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Fiat India - Sales (2012) discussion

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by Ravi, Feb 1, 2012.

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  1. BoseSuman

    BoseSuman Superiore

    Midnapur (W.B) & Hyderabad (A.P) India.
    Linea 1.3
    VP ( Amit ) & mod team and other TFI friends,

    We are member of TFI & its only our duty to maintain the quality of the post and it must send a message to others whoever is reading it.

    In whole world You will find satisfied & dissatisfied customer for each a every product. A product can be justified by user requirement & its fulfilment.

    What is bad, say it bad. What is good say it good clearly. And we are customer here, we are spending our hard earned money. We are not here to praise bilndly Fiat for their fault, same way we need to praise obviously if they take any good step.

    VP ( Amit), I like the statement you mentioned here "apni line ko lumba dikhane ke liye dusare ki line to chhota kar dena" :),

    because I maintained the theory from my childhood & suggest to others also as below:- " If you want to become big, prepare yourself such a way, don't try to think what other's are, not try to let down them, just build your thought & work, knowledge far way than others, others will automatically be gone down".

    So, Please stop the debt, and let all of us join to make TFI as very good informative automotive forum to others. What say friends, let's try from each others front.
  2. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    Nice post Suman. Pray do tell me, how do I post niggles with a product, when I have not faced any? After all, I just own one FIAT car and not a fleet. I have been very upfront about the pathetic service experience with Manipal (Thank God, they shut shop), KHT and GreenTracks in another forum. I have also been full of praise for Concorde, Mysore Road and Prerana, Hosur Road in the same breath.

    My opinions are formed based on my experiences and not on what others have experienced. AFAIK, FIAT makes great cars, suck at marketing them, did an Himalayan blunder entering into a JV with TATA and are repeating that mistake by allowing existing TATA dealers to open exclusive FASS centres. I am sure the service in these outfits will EXCLUSIVELY suck.

    I truly wish there were more Hariprasads and FIAT sat up and took notice of them

  3. BoseSuman

    BoseSuman Superiore

    Midnapur (W.B) & Hyderabad (A.P) India.
    Linea 1.3
    If you have any niggles, you have all right to ask as a potential customer of a manufacturer.

    If you don't have why you need to post any?. Yes, you can learn more from others experience if they elaborate it. So here nothing bad to say bad as bad & good as good.

    Also, some customers are really suffered by manufacturers, not only in FIAT, but in other brands too.

    I went to Tejaswi motors with one of my junior, who is intended to buy punto after watching my punto. We checked that right rear door nut & bolts weren’t painted, where left rear door nut bolt paint were intact. Think how a new customer will feel after seeing this. They are spending their hard earned money, lots of customers are not enthusiast, but likes the car. So this type of ignorance can't be accepted from Manufacturers.
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  4. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    Member 'X' posts in TFI criticizing Fiat. He might have got lot of issues with his car.
    Member 'Y' posts in TFI defending Fiat. He may not have any issues with his car.
    Both may be right/wrong. There is no problem in 'X' criticizing 'Y's views or 'Y' criticizing 'X's views.

    'X' may or may not like 'Y's view or vice versa. But, if 'X' attack 'Y' (or vice versa) personally, then this is not at all healthy and I am completely against it. Unfortunately, this is what is happening in TFI in recent times.

    I record my strong objection to this and hope we stick with constructive and healthy discussion.
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  5. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor


    Though Suman has already responded to this, let me emphasize that if you do not have any niggles, there is no need and possibility of posting it. Where is the compulsion? However, when you see or read that 5 other TFIans or other customers are having it once or repeatedly, then it is not right to declare that the cars are niggle-free or of ultimate quality. It is not right then to post that it's only a conspiracy against Fiat as all other Manufacturer cars have niggles. It is not right to post that customers are not buying Fiat because they are illiterate because Cars are niggle-free, of ultimate quality and Fiat service is as good as others (because others' are also goofing up in service). That's the point. I'm not saying that you've said all these, just responded taking this as an example.

    Good Cars...Yes
    Quality & Quality Control....doubtful - Am writing doubtful as the car quality as a whole is not bad in absolute terms but there are many parts which need replacement earlier than what it should be in quite a few cars, may be not all. In quite a few cases, the vulnerability starts after 50-60,000 kms. When I was chatting with GM of a TASC and telling him that it's turning out quite costly to maintain, he stated that Fiat cars are costly to maintain. Though I do not give it more weightage, I must also state that he is a nice humble guy and not a cunning professional.

