like weightless cars from jap n korea.
  2. amit

    amit Superiore

    Navi Mumbai
    They declared i20 as the winner not the Polo. But I do agree about the biased part. In fact, OD has always been biased against Fiat for some reason. When the Palio was launched, they were the ones who made a big hue and cry over the low mileage of the 1.6. I still remember their words 'If you buy a Palio 1.6, better buy a petrol pump alongwith it'. of course, they never said that the mileage of the 1.6 was as good as the mileage of the Ikon 1.6 or Accent 1.5. Back then OD was a Tata owned magazine and their biasedness was understandable as they the Palio diesel launch was imminent and it would have killed the Indica. Now OD is no longer with Tata's yet they are blatantly against Fiat.

    In fact, a few months back, a reader wrote a letter that was surprisingly printed in the magazine calling them biased for going overboard with their praising of the Polo.

    For OD, the only good cars are Honda, Skoda , Mercedes , BWM , Audi and now VW. At least ACI talks about poor Skoda service, OD doesn't even do that! That's how blatantly and shamelessly biased they are!
  3. keshav


    Sorry, I missed the stars somehow :) I was shocked to read the last paragraph which is all praises for Polo and recommends Polo to all driving enthusiasts. This is in contrast to what people say about Punto. It is slow to reach 0-100kmph, hence it's not for enthusiasts.
  4. amit

    amit Superiore

    Navi Mumbai
    The biggest joke in that OD comparo was that it was a comparo for premium hatchbacks and they included the Ritz in that shoot out. Now, if someone thinks that the Ritz is a premium hatch, the breaking news here is that even OD didn't believe that! So why did they include the Ritz? In their own words, the Ritz was included because it is THEIR favourite diesel hatchback!! How much more blatantly biased can anyone get?!

    Mark my words, Polo is going to be OD's COTY.
  5. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    Pondering over the ever-present question that why Linea/Punto sales are not picking inspite of being good products & VFM choice.

    It seems its primarily due to the baggage Fiat carries from REPEATED mistakes in the past. As mentioned earlier, to overcome such a strong negative perception, Fiat has to consistently delivery CUSTOMER DELIGHT (SUPER-SATISFACTION) for minimum 1-2 years. In service Fiat is has improved a lot & even the polls show they're coming or already at par with other manufacturers. But because of the strong negative perception, this might not be enough. Instead of being just "Good", it has to deliver "Always delighted" as a customer service feedback. Lets try to get to a perspective:

    • Ford - No strong negative baggage as that of Fiat. Parts never are found in "waiting to come" status (actually during my 5.5 years with Ikon, I've not changed any parts not even small interior clip/ bulb except for Fuel pump & in the last stage Power steering oil pump). Car never held up at A.S.S. for want of spare part. Never. Inspite of all these, Ford still could sell only 1000-odd Ikon's & even lesser Fiesta's. Compared to that Linea's 1000-odd numbers look respectable.
    • Hyundai - Again No strong negative baggage as that of Fiat. In fact, after Maruti, Hyundai service is rated as the best in India. Still Hyundai sells only 1500-odd Verna's? Compare that with 1000-odd Linea's.
    • Maruti - The best service provider in India for so many years consistently with the highest / widest network. Sells only 1300-1400- odd SX4's ? Compare it with 1000-odd Linea's.
    • GM - No strong negative baggage as that of Fiat. How many Aveo's does it sell? 350 or 400? How many Optra's does it sell? 600-700?[/*:m:2dmlr74c]

    Ford is selling Figo's in numbers now. But then Figo has slotted in an entry-level hatch. For a premium hatch, there are only i20, Punto, Jazz, Fabia, don't know if Polo is to be included being skimpy on features+3-pot engine+High price. You can't compare Figo/ Ritz with i20/GP/Jazz.

    If Linea sells 1500 & Punto sells 2500-3000, it should be rated as super-success. And both cars are such wonderful machines that these numbers are not impossible.

    If Fiat is reading this...

    • Impove the service to the highest possible level with Customer Delight. "Good" or mere "satisfied" is not good enough atleast for 1st 1-2 years to wipe off the very strong baggage/ negative perceptions.
      Free service camps is a good initiative.
    • Do something on Marketing. Run campaigns shouting from the roof tops all your advantages/ positives.
    • Reduce the no. of A.S.S. visits for the customers - Give 60-90 days credit period to TASC initially for spare parts. Parts has to be available off-the-shelf within a city. Nobody should say for his car that its waiting for the part to arrive. Am not saying that there is a huge issue in spare parts availability. In fact, there is a huge improvement but thats not good enough. You got to build perception that parts available off-the-shelf without any waiting [/*:m:2dmlr74c]
  6. J Ravi

    J Ravi Esperto

    Excellent piece of analysis, Amit. Slowly and steadily, Fiat ASS is improving a lot, but still, Fiat has a long way to go if it has to sustain the growth.
  7. nmp

    nmp Amatore

    Thane, Mumbai
    VP - You mentioned some really good points.

    About marketing I would like to add this -
    The brandname 'Fiat' needs to be pushed really in depth. Most of the people are still not aware / heard that there is some vehicle available in India for more than 12 months named, PUNTO. Most of the guys even can't pronounce it properly. :hit This is in stark contrast with VW - Polo. Even my 5 years old nephew was aware that 'Polo' is coming in the market, well before its launch.
    Having said that, I think Fiat is slowing gaining the confidence of Indian customers. But the pace with which its happening is not upto the mark. They need to have more options available in their kitty.
  8. Grandeur

    Grandeur Staff Member Janitor

    Very practical and well compared analysis.
  9. @Amit - Those comparison of nos did made huge sense and would increase Fiat's respect in the no. comparison game.
    I think number wise, for Punto the one and only one to break is for i20 (correct me if any of the rest 3 'premium' hatches have a higher no.) as,.. Fabia (not a good performer, not good in terms of refinement too perhaps) and Jazz (Priced like a sedan), both of them doest sell in handsome nos.
    Really, there is a lot to learn from i20 & Hyundai also, how they have came out with new variants pushing the nos, how they position itself with marketing and stuff like that.

    Sedans: Verna - i think it was more positioned as a performance sedan and was not well accepted. While Honda city in same segment was just seeming unbeatable with its projected 3R's (reliability, refinement & Resale). what I find most lacking in City are those sweet features- they are present in minimum in the CITY. But beware, I think Honda will be seriously thinking of those currently given more and more people are pampered in the Linea :dance
  10. neoonwheels

    neoonwheels Amatore

    The marketing team appointed by FIAT seems to be heavily paid by competitors. If I would have been the marketing head, I would have fired them long before. My blood still boils when I hear Bluetooth connectivity is first given in manza, figo and then FIAT copied it. Ford is showing up Figo's features from day one. Ditto for Polo. What FIAT is doing? Showing Yuvi aimlessly driving the Punto, as aimless as his shots these days. Then came the next blunder, introducing a 1.2 version with a rubber burning ad. What the heck. I wonder how common sense is such uncommon with FIAT ad makers.
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