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Fiat India - Sales Thread (2014)

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by Ravi, Feb 12, 2014.

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  1. limraj

    limraj Esperto

    Linea 1.3
    Close to 1000 puntos despatched. That is good going...
    Linea numbers is a worry. FIAT has started discounts on new FL Linea. Numbers should pick up.
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  2. royj

    royj Esperto

    That shows good inherent faith. I don't remember any other manufacturer, in any field, getting so many chances.
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  3. Ichimaru

    Ichimaru Regolare

    Gurgaon, India
    I remember the old Punto sold some 1200+ units a few months back and Linea sold 1500+ units in the month of January when it was launched that too only in half a month because the launch was on 14th Jan as far as I can remember.
    The way I see it, selling less than 1500 units in the first month of the launch of a great product is pretty less.
    I hope the sales increase to 1500 units for Evo.
  4. Murphy_Fiat

    Murphy_Fiat Superiore

    Linea T-Jet
    Its Very sad to See Linea No's.
  5. Ichimaru

    Ichimaru Regolare

    Gurgaon, India
    I have kind of lost hope with Linea. Even with the current engine options it should do 500+ units a month but I guess the only engine that does justice to this car is TJET and people can't really associate to FIAT Petrol cars.
    Moreover, all the new models from other manufactures are high on power and mileage (City Petrol 17+, Ciaz 20 for petrol and 26 for Diesel, City D 25 etc.) while FIAT is losing the plot there too!

    I sometimes wonder, if FIAT is that great with technology, specially diesels; how come other manufacturers are able to get better power and mileage from their engines...
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  6. jumu

    jumu Superiore

    Except a few cars, most cars return a mileage of 10 or less only. The figures they quote are on straight road, no traffic, tailwind assist and 5th/6th gear:))

  7. acechip

    acechip Superiore

    And what prevents Fiat from doing the same ? If they are so honest about their figures, where are the 1 page ads that claim it to the effect ? I mean, where are the 1 page ads that talk about anything about their product ??
    Maruti Ciaz is blatantly advertising that it is the longest and widest car in its segment, which is pure BS as we all know. It also talks about rear sun curtain. Why has Fiat not ever pointed out all of the wonderful features that its cars have ?
    Their marketing line is to the effect " if you guys still want to buy our cars, we are still there"..:grumpy:
    Who the hell will fall for such lines other than us bunch of enthusiasts ?
    There is really something wrong with Fiat's marketing strategy. Either its deliberate or completely inept. And increasingly, I feel its the former than the latter.
  8. prabhjot

    prabhjot Esperto

    delhi ncr
    Feather light build, smaller tyres of low rolling resistance, and light EPS that's how! In any case the only ones getting meaningfully more power and mileage simultaneously is the 1.5/1.6l diesel on the Vento/Rapid, which is a much bigger engine on much smaller and lighter cars. The City's diesel produces the same torque as the mjd, despite being significantly bigger, and we all know how the City achieves its mileage figures. The Ford and Renault-Nissan diesels are no more powerful or efficient than the 1.3 mjd.

    I don't believe the poor sales of the Linea have much at all to do with the engines' power/torque/mileage. Everything to do with appalling marketing and brand management in the past, and a weak global financial position for Fiat pre-Chrysler takeover/merger.

    Dealers, ASS, marketing: recursively, incrementally, till word-of-mouth rebuilds up the brand's strength and credibility.

    But immediately: they need to support the new Linea with more EVOcative marketing, rather than discounting, for the superstitious 'festive' season.
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  9. bharath

    bharath Regolare

    Today, I had a chance to test a 90 hp Glitterati TD vehicle in my sez campus and the sales person informed me that 33 bookings have gone so far in their CAI dealership which contributes mostly for 75 emotion and some for 90hp sport.I hope the numbers would climb once the ordered cars are dispatched from the factory by this month onwards.An average 10 booking from 116 dealership for EVO, a minimum 5 bookings for Avventura and some 150 bookings for Linea :banghead: would take the count around 1900 is what I believe at a minimum level:D and surpass the major auto maker, Skoda!!! Lets not compete with Datsun,HM,Mitsubishi anymore :smug:.

    Nothing much when compared to the Jap/Korean giants but it will take some time due to the past bitterness sowed by Fiat.The sales result of Sep,Oct,Nov and Dec is what to be looked for the real picture.Lets just hope they will grow up.
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  10. Raj_pol

    Raj_pol Superiore

    Punto Evo 1.3
    I recently did a TD of the Fiat Linea T-Jet. Such a brilliant car it is and such pathetic marketing. If I had the dough, I would not even look at other cars in the segment.
    A few enthusiasts cannot change the image of a brand. The thing that frightens me is that many insanely good brands have died out because of poor marketing. I just hope that does not happen to Fiat.
    That is something that Fiat should learn from Hyundai and Maruti. One cannot deny that they are good at that.
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