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Fiat India - Sales (2012) discussion

Discussion in 'Fiat India News' started by Ravi, Feb 1, 2012.

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  1. gurjinder

    gurjinder Staff Member Janitor

    I'm just enjoying my :

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  2. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    No, no, nothing like that amogh. It's just that we want the quality of forum posts to improve as published at beginning of this year and pledged by members. As you mentioned, if a "guest" visitor visits the forum, he should not form an opinion that the forum turns blind eye on facts.

    Nothing wrong there. It's just that there are far many dissatisfied customers than close to comfort. If there is 1 out of 10 lacs/ 1 lac/ 10,000 then it's still understandable.

    Right, Ravi. But how many customers should be ok whose expectations are not met? Should it be 1 out of 10 lcacs/ 1 lac/ 10,000? That's what is the only point.

    See, again I've to mention that my ownership and service experience of my earlier car from a humble company was impeccable (details I posted only last week). It's not a question of me or you. It's a question of consistency and if the bad experience is limited to bare minimal tolerance allowed as per service quality standards (1 out of how many)


    ---------- Post added at 06:13 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:10 PM ----------

    ha ha ha

    I need a coke with this ....;)

    Chill & Cheers........
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  3. Ravi Sir, other than CSC several of the problems are due some one at ASS not ready to spend his time in solving it.I have post with pictures about reson for suspenstion and strut mount issues and how people work with their brans shut off at ASS.

    Please donot blame the car quality for such issues, I am regularly visiting local mechanic and I don't have niggles what is mentioned can I say this car is of ultimate quality !! what you said and my statements are extremes.
  4. ramjn

    ramjn Staff Member Janitor

    Linea 1.3
    There was no much activity in this thread over the weekend. I am assuming TFI'ians were busy with their drives :D. After reading all these comments, I again remember one post from a Gentleman in T-BHP when there was a heated argument on Fiat and Fiat cars when 2012 models was launched. I am posting this again for the 3/4th time in TFI.

    I love reading negative comments about the Linea and not finding them in my Linea at all... :lol

    I have a Minimal grey linea emotion pk Jul 2011 that i run across the length and breadth of Kerala as much as i could. The roads in Kerala are basically the mints for the political parties who are masters of preaching and practicing 2 different ideologies every moment.

    You'll not find better hills, better valleys, better monsoons, better highways, better potholes, better elephants on streets, better jungles, (so much criss crossed) by the roads, better cliffs to fly your Jets, with the seat belts on all within a weekend.

    And Linea is by far the only car that takes it easy in all these circumstances. No matter how much the commentators cribbed about Rahul Dravid and Linea, they'll always be master performers who never get the limelight.

    Only a Linea owner feels the pleasures of gliding through all the obstacles you put on the road. it glides on the road. It gives you the best mileage you can ask for. It gives you the best engine other manufacturers are queing for.

    You might not be able to enjoy AC/DC or Linkin Park, in a Linea, but you surely will love The Beatles.

    You might not be served with coffee at the Tata-Fiat showroom, but atleast you might not be asked to wait for a day or two for the servicing day.

    You might hit the underbody of the car in terrifying potholes that may scare even the scorpios for low ground clearance, but you'll thank the steel platform under the engine bay and be assured that you're protected.

    You might not be able to participate in a drag race but if you are travelling inter cities in India, then surely you'll be ahead of the other drivers whatever your age and gender.

    You might not have the best pick ups but when it comes to operating the turns and the curves, you'll be thrilled to see the high speeds this car can help you maneavoure.

    People who dont own the modern Fiats and Jets fret about its *** without including into the eqation the high service intervals of these birds, the subsidized/cheap spare parts and the absence of vulnerabilities these birds have unlike the other european manufacturers. And please don;t compare it to the ultra costly american counterparts or the manufacturers from far east who do have a need of expansive network owing to the service issues their customers are subjected to.

    I don't worry about its after sales service since i know i wouldn't have to sell it.

