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Fiat India - Sales Thread

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by Ravi, Jun 1, 2010.

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  1. Ravi

    Ravi Staff Member Janitor

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Nice article and thanks for sharing.

    This line is very important to understand. No auto maker would succeed without success in new developing countries. So if anybody thinks that Fiat will leave India at this juncture, please rethink.

    Yes they couldn't meet the sales target for this year, but that gives opportunity to correct the issues Fiat has in India.
    Fiat's JV with Tata is not based just one year sales, but its strategic relation for future, for next couple of decades. Some issues are there but those can be resolved.

    In my view, since current sales is low in number, Fiat should try to correct the wrong perception with Indian buyers. Build the foundation. So when new "small" car comes, buyers should not find that spares are not available or after sales is not up-to-the mark. If these current small niggling issues are removed, spare are freely available and experience of buying and servicing improves, I see no reasons why the future "small" car can't be hit.
    The pricing of Fiat cars have never been a problem. Their cars are always value for money.
    Improvement in marketing is absolutely necessary.

    All the manufacturers have bright future in India for next couple of decades, so will be Fiat's. Have faith and Fiat will also enjoy good time in India.

    I like this comment -
  2. redbull


    Re: Re: Fiat India - Sales Thread

    I don't know what the text book says, but I do find Punto is somewhat hard car to drive in the city especially B2B traffic. Due to it's short gearing, I have to constantly move in all combinations of 1st, 2nd, 3rd. I can't take the famed 3rd below 1000 rpm for fear of lugging. And if I come to a stop, I don't want to takeoff in 2nd. In the Alto that I replaced, 1st was good enough, ocassionally 2nd. The real problem with tall gearing that I understood is less pulling power like the Alto could not pull it's own weight in 2nd even on a moderately steep slope. Punto is a great puller, but because of the gap between it's gears, on a slope you will find it difficult to upshift although you may feel that engine rev is high enough to move up to the next gear. Because the moment you try to go to next gear the RPM falls below the turbo power power band. So you have to do a really quick 1st to 2nd to keep the rpm high enough so that the 2nd is in a stable power regime when moving uphill.

    Personally I like tall gearing. I can always use 1st to pull up a streep slope. Infact I did not like the drivability of my Santro because of it's short gearing.

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  3. redbull


    Re: Re: Fiat India - Sales Thread

    My car definitely has performance. It only needs an empty road. Pull it up from 2nd and move to a quick 3rd, and I am sure it will be as fast as the Swift and i20 CRDI. From 3rd onwards, it's acceleration within a gear when it is in power band is massive. I do not feel it to be "heavy". This car is made for 3rd, 4th and 5th gears. If the first two gears are made taller, it will become the fastest hatch in it's category.

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  4. Sumit

    Sumit Superiore

    thats indeed good for Fiat lovers in India.

    Fiat has two great products in Punto & Linea. gears are not a issue. there is a diff way of driving a Fiat and other german , japanese or korean cars.

    i think Fiat needs to improve its image, remove all niggling issues and position their cars properly.
  5. nk4FIAT

    nk4FIAT Superiore

    I am totally disaapointed by FIAT sales of Dec'10. Literally depressed. :( What could be the reason?
    Can anybody rate precentage for following reasons? :anyone

    1. Poor marketing, low quality dumb Advt in print , audio n video media : -- %
    2. Small rattling issues in Linea/Punto : -- %
    3. High Cost of the cars compared to same segment of other brands with same features : -- %
    4. Tie up with Tata for marketing and sales : -- %
    5. Lithargic attitude from FIAT, Italy : -- %
    6. Lithargic attitude from FIAL, India : -- %
    7. The haunting ghost of FIAT brand in Indian history ( high cost, poor service, costly spares, unpredictable milege

    etc ): -- %
    8. Lack of Seperate sales and service outlets : -- %
    9. Stepbrother like treatment from Tata showroom : -- %
    10. No charm in FIAT employees and management : -- %
    11. Unnecessary bashing from overenthusiast FIAT fans and FIAT rivals on Internet for small issues which reduces brand image: -- %
    12. Not exposing the range of FIAT group (Ferrari/Alfa Romeo/D chrystler etc), so people don't know heritage and

    wide range of FIAT group: -- %
    13. Advtz budget is directly proportional to sales of only cars, so going in vicious circle:-- %
    14. Purposefully all FIAT employees have decided to be idle, get salary and use FIAL as a stepping stone to move to

    other brand after experience: -- %
    15.They don't have any srategy, onle conduct meetings, discuss, take snacks and go without implementation: -- %
    16. Decided to suscide and quit India after slow death: -- %
    17. People of India are completely bored and get rid of FIAT brand: -- %
    18. Owning FIAT brand cars is most foolish thing in market: -- %
    19. Their sales of engines to maruti and tata is eating their own car sales: -- %
    20. They were much ahead of technology in 1999-2005,common class of India was not ready to afford and accept but after poor response for

    Palio Stile they decided to go on backfoot (2005-2009), where all others race aggressively and captured the market: -- %

    Why it is happening for the most reliable brand with most beautiful and stylish cars in their stable?
    ??????????????????????????????????? :confused
  6. multijetter

    multijetter Regolare

    I am agree with this statement. there are niggling issues in swift, figo, polo, sx4, and even in honda city. but fiat enthusiastic people are unnecessarily making huge arguments and create a propaganda over a small thing. then anybody search a forum or blog to get information which is useful to buy a sedan or hatch, he gets wrong impression.

    for performance please check my post in what fiat needs to sell more:- viewtopic.php?f=16&t=449&start=130

    All the very best fiat
  7. tjetdriver

    tjetdriver Amatore

    Bengaluru, India

    Completely and totally agree...
  8. saugdas



    I only pray that FIAT corrects before the game is over since its already 3 years the whistle was blown... : :irked
  9. saugdas


    As per me, its only 5 reasons and they are :
    1. Poor marketing, low quality dumb Advt in print , audio n video media : -40- %
    4. Tie up with Tata for marketing and sales : -20- %
    5. Lithargic attitude from FIAT, Italy : -10- %
    6. Lithargic attitude from FIAL, India : -10- %
    19. Their sales of engines to maruti and tata is eating their own car sales: -20- %
    Most of other points are either negligible or can be grouped under the above.
  10. cartoos


    New Delhi
    Do I worry about their sales ? no, I rather enjoy rarety of the car.
    Touchwood its almost 22 months since I bought mine at mind boggling price of Rs. 728000/- on road Gurgoan and enjoying every bit of it and only once has been to service center. During first service they had arrange pick and drop and during second service, I wanted look at the service station, so went there.
    I don't like to be in crowd and I really don't care what other people drive.
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