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Fiat India - Sales Thread

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by Ravi, Jun 1, 2010.

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  1. kr_vasudev

    kr_vasudev Superiore


    Anyone is aware of the clutch replacement of Santro Vs Palio at authorized service station ? 8K Vs 4K
  2. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    All these points should be reached in the ears of the competitors, then only we can except rise in sale.
    Any Idea hw the sales in JAN 2011 is picking up,
  3. @ Ravi

    I don't know if my statement is Rubbish or no, It clearly states I "heard" that cost of spares is too high (from a T BHP Palio owner who has friend wrking in Tata) . Which doesn't mean spares cost increases after warranty but the costs itself is too high. Iam not talking about the simple replacement things but major ones which is ok as long as Fiat stays here. The concern is lookig at their current situation its a scary thing right. I mean, just think about it, Products like Puntos & Lineas just 200 odd numbers and look at others. For Fiat drivers like us, we find it very difficult to replace our cars with other manufacturer's cars. The only replace I can think for my Palio is Punto but then the sales are scaring the hell out of me.

    I agree Fiat cannot handle on their own coming out of TATA. Then probably we would have couple of showrooms in each big cities. That said, the way TATA handles Fiat is just pathetic. Many of us have good experience because we all specifically wanted FIAT. Just walkin to TATA and ask for a car, lets see if they suggest a FIAT.I am sure everybody will agree thats not gonna happen.

    I don't know how TATA guys are handling the new Fiats but I am sure old Palio and Sienna guys are facing lot of issues.
    Anyways I seriously wish Fiat stays good here in our country and we can continue enjoying our cars.
  4. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    I told its rubbish because of "later".
    You can check the spares price of Punto and Linea (I don't have idea on Palio), and it very competitive. So where is the question of costly spares. Warranty or not, spare are well priced. Its availability is different question though ::D .
    Also, remember Fiat cars have 4 years warranty (and very few cars you will get that much long warranty on so low cost). Also, if you read the experience, spares replaced under warranty at Tata/Fiat service center is very easy here. Just compare same condition with Hyundai and Maruti. You will have to fight a long battle to get anything replaced under warranty.

    Sales of 200 Punto is just for 1-2 months. Other it is selling at decent 1K range (still much less how much we expect).
    I have never read any similar concern for Honda Jazz, Fabia etc., they are selling much less than Punto for so long. They are still there and trying to improve selling by making some changes, still sales are very low. What this tells is no car manufacturer will think of leaving India, but they will try to improve their sales. Market is huge.

    For Palio and Siena's service woos are the reasons, fiat is selling so low. It will take time to change the experience of new car owners.

    Again, I don't agree with the statement. Fiat owners are only people who shout if something happens wrong with servicing. Other owners will be silent.
    Experience are both good and bad, but most of new car owners are getting similar service experience what you would get from anywhere.

    This is a good suggestion and hope Fiat listens to us.
  5. mat46



    Wrt. spares, this is one of the first items checked before buying the Tjet+, especially the bumpers and side mirrors. Fiat was the cheapest among the lot, in this aspect. Vento dealer didnot furnish their parts list.

    If people go by perceptions, and not by the product, then the perceptions need changing, and this can only be done by a PROACTIVE management.
    FIAT in my opinion is very passive, and letting every Tom, Dick and Harry walk all over them.

    The least they can do is have a interactive forum, where users can log-in and get their doubts officially clarified, or have FAQs etc.

    When a person buys a car, he or she is a bit apprehensive as to how it will turn out, they need reassurance and if it is not forthcoming from the Manufacturer, they will easily be swayed by the naysayers.

    Anybody, with a bit of common sense, will first look at the product, as to whether it is the best product for its price price, that satisfies his needs.
    Because,he is going to use this product every day.

    Putting support before the product is like putting the cart before the horse. If the support is prompt and professional, it is good enough, it need not be the best in its class.SUPPORT IS SOMETHING THAT SHOULD BE AVAILABLE WHEN YOY NEED IT. It is not a every day need.
    It is It is the product that needs to be the best in its class.
    And more importantly,you are not buying shares in the company, you are buying its product,and these are international companies, they have made huge investments on a long term basis, and a few bad years in India will not deter them, they look at the potential of the market in India, which is going to be among the top 3 or 4 markets in the world for automobiles.You think FIAT will shut shop and quit,because Lineas and puntos are not selling in adequate numbers today? NO WAY.

    But again, you have people out there with more money than brains.
  6. Thanks guys for the supportive words, implicating Fiat would stay here and do good. Hope Fiat guys read our threads everyday. But Fiat better take some action on this marketing stuff of theirs. Lets see how 2011 goes. I am planning on ma Punto in 2012. As of now I am gonna adjust with ma Palio. (financial constraints).

    Also heard Fiat is under a research programme to find out what went wrong with the sales. I guesss some collabaration with the 3rd party for research. Not sure though.
  7. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Yes, Accenture is finding ways to improve sales figure. We will hear more when they implement any suggestions.

    Source - viewtopic.php?f=16&t=1207&p=19294&hilit=accenture#p19294
  8. Sumit

    Sumit Superiore

    just dont why everybody is fearing that Fiat India may leave this country. Fiat always was here to stay. bad experience of kurla plant locked and then the legal battle with potential customers, everybody bashing for poor A** , they have faced everything but are still fighting for a market share. they cud have easily left India earlier. now they have JV with one the leading indian companies just to reach out to people. its a diff story that they are not showing results at the moment.

    so the concept that Fiat may leave India just a foolish thought. its just fear of present owners that they wont have to face the horrors of Fiat A**.
  9. kedarbendre

    kedarbendre Esperto

    MH 12
    Agreed to Sumit :)
  10. arun687


    I agree that there's very less chance of FIAT shutting the shop and moving on from India. If they did so, then that would be one of the stupidest management decisions ever.

    However, what stopped FIAT from setting up their own infrastructure, sales and service facilities all over the country? India is among the fastest growing economies and car markets in the world today. It will stay so for a long time to come, considering the growth and potential that India has. Wouldn't it be nice to have one's own infrastructure rather than share it with some other company, especially in a country like India where the market is still immatured. :uh

    This is not Europe where people are well informed and buy cars for what they are, here an average middle class family thinks 10 times before putting in a million rupees. Having their own presence would have certainly made a lot of difference to many people knowing how serious FIAT considers our market to be and thus would have given them more confidence in trusting FIAT. The same reason why virtually all models of Maruti sell well no matter what.

    Hyundai came in a decade ago and now look at where they are. VW did it, so did Nissan. They're all new entrants but all of them are going very aggressive about the expansion plans in India. Their products are getting wide acceptance too in a very short time. Not to mention the kind of marketing they do.

    There's a need of a complete change from top to bottom in their strategies to improve their image. I see absolutely no marketing whatsoever :A .Their products are best in class, cheaper than competition, best looking and great value for money. It's just the image, service quality and confidence among potential customers that's lacking. Unfortunately, the latter mentioned factors play a major role in a purchase decision in our country than the former ones.

    Going down in sales from 18k last year to 15k this year, in a country whose car market is growing at a rate of 30%+ is a real shame. I hope atleast they'll wake up this time and get their house in order soon. :sadblue
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