    Book a test drive. Tip them some extra bucks and drive it for an hour to really know it. The linea is the modern version of "Elanor" from Gone in Sixty seconds!! [i know i love it tooo much. Admiration GUARANTEED]

    Source - Fiat Linea & Punto 2012 Models - Now Launched - Page 29 - Team-BHP

    Let's enjoy our drive, guys.
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  5. fiatlover

    fiatlover Esperto

    Grande Punto 1.4
    Even I am unhappy seeing the sales figures, but there is nothing I can do. Are we trying to prove that poor sales of FIAT is because of niggles and issues in the car? Pages and pages of posts and criticisms blaming FIAT for poor sales figures have not helped in anyway. And we have been doing this in the first 10 days of almost every month. May be that worsened the situation, because a lot of complaints or pointers to issues have been listed in this thread. Lot of comments from both unhappy and happy customers are there. An unhappy customer can transform to a happy customer one fine morning. All it requires is a knowledgeable, competent technician, when the car goes for service at ASS.
    Three years back, my brand new car came with rattle in the left dash, and I had to go to ASS in the first week itslef. That issue was resolved to my satisfaction and it never appeared again. These three years, I had visited ASS only for scheduled services and free check up camps.

    One of the engineers in my office asked for a comparison of Swift Vs i20. Quoting from one of the replies...
    Majority of those who plan to buy a new car are influnced by the reputation of the sales and service network and not by the niggles in the car. Most cars have quality issues or niggles. They either resolve them effectively or cover it up neatly. Some of the TASS did neither in many cases.
    Result: Public perception--FIAT cars are wonderful but ASS sucks big time, better keep away from it. A Maruti can be serviced even in the himalayas, thenwhy take the trouble?
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  6. PatchyBoy

    PatchyBoy Esperto

    +100 to that. I have owned a Zen, a Mitsu, a Beemer and another FIAT before and by far the FIAT was the most niggle free. The trend is continuing with the second FIAT and hope it stays the same way.

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  7. Tony

    Tony Esperto

    Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai
    Grande Punto 1.2
    Mods please can we use this thread only for the sales discussion.
    rather not to point on FIAT, as there other place to discuss these things and where more TFIans are involved in answering the queries.
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  8. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor

    To All TFI brothers:

    My objection is on the quality of posting. All of us want TFI to be a matured, independant, balanced forum with a high degree of credibility. e.g. a "guest" visitor who while reading the forum must not feel that the forum talks only one way & closes it's eyes on the other.

    Someone mentioned bitter facts affecting sales & there is a flood of replies either on this thread or the other similar threads. Most of these replies try to justify abysmal sales (which one does not need to justify) and can be broadly bracketed in following categories for simplicity:

    • The entire market of Indian car buyers is illiterate/ ignorant/ fool.
    • XYZ manufacturer dishes out all "junk", "tin metal sheet" cars etc etc & it's market standing, image, reputation, sales figures are all myth or are due to the reason that Indian customer is illiterate.
    • "I" or my "Linea/Punto" has not faced any issues regarding service or quality or parts

    If any business or anybody thinks that the entire market is fool, then it's a grave mistake & a suicide. Even Fiat will not be thinking like some of the posts here on litaracy of Indian car buyer ! It's we who are a crazy bunch of people who plonked their hard earned money into a brand whom nobody touches, a brand which ddi not have its own sales & service network, a brand who has a checkered past, a brand whose service personnel's technical proficiency is questionable etc etc etc. We still bought the cars (Linea/ Punto) and are in love with the cars eventhough many of us may have suffered with in service or quality or parts. We still love these cars. It's we who are crazy not the market. If this Crazy bunch of people are a limited few then the business/ company has a big issue unless it wants to operate only in very very niche segment with niche products. To say the market is fool is like saying it's me (<1%) who is right and all others 99% are wrong or fools. Priorities of 1% guys could be different than 99% guys but that does not make 99% fools/ ignorant/illiterate. To snatch larger portion of those 99% is what it takes to build a brand. It requires a consistent offering across various parameters - Product, Pricing, Positioning, understanding of market & swiftness of catering to it, pre-sales & post-sales service, distribution network and many more such parameters. It's damn difficult to build a brand. Ask Fiat !

