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Fiat India - Sales Thread

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by Ravi, Jun 1, 2010.

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  1. sharma_sanjeevin

    sharma_sanjeevin Regolare

    ::OO 271 Cars only ??? what is going on FIAT. This is lowest in 2 years after their comeback with Grande Punto & Linea.

    Are these low figures due to some Plant Shutdown for maitenance ? If not then seriously FIAT is in for a Big trouble. They need to address the issue ASAP, otherwse they will be out of the Market soon. Couldnt believe such wonderful Products (Grande Punto & Linea) slowly going down the drain. Wake up FIAT..!!
  2. saugdas


    @Roy: It's good to be optimistic buddy but not at the expense of common sense. I know a person at Bangalore who wanted to book a T Jet on Dec 28th white colour (2nd option was black colour), and he was returned saying there is no stock even in factory. He has to buy the SB beige or else forget TJET!! That guy is going for some other brand. FIAT wants a customer to buy what they push and not what the customer wants? ::OO which is resulting in selling 270nos against target of 4000 which is 7% efficiency??? :evilsmile :evilsmile What type of strategy s this? Does FIAT top brass think that they are the only wise people on Earth and the rest of the brands are bunch of jokers? Well, Mr Kapoor: If you happen to see this thread, it is the otherway everyone thinks of today. I am not aware of any company who has succeded in such 'product out'. MAy be it is some new theory from Kapoor and Co :devil trying to prove the world ; but surely what they will land up with is unpleasant gifts (like what started with Bush in Iraq nd copied in India during the election rallies) :punch :punch :punch :punch thrown out to them should they dare to conduct a public meeting with FIAT owners/enthusiasts.
    Some times I feel down thinking why did I trust these people? :sadblue
  3. Viny

    Viny Esperto

    Generally this kind of stock clearance strategy with low production rate is taken when a new variant has to be brought into the market. This helps in not losing the money on existing / manufactured products. Our visit to factory surely showed a very very low stocks of both built up cars and raw materials.

    Is FIAT is cooking something, are they coming up with new variant/version of its cars, CNG is inline, there next level QA was to be completed by December second week, are they coming up with something? Well this is just a big question mark ? Otherwise why would a company go into suicidal path, when they have vision for next 5 years already charted.
  4. kr_vasudev

    kr_vasudev Superiore

    Good point, also they announced 55K in total discounts add to it corporate + royalty discounts these are huge

    Let us wait and watch, as somebody smartly pointed out, let us enjoy our machines :)
  5. on 30/Dec, i was told (by Concorde & VST) that there are no Stock of SBBiege and Tuscan wine in the FIAT factory stockyard but they have around 36 BN white ready for despatch. This was later confirmed by the FIAT Sales official of South India.
  6. amit

    amit Superiore

    Navi Mumbai
    I have been repeating this like a broken record that the reason for falling sales is buyer disconnect with the Fiat brand and products. Until that is sorted out, things will get worse and worse. Let's not forget competition is not sleeping so things are going to get tougher for Fiat in 2011. Just look at the response the Etios got, now imagine the riot that will happen outside Toyota & Honda showrooms, when their small cars are launched. Just look at the bubbly & zingy way in which VW goes about it's India innings. There is so much of excitement around brand VW & it's products and compare that with Fiat. Everyone will praise the products but nobody buy's because nobody wants to bet on a lame horse. Until, Fiat has a spring in it's step going about it's business, people are not going to give them a chance anymore.

    As for the small car, if Fiat doesn't plan to open it's Fiat only dealerships and service center's then they should save time, effort & most important of all, money. Chuck the small car project. The small car buyer is very conservative. He will NEVER consider your small car if the has to go to a Tata dealership to buy one.

    What people want to see is the steps Fiat is taking to arrest falling sales. That will repose the faith people have in brand Fiat. You can't have month after month of falling sales with the company keeping it's mouth shut about it. If you don't care for your products falling sales in a booming market, why should someone whose going to put a million bucks in his next car care for you? I know they are talking about a new retail strategy but we want to know what it is. You can't say we are coming up with a new strategy just wait for the announcement! You are not selling Ferrari's that people are going to wait for your new strategy before buying a new car. If I was in the market today for a sedan, looking at these pathetic sales, I would walk into a VW showroom and buy a Vento - new retail strategy or not!
  7. amit

    amit Superiore

    Navi Mumbai
    I have just one question for Fiat.

    Why is it that people are ready to wait for 6 months for a Vento or Etios but not 15 days for a Linea / Punto?
  8. Sumit

    Sumit Superiore

    why is Fiat Italy so silent about the whole thing, is hard to understand. its high time that they shud get their act together about its indian arm.
  9. jayadev

    jayadev Esperto

    Kannur, India
    Grande Punto 1.3 90 HP
    the reason:- what expectation we indians had from fiat has been shattered like glass , fiat served india since many years in form of padmini,uno,sienna. but the worst A.s.s part made indians literally cry.

    now indians have so much hatred for fiat as much they loved it before .so people can tolerate anything but not fiat.is'nt it true fiat is older than maruthi,toyota,and any other car in india? but look where are they now.
  10. amit

    amit Superiore

    Navi Mumbai
    My question was in response to a post from someone that neither dealer nor Fiat had in stock the colour the customer wanted. He was asked to wait, he chose not to. If it was a Vento or Etios that was being considered, the customer would have waited for this choice of variant and colour to be made avaliable when the manufacturer' could manage to make it avaliable!

    What is at work here? Do people feel that a Vento or Etios or even a Dzire is worth waiting for but not a Linea? It's that disconnect at work here again isnt it? The desire to own a Vento , the feeling of " I want a Vento. Nothing but a Vento because it's a great car" is so strong that people are ready to wait 6 months for it. The same belif doesn't extend to any Fiat car. When someone is asked to wait for a Linea, he thinks, "Why should I? There are more options avaliable. Linea is not the best car around." This same thought doesn't happen in the case of Vento or Etios or Dzire. Why?

    This is the answer, Fiat has to figure out.
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