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Fiat India - Sales discussion (2013)

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by Ravi, Sep 3, 2013.

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  1. mchanna

    mchanna Esperto

    Agree, if some one is rejecting just because there are no bottle holders, just say thank you and God bless you!
  2. kr_vasudev

    kr_vasudev Superiore

    Having owned FIAT vehicles, I myself felt there is a need for bottle holders and music system need better speakers those poland makes are worst!

    let us accept the fact there is a need for improvement
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  3. acechip

    acechip Superiore

    Completely agreed. While storage space can be bit of a problem sometimes, it can NEVER be a dealbreaker. The problem in India though is, people DO need bottles of water -for what ?
    To rinse their faces after they probably throw up driving down our ghats at scary speeds with hair raising suspensions in their Vernas and Dzires (hv owned one myself, so no exaggeration here) or bobbing up and down hearing every clunks and thunks in their Ventos. And that is the music they want to hear :eek:..
    But to sit inside the Linea with its tight, cocooning contours and enjoy the high speed drive without a furrow on their foreheads means nothing aint it??

    BTW, no offence to TFIans who have these cars. The point is, that people in India rarely appreciate the qualities that Fiat cars present. As far as plastic quality is concerned , its not that bad at all, not a single rattle in my Linea Tjet after 2 years of driving in conditions ranging from Expressway to the Moon (ie road from Kopergaon to Ahmednagar via Shirdi ..again , not exaggerating. Those who stay thereabouts will vouch for it.
  4. Bala

    Bala Esperto

    When one cribs about the plastic quality,I don't think it's about the rattles,even my linea after nearly 5 years and 62000 kms has no rattles.
    In quality, I think people mean the kind of plastic used, the grains, fit and finish, all of which in my car is worse than what I've seen in a 1 lakhbRupee Nano.
  5. Viny

    Viny Esperto

    How many bottles does one want?
    4 one liter mineral waters bottles can be placed in door bottle holders easily.
    Put the bottle in sleeping position and they slide in easily. No chances of them falling in footwell as it can happen when placed vertically near gear box in other cars.
  6. jackharrisw

    jackharrisw Amatore

    By the term 'product quality', do you mean the interior plastic quality? I could only see the plastic and paint quality a little bit inferior to Toyota. Body build quality, design and everything else is already leap years ahead when compared with Toyota or Maruti.

    - - - Merged Post - - -

    @acechip - You have spoken my mind buddy. Whenever i drive my Father-in-laws Dezire, i am totally speechless as the quality of the product(Dezire) is nowhere near to the Punto or Linea. Besides that, the rubbish rattles,ride quality, plastic quality, road noise, tin-can build quality make me run away from that car. I wonder often, how people are buying these kind of cars and finding fault in FIAT cars.
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  7. acechip

    acechip Superiore

    I owned the prev gen Dzire. While it was generally a good car with sheet metal quality thats better than cars like WR or I10/I20 etc, but it was not a patch on the Linea. But the suspension was something else. Whenever I did sudden braking, the car used to inevitably veer off to the left. And this was not an issue with tyres or alignment etc (am experienced enuf to factor these)..Ppl in forums mentioned that their Dzires veered off to the right :confused: under similar circumstances. So clearly the dynamics of the car was somewhat compromised post conversion from the Swift platform.
    But positives were-brilliant DDIS (nee MJD) engine and smooth transmission. Another negative is the not-so-cheap mx costs.
  8. multijetter

    multijetter Regolare

    I saw 3 T-jets on the road which was having recent registration number. 1 of them was Active variant and 2 was dynamic. At 8.5 lac +discounts Tjet dynamic having best value for money tag. I dont think any car manufacturer is selling such a beauty with a phenomenal engine. This is the best deal that anyone can have.....

    Compare Fiat Linea vs Honda City vs Volkswagen Vento vs Hyundai Verna - CarWale
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  9. Bottle holder missing cannot be simply written off. It is such a basic thing a "Family car" must have. I have faced so many situatuions where lack of bottle holder which caused inconvenience, annoyance and sometimes made me feel ashamed. We have been boasting about the technology used but try to justify the FIAT's lack of common sense by questioning How many water bottles would one carry. What if the same guy asks us 'How many times are you using the voice control to make calls and change tracks? He would think not more then the number of bottles I would carry.

    I had a situation where my mother had to carry Hot Water through out our trip for 2 days since she was having a throat infection. The bottle couldn't fit anywhere in the car. She had to hold it through out the trip. We have a toddler and carry small small bottles for him. Whereever go the bottles would be rolling on the floor. And many such situations. I would really appreciate the guy who thought about the bottle holder before buying the car, he might be using it as fulltime family car and why does he need to find altrnative ways to fit the bottles after paying 10 lacs for a car. A normal family buyer will look for these stuffs and they are the majority. Only an enthusiast will not mind all these. And just for telling thank you and god bless you, no need of a thread with a discussion for sales going on for 21 pages. No offene meant.

    I have tried this with the aquafina bottles. That turned out to be dangerous to me once. On a highway, the bottle all of a sudden popped out of the door pocket and rolled down between my legs, and luckely it didnt run under the pedals. I carefully slowed down the car and pulled over to remove the bottle. I hope the Final Destination scene would come to your mind. After all, there is no point in calling my punto a safer car. I am not saying because of a lack of bottle holder ths car is unsafe but because of lack of bottle holder we tend to try unsafe alternatives.
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  10. mchanna

    mchanna Esperto

    Completely agree it irritates sometimes, but if someone is rejecting the car just because there is no bottle holders, I find it stupid.
    I always carry 1or2 1/2 liter bottle depending on the travel distance in door pockets and 2liters bottle in the boot.
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