    I feel very sad of seeing such posts which tags the entire market as fool or ignorant. Credibility straightaway goes out of the window with such logic.

    Justifying Fiat's abysmal sales saying that XYZ manufacturer dishes out "junk" cars is like "apni line ko lumba dikhane ke liye dusare ki line to chhota kar dena" as I mentioned earlier. Such approach without improvement of self wishing others to deteriorate does not help any business.

    When there is a question of service or quality or parts, invariably there are responses like - "I've not faced service issues", "my car has not faced any quality issue or a part issue" etc etc. Quality is not judged by 1 piece or some pieces. Quality is judged by how consistently it is demonstrated across pieces and has some defined exception tolerences (1 out 10 lacs/ 1 lac/ 10000). Check any quality standard grid. Besides, doesn't this approach selfish? Think about plight of some TFI members or other customers. Saying everything is hunkydory basis "my" car or "my" experience without looking at larger picture is quite shortsighted.

    Sat - You'll have to dig the forum. You'll find many cases. As mentioned, just saying that "I or my car" did not face issue till now & hence it is of ultimate quality does not fulfill the quality standard requirements in the industry.

    For starters, check with Bala & what all hardships has he gone thro' though everything might not be related to parts but also to service. There are many such cases in the forum for service as well as parts. I believe Bala still loves his Linea & so do I and so do many TFI members who faced similar issues. It's just that we're crazy and forgiving but the market is not.
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  9. raj29

    raj29 Superiore

    Take it cool :)

    Hi all TFI'ians,

    This thread is as hot as it can get :)
    I agree with some and dont with other points on this forum and i guess it would be same with many.
    Everyone has their own experience and its not mandate for everyone using a particualr brand has the same problems or same experience (good or bad).
    We have to live with what comes to us and try and rectify in our own way (this doesnt mean we have to compromise or be forgiving all the time). There is a limit for everything and one should find a way out of those situtation.

    What am trying to say is good that we have so much of feedback about FIAT and its cars, sales, service (both good and bad again), but is it reaching the right place (the feedback i mean).
    No two persons are same on the entire planet (although some opinions might be same) and hence any feedback or opinion must be taken in a right way than arguing about it in comparision with ones own perception/thought.

    The point is we love FIAT and hence we are here all sharing the same brotherhood and love/interest for a particualr topic.

    So, please take it a little cool and try to understand and help each other with everyones experience.

    I hope am not targeted for this "bhashan" i know every is wise enough to understand what am trying to express here. Just that the love for FIAT seems to take the adrenalines a little higher and hence the heat on the thread.

    From my experience i have not seem any issue from the dealer or service center (only first service done) till now which makes FIAT a good brand for me in all respects. That doenst mean someone who has faced issues with FIAT elsewhere or at the same dealer or service center is wrong or makes FIAT wrong. It all depends on the scenario of the situation.

    FIAT is no exception when compared to other manufacturers and there is customer satisfacton level that has to be met.

    Lets take it cool and try to gather the feedback and give it to proper source (for our better experience) or wait for FIAT to come to us for a feedback !! :evilsmile

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  10. VahanPujari

    VahanPujari Staff Member Janitor


    You are quite senior here to expect a comment like this. I've been tired of saying that the issue is not this gentleman's car or your car, what is being discussed is much larger.

    Like this....
    That gentleman's response is also so typically like many posts here...falling in the 3rd category above.

    And the answer is this....

    That gentleman's car or your car or my car or such standalone experiences do not matter when the failure is above the usual tolerance level of either the industry standard or the market. Posting the similar thing 3-4 times will not make it from a personal experience, or shortsightedness to an Industry/ business insight into the larger issues.

    @ All TFIans:
    My challenge to Fiat remains as stated in last page. We can believe that Fiat has sorted out issues mentioned in this thread only when Fiat demonstrates the end-results to, if not entire market, atleast to start with all my fellow TFI brothers - not 1 or 2 or a few but to all (except the tolerance allowed as per industry standards). Till then..... I'll drive my Linea with Love but will not close my eyes on Fiat's inabilities to sort out the issues.
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