    But the problem is this leads to frequent visits to Fiat service leading to hardships of sending car, arranging alternate transport, taking the car back and frequently receiving some free "gifts" like scratches or broken nuts etc etc. Marketing is not the only issue, there are many other issues like these. And none of these are sorted out by Fiat in 3 years. Fiat finds itself in mostly same position where it was in Jan 2009, if not worse. 3 years completely wasted and back to square one. Though I've huge doubts, I hope Fiat infuses control over new dedicated Service centres. Initial experiences of TFI members and looking at Fiat's style of inaction, it's difficult to believe how this hope of ours would materialise.
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  6. sungoa2010


    From my recent experience at TASS I learned few things. TASS work in a way that they were following in the past. They had improvement not because Fiat has joined with them but as a fact that they have to compete with world. Some dealers are good some are pathetic. Where they are bad the customers irrespective of Fiat or TATA curse them. If I curse Fiat I should understand all terms and condition of JV and should get convinced that FIAT has a way and they are not executing it. Without such things I cannot blame Fiat. Fiat hasn't from it's side given a chance for me to believe that they are arrogant chetares. instead I have seen more stories of Fiat working in a better way to resolve most of the issues. If Fiat get a partner like Nissan for Logan they can quite the way Renault done.

    I have seen people bashing the service persons at TASS. They are the owners of indica, manza,nano,punto etc. Who is the culprit. Fiat? Can Fiat ask TATA to get rid of the notorious dealer for their sake. The dealer was there years back well before the JV. TATA was comfortable with that dealer irrespective of horrible service they provide to customers. These are the problems that are not easy to resolve between JV. But Fiat was trying things from their side. They try to compensate it by giving Excellent customer service. Remember my punto when it got a break down it was not pulled by a string from the break down point to TASS. It was transferred free of coast by keeping it in a tow truck. While coming from TASS few days before I saw a New Dezire pulled by a onmi road service van. I really felt proud of the treatment that I got from Fiat.

    I am very positive about the effort that is happening at Fiat. What we can do is keep support them. Give feedback to them whenever you experience something bad. They may resolve it or things may get unresolved. But it will definitely help them to improve it.
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  7. Sun,

    I completely agree with you,just good see a positive post in midst of sea called negative.

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  8. Ganges

    Ganges Esperto

    Driver Seat _/
    Grande Punto 1.3
    Nice discussions :)
    now need to change the title of thread to Fiat India - Sales (2013) discussion

    Most of the visits to the service centers are carried out due to the lack of expertise on FIAT cars from TATA people and FIAT owners like us have to face it.my problem with punto is whenever i apply brakes i get wierd sound from rear and it still exists and not resolved yet by TASS hence left as it is .
    Hope very soon we can see FIAT service centers and accordingly the respect to the FIAT cars are on high standards in terms of handling and technical aspects.

    When it comes to Sales Discussion:- Renault is the game,whatever be the sales figures on chart.
  9. sandipan_r15

    sandipan_r15 Superiore

    Grande Punto 1.3
    Friends,we must show some patience at this juncture.FIAT is passing through a transition & we surely will not expect a +ve change in the sales fig till a reasonable no of FED & FASS are opened.

    If the same complaints keep coming in after that,then it will be a real cause of concern.FIAT has chosen the separation path because we/they were not satisfied with the tie-up and we should bear the pain of breakup.

    Now, we cannot expect a better response from TATA towards FIAT owners/prospective buyers at this time of transition,than at the time when the tie-up was intact.

    Ofcourse FIAT must extend it's full support towards it's existing owners so that they(owners) remain loyal to the brand.

    When I went to RD MOTORS on 29/09/2012 for the 2nd service the SS expressed his concern about the nonavailability of spares in recent time.
    But he also clarified(when I asked)that the spares availability and supply was 95%(his take)satisfactory before all these separation has happened.
    He also told onething, the present TATA dealer is not interested to procure spare stocks owing to the uncertain future of the dealership.That's the issue FIAT should have been sorted out more tactfully during the agreement.

    There might have been a agreement like buy back of left out spares at previous TATA-FIAT dealership or like that.

    So this transition period may be difficult for the present owners if they are in need of some nonfastmoving parts.Me, personally is really worried because KOLKATA seems to be the last metro to have a FED & FASS.But from my 16000km of friendship with PUNTO I hope(only that I can do) my car to remain troublefreee for the next six months or so(hope KOLKATA FASS will be operational till then).
    And yes I can only hope and discuss with you all the TFI-ANS here.

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  10. amit

    amit Superiore

    Navi Mumbai
    To add to what Suman & Amit (VP) have said, the problem arises when you don't have a niggle but question, make fun of & launch a personal attack on the person who has a niggle & is reporting on it.

    ---------- Post added at 12:55 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:48 PM ----------

    2 reasons why Fiat is also as much at fault here:

    1.) could be lack of training due to which the ASC is not able to solve the issue. Remember, it's Fiat's car not Tata's. Ultimately, they have to train the technicians on what has gone into making the car and how to solve issues.
    2.) Fiat's inability or indifference resulting in a car with niggles leaving the factory. The simplest and best solution to all this is to ensure that a defect / niggle free car leaves the factory. What is the point of 15,000 kms / 1 year service interval if the car has to be taken every 2-3 months to the ASC to sort out issues?

    Regarding, Renault's sales, everyone feels they are the current toast of the Indian car market but apart from the Duster & Scala which are new products, all their products have seen a fall in sales compared on a Y-O-Y basis. If I was in charge of Renault, I would be very worried